MasterChef starts Easter Mon

It’s called MasterChef Back to Win, so MCBTW it is.

The world could do with a little MC Distraction right now. I look forward to getting narky about the new judges and discovering what the go-to ingredient of the season will be.
What a shame there won’t be a coronavirus-themed mystery box, containing a $12 cauliflower, risoni (the one pasta people aren’t buying), one egg, a stalk of rosemary from the garden and a tin of milk powder.

Who do you think will win? My money is on Laura. She’s young, is a proper chef now, is married to a chef and runs a well regarded restaurant with him. Plus she is of Italian descent so still has Nonna cred from her season, and we know how important that is.



  1. Thanks, Juz, your corona-virus-themed mystery box gave me a laugh. I’m looking forward to MC, hoping there won’t be silly dramas because all the contestants have been there before. I have reservations about the new judges, but am willing to give it a go.

    I spent two hours today doing a 20 minute shop. People seem to think physical distancing only applies at the checkouts. I wait at the end of an aisle if there are too many people in that aisle. But most won’t move it along, but prefer to stare at the Twisties for 5 minutes for some reason. There are no specials, there is no choice. Get in, get what you can, and get out. And get the hell away from me.

    I wonder if MC will have the unusual ingredients they often have.

    • I bought toilet paper yesterday.
      Saw it, wanted it, knew I didn’t need it, bought it.
      All my wishes fulfilled.
      I must live in a law abiding city. The only place I am having problems is when I am buying coffee. Insert all those obvious jokes here (giving me credit for being hilarious) and laugh like a maniac. Bear with me. It’s early.

  2. Masterchef will be interesting in terms of whose agent was able to secure the most dignified exit for their client. Embarrassment abounds for the first person eliminated (pending legal issues don’t count).

    The female judge (Melissa??) appears to be quite dominating and bit of a drama queen. Will we be reduced to watching Andy and Jock vying for the role of chopped liver?

  3. I just caught the tail end of Jamie Oliver’s new show: Keep Cooking and Carry On. It’s all using basic ingredients you hav won your pantry or freezer, and he made pasta without eggs. Very timely and accessible

    • I noticed the pasta without eggs, too.
      I can’t imagine it but I will try it.
      Or maybe it’s all irrelevant. He put a lot of chillies in one of those dishes. There wouldn’t be much of my taste buds left after that.

    • Is he wearing a toupee? His suggestions are not bad for people who don’t cook much, which might be a lot. I wanted sauced spaghetti once and had a mostly bare pantry. Chopped tomatoes, green olives, capers, olive oil and some chopped chilies made a very good sauce, didn’t even need cheese. Most of my experiments work out but one recently was bleh, inedible, straight to the bin, didn’t offer it to my dog. I might have had a few glasses of wine beforehand.

  4. The thing that unites these contestants is that they are unremarkable. How many bites at the cherry of flaky fame do they want? Ten is pissing in my pocket that these are Australia’s greatest cooks.

    These folks have been soiling tv screens for a decade now. In most fields of human endeavour , if you do something for ten years , you should be bloody good at it. Yet we have folk that failed toasting buns being worshipped like golden calves.

    This is of course, Ma$terchef ~ a culinary hoax that celebrates mediocrity, sob stories and dead Nonnas. Sod the food.

  5. Gordon Ramsay thinks ” this will be one of the best ever Ma$terchef seasons”.

    Well, yes,………….. but how low has the bar been set? We’ve seen for ourselves. It’s lower than a snake’s arse.

  6. MC was always ahead of its time … the benches are a good 1.5m apart … contestants put their dish down and step back … George used tweezers to handle food.

  7. “Ma$terchef is the heart and soul Australia needs right now” according to the promo.

    I have no need for your rubbish Ch 10. This could be the best season ever for rubbishing Ma$terchef. I’m ready, you unhygienic frauds.

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