• Spot on! There’s always some piece of equipment that becomes the season’s “must have”. I wonder how many people rushed out and bought croquembouche tins, sous vide or icecream machines that are now gathering dust in their pantries.

      I remember hibachis from the early 1980s. Every man and his dog had one to make satays. They came between the craze for fondues and chocolate fountains 😉

  1. Watched for the first time. Brendan is back! Yaaaay!!! And my other fave Reynold. I may get sucked in.
    Kahn is still very annoying for me.
    I like the Andy judge.

  2. The other contestants are sweating and jumping around and Reynold just switches to robo chef mode and just calmly gets on with it.
    Sarah is very talented and I remember barracking for her last time round, but can she do desserts?

    • I recall from her season that she is not big on desserts, mainly because she is a diabetic so doesn’t really eat them.

  3. Promo for next week is all about the magic from Reynold. Of course he is great. He is one of the best pastry chef now and he even has set a challenge for the pressure test.

    • I am impressed with his savoury dishes. I want to see more dishes from the other contestants who are known for strengths in one area, like Jess and Reece. I know
      Emilia is a pastry chef now but she was always an all rounder

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