1. We do love the first time that Reynold cooked Lobster was the previous day and then randonmly Lobster appears in his mystery box.

  2. Laura is branching out tonight and making gnocchi instead of pasta. Any other season she would be getting destroyed by the judges for not extending herself, but not this year. She truely is the judges pet.

    • Then she gets picked for the immunity challenge. Seems to me that there were better choices like Poh and Reece but then she is judge’s (Jock’s) pet.

  3. The contestants are cooking what they are good at to promote their business.

    Ice cream Ben keep doing ice cream, Laura just cooked pasta to promote her pasta restaurant, Reynold will do some fancy desserts to be sold in his Dessert bar. Brendan will do more dumplings ( they looked delicious) to promote his dumplings outlet.

    Unfortunately the Covid 19 is not helping. They couldn’t capitalize on this promotion

  4. and the lonely prawn head remained on the plate. Dani thought she was cooking for the Matt, George & Gary.

  5. Reynolds is still my fav but The Other Sarah ( with the mango/chilli ice cream) is looking pretty good to me. The last couple of dishes she put together are pressing all the right hunger buttons. She is impressive.

  6. The twist is the mystery boxes are all different, with only four ingredients. Ben (yep, still on the show) has corn, olives, coriander and cinnamon. Jess makes the edit with fennel, parsnip, parsley and chocolate. There are lots of weird ones but give any of those boxes to Reynold and he’d whip up a cracking dessert. The contestants are allowed to do a straight swap with each other but Poh being Poh has other ideas and will keep her cherries, venison, speck and tuna.
    Some people get stuck with dreadful ingredients and they have to use all four in 75 minutes. Oooh this is fun.
    Rose winds up with almonds, mustard, rosemary and macadamias. Hmmm … the mustard makes it tricky

  7. Aren’t you guys glad my ad inserter is not working at the moment t? Otherwise it would be full of ads for hibachis

  8. I’m ffwding most of this, mainly because it is Poh, Hayden, Sarah (her food looks bloody delicious) and Dani every night. Oh and pasta lady, how could I forgot boring pasta lady. And ice cream man. Whose skills, I found out via watching Gogglebox, are so versatile he made an ice cream dish using chicken feet! He really is awful though. And of course there is dumpling/ noodle boy and dessert man. But I adooore Brendan and Reynold so happy for them to do as they please 😍
    I really do hope Dani and Hayden leave soon , they add nothing.
    I haven’t watched MC for years but am grateful it is on, and particularly with new judges and contestants I kinda know, because there is buggar all on the telly at the moment. I wouldn’t be watching if the three amigos were still going round.

    • There wasn’t a single word that you said that I disagreed with.
      I am ticking the absolutely-correct button … here.

    • Agree PollyB – it’s all getting a bit predictable with the judges basically giving them all carte blanche to cook whatever they like, which they do. Where’s the “challenge” in that?

      And there was no “Wow” factor in any of those pressure test dishes the other night apart from Harry’s dish – and for his trouble he got the short shrift so Hayden and his Choc-Ice could continue. Pathetic.

      Dani had my eyes rolling because she tearfully (and without irony) blubbed that this might be the dish to send her home. While wearing the immunity pin. Was she planning on a Loki style exit? Again, pathetic.

  9. There was quite a bit of swearing in this episode. Considering the timeslot when it’s aired and the fact that kids also enjoy the program, I’m rather surprised. I can’t recall hearing any swearing at all in previous seasons.

    Loved the look of Sarah T’s dish and she was great when she was cooking. Even when the chilli caramel burned, she was pretty cool about it and just set to work doing it again. I like her enthusiasm and pragmatic approach – far preferable to Poh’s drama and Dani’s crocodile tears.

    Like Juz I’m over the cabbage and also over the hibachi.

    Something I never thought I’d ever hear on a food program “I had to redo my oesophagus” The mind boggles 😯

  10. Laughing at Marie’s “redo my oesophagus” line.
    I actually like mystery boxes where they have to cook everything.
    I didn’t much like the bargaining and swapping because it does allow people (not looking at Laura and slimy Simon at all) to still cook exactly what they want.
    For me Laura is a problem, because I think her food looks totally delicious and totally wonderful, even if it is one flavour. And this is a restaurant I would definitely eat at and love to visit, and I have no problem with her being wonderful at what she does and that must surely be the key to a great restaurant. And getting praised to the skies for her Italian when she has an Italian restaurant – GREAT advertising.

    BUT for masterchef it makes for pretty boring viewing. Especially while there are people like Pork Sarah, and Reynold and TESSA (barely seems to get a mention but calmly produces lovely looking food) and Callum who push themselves to a range of different things. So I can see that Laura is probably not getting over praised – she probably IS that good and that deserving – but it isn’t super exciting to watch.
    The Dani pin drama can piss right off. I am OVER her. She does seem super fragile and this can’t be good for her mental health, but I cannot warm to her despite that. I really enjoyed Hayden previously, but constantly think “out of his depth”. Likewise Rose.
    Last night Poh annoyed me way less than previously as was super inventive and calmer and not nearly as much mugging to camera. Definitely still love Brendan and Amina, Like Emelia.
    Then there are a whole swag who I can’t summon much interest for but don’t feel strongly about like ice cream Ben, Jess, Reece, Tracy, Red Sarah. Which leaves a bunch at the bottom that I would be happy never to see again – Chris, Simon, Dani.

    Anyway, I was so pleased to see Callum do well – he was always so good. I adore Adam Liaw and he deserved the win, but Callum was a great runner up when it did seem to mean something. I hope he goes far – the people up for immunity this week don’t annoy me too much (other than ONLY 21).

    Phew – that was a rant! Sorry gice. . . iso must be getting to me!

    • Oddly Jess didn’t annoy me as much as usual. I think it’s because, last night, it was a genuinely good dish and she didn’t need the judges to make any excuses for her.
      The producers and the judges need to give it a rest. I can imagine that Jess may be as annoyed as us. When I was 21 I thought I was very grown up and I used to get very snarky. In fact, come to think of it, I was grown up.
      What’s gone wrong with parenting these days that assumes a 21 year old is still a child. How many years has she been working now? Given that her parents own a cafe/restaurant, can I suggest “lots”.

      • That’s so true Bobi – I found her way less annoying last night also as it was a great idea. i shouldn’t blame her for annoying judge/producer activity.

        I’ve got a 19 year old daughter and she thinks 21 is like really old and wouldn’t date a guy at work as he was WAY too old (23)! So I think someone who we can assume has worked from at least 16 is not a child. My kids have worked since that age and we don’t have a business!

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