MasterChef Thurs – immunity challenge

After impressing the judges in the round robin relay challenge, the winning team are back in the kitchen cooking for immunity and a chance to be safe from the next elimination.

After impressing last night with their indigenous flavours, Lynton, Callum and red-haired Sarah have to do one of those “keep up” cooks with Gordon.



    • That’s called “respecting the produce” and runs completely contra to the promos showing amatas faked passion and fussiness when handling food. It looks like the idiots are playing Jenga ~with food. All for show.

      We get to showtime and we see panicking , crying, hacking, sweating, even breathing over food (Dirty Dani)

      The producers even have the nerve to suggest that this rubbish is helping Australia cope with Coronavirus. That is an outrageous claim.

      What dumbographic are the producers thinking of having Danni do the narrating?

      • Andy will surely become curmudgeonly when Coronavirus “aliminates” his “five restaurants”. Andy’s got to work on his voice projection to get Gary’s threatening bellow, too. Not scary enough, maybe for junior Ma$terchef.

        • I find that Andy just parrots out inane remarks like “You’ve set the bar this high….” while holding a hand up in the air like a four year old.

          I haven’t really warmed to the judges, but that might be because Gordon’s ego takes up all the airspace. It might be better once we see them on their own next week. Or maybe not 🙂

          I see the sycophanting to curry favour with the judges hasn’t died out, just changed from serving pork crackling to “heroing native ingredients”.

          This episode was pretty dull and somewhat predictable. Serving a bone in the fish. Check. Lagging behind and getting flustered only to clinch victory at the end. Check. Sob story about family. Check. I do wish they’d change the record.

  1. This must have been recorded before the no hugging/no touching rule.
    Gordon gave Sarah quite the hug!

    The dreaded fish bone was fished out of Andy’s gob.

    • Lola, I reckon Gordon had an eye for Sarah. First, I thought it was Poh, but not after last night.

    • Oh yes this was filmed way before that. Things change dramatically later. Judges are seated further apart. They make 3 separate plates for them all. The contestants are more spread out. It’s going to be quite surreal.

  2. So we are supposed to feel for Sarah because she left her little boy behind. 🤢

    Her fish is over-cooked. They over praised the vegetables. Producers want her to win.

  3. FFS….Lynton just had his first son..🙄 good for him for securing his dynasty…

    Vegetables undercooked. Fish is cooked perfectly.

  4. I knew the winner. No surprise, given the advertising.
    How dumb do they think we are? Yes, yes, I know the answer to that. I’m just enjoying the whinging. It makes me feel that my time has been well spent.

  5. So the “present” from Gordon is that they can choose whether to use 30 or 60 minutes for their first or second cooks (if you are successful in round one you won’t need the second lot anyway). The ad shows Poh burning all 90 minutes in round one. Interesting choice, as there a lot of flavour-packed Asian dishes that take not much time

  6. Not Bendy Ben has an aura of total douchebaggery surrounding him. Worse than Slimy Simon. Ice cream Douche really gives me the creeps.

    And ugh, I STILL love Amina. 🙂 I hope she isn’t thrown out first and makes it quite far. But I guess her lack of restaurant kitchen experience will be her downfall at the end.

    Poh really annoys me though. Was she that bad in season 1? I cannot remember.^^

    • I liked Poh last time but preferred Julie to win because Poh thought she knew best and didn’t temper the chocolate roll thing!
      But she is very much annoying me this time around.

  7. So we can skip the first 40 minutes of Sunday’s show, since we already know Gordon’s present, what it means, who takes a risk… Wonder how much appeal MC will have now that it is only the new judges. I find them boring so far.

  8. Too much narration from Dani. Andy looked as if he was about to jump off the gantry. I would rather see him in the competition than as one of the judges.
    Not working for me at this point but then I’m not overly enthused about the other judges either. Maybe they will get better as the season continues.

    Tired of almost every contestant whining about how much they have given up to be there.

    • As Anzac Day approaches the “sacrifices” of these pitiful amatas become more and more laughable and embarrassing.

  9. Poh is definitely significantly more annoying this season. I think it’s because she knows she can’t win but is out to garner every drop of publicity on her way through.
    And on the opposite side, I am liking Sarah this season whereas she was an irritant in her original season. She seems much more confident and relaxed.
    And Ben. Is there a male equivalent of “resting bitch face”? That is not a rhetorical question.
    I have lost of favourites. I love Middle Eastern cooking and all the Middle Eastern cooks. They can stay. And I love the calm ones.
    There are a couple of cooks that are getting zero airtime. I wonder if it’s because they are last men standing?

        • I am so over the Reality TV Mantra “I gave up so much”.
          The gun that was pointed at their heads demanding they leave their family/job/newborn etc is NOT a thing. They made the call. Their famewhore quest drives them, so do not whine. You want to be there so SHUT THE HELL UP.
          phew. I feel cleansed after that rant.

          • I mean, they do have producers there saying “talk about how much you miss your family”, but the editors need to be less heavy handed. I bet the contestants would rather not be reminded about it, too. It must be weird still filming amid the pandemic, not knowing when they can go home to their families

    • I have a craving for a curry too but I have been invited to family’s for roast beef and Yorkshire Pud.
      English food is not my thing, unless it comes with lashings of delicious gravy.
      I go for the company which will be delightful.
      And hopefully good wine.

  10. Poh’s “massive risk” on Sunday night means that she’s absolutely safe. The promo howls that she could be going home. That old chestnut.

  11. Oh my God Sarah was totally butchering that fish & was miles behind the others but miraculously caught up. Of course one had to have a bone.

    • It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a fancy (expensive) restaurant. But if I ordered fish and there was one bone, it wouldn’t worry me. Fish has bones. I chew my food properly and am not worried about choking on one frigging little bone. I’d rather deal with a fish bone than gristle on a steak.

      After handling the fish, Sarah gave a cursory wipe to her hands with some rag on the bench, then proceeded to handle the other food. Bleh. Wash hands between protein and vegetables. At the end of plating it looked as though she knocked an open bottle of olive oil off the bench. Cooking 101 – replace bottle caps when done using the bottle.

  12. Poh’s ” massive risk” Sunday promo has been sickening played so many times over the weekend. It’s clear she’s not going home, Ma$tershit. We should be so lucky. .Just knock it off.

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