MasterChef Mon – Another bloody relay

Each team must cook two dishes: one main and one dessert. Each contestant has 20 minutes to cook and they have just 45 seconds to hand over the dish to the next contestant in the relay.

Can someone please make a white chocolate veloute just to please us fans? Go on, Khanh!



    • There’ll be a heap of other bacteria in the Ma$terchef kitchen for Covid to compete with.

        • They’re all in this together.

          Who among us loyal fans has ever seen an amata wash their hands? You’d feel safer on the Ruby Princess.

          Would an amata know the difference between an appetizer and a saniitiser?

        • This year they don’t live together. They live in service apartments. Could be 2 in each apartment.

  1. Poh is her usual self. Nervous, panicky, not doing much. Its so repetitive with Poh. She doesn’t deserve to win.

  2. Already seen two pairs of hands touching the handles on the blast chiller. This is culinary covid comedy

    Pull your finger out, Poh. $40000 for this mindless drama. I expect legends to be able to use a vegetable peeler.

  3. Andy announces this week only one person will go home and two people get immunity. They cook in three teams of four. Each team does a main and a dessert. 80 mins to cook. Simon, Sarah T and Reynold cook first but the others won’t know what team they are on until it’s their turn to cook. There’s a plug for Kenwood – I mean a twist – as each bench has an appliance that must be used once.

  4. They have to wear gloves to grab their pantry items. Simon decides to cook octopus and a blueberry gallette. Reynold is doing pan-seared trout and a panna cotta with granita and a crumb.
    Sarah has lamb rack with roast veg. She is making passion fruit ice cream and the others can add to it.

    • Some are wearing only one glove in pantry. This is a hilarious episode. Others taste with a spoon, then chuck the spoon on the bench. I feel a fever just watching.

  5. Simon hands over to Emelia.

    Sarah hands over to Poh. It worries me she has not used the blender yet, even though she mentioned it to Poh.

    Reynold hands over to Tessa.

    Poh cuts her finger peeling beetroot and loses time.

  6. Loved it when Sarah was watching Poh on screen and exclaimed: “Gosh, she’s so photogenic.”

    Why is Poh faffing with lamb when her strength is dessert and she could be making elements for it.

  7. Poh hands over to Jess.

    Tessa gets Laura. These guys are looking solid.

    Emilia gets Khanh, who decides to hibachi the occy straight away instead of leaving it for the last person.

  8. Jess does her best to salvage the Sarah/Poh meal and hands over to Callum.
    Laura gets Reece. Khanh gets Brendan, who luckily tastes it and realises the occy has been cremated.

  9. Poor Reece has never cooked a fish on a hibachi before (which is like saying two years ago that you had never used a smoking gun) so wisely he switches to a frypan.
    Callum is putting a brave face on even after he tastes the “weird” parsnip purée and Jock tells him his team was “in the weeds”.

  10. Disaster team gets an ok review for their “pub food” lamb but the judges love dessert.

    Reynold/Reece team have a sloppy panna cotta. Reynold – what happened? Andy says the fish was cooked well inside but tasted of burnt oil on the outside from the hibachi flare-up.

    I reckon Brendan has won this for the green team.

  11. Jock loves Simon’s salad but the prawns, while tasty, are a bit over cooked. Simon’s galette is amaze balls.
    Green wins, so Simon, Emelia, Khanh and Brendan go through to the immunity round. They have to make a dessert by chocolatier Kirsten Tibballs.

  12. I’m not reading comments yet. But Poh… I’ve cut myself plenty of times in the kitchen. But never, ever on a vegetable peeler.

  13. My God – what’s with Laura shrieking “Reece, what did you do to our fish? What did you miss?” A bit nasty really. She is not endearing herself to anyone and is not a team player.

    I see the curse of the pannacotta struck again – rather surprising that it was Reynold. He should have done the infamous White Chocolate Veloute 😆

  14. No masks, inconsistent gloving, questionable social distancing. .
    No wiping down utensils or equipment before handing over to next person.
    I’m surprised that Reynold’s panna cotta failed.

  15. Callum on twitter “Was pretty tempting to whip up a quick white chocolate veloute in tonight’s challenge”.

  16. I hate the tag team cooking challenges.
    Didn’t watch this episode, instead watched 4corners and the debacle of the Ruby Princess. The NSW government and Princess cruise lines have alot to answer for in spreading the Coronavirus.

    • I didn’t have the strength for 4corners last night. Will iview it. Interesting to get the passenger perspective. My daughter’s boss was on it and they were not told any risks and she took her elderly mother. Luckily her covid was only mild and her mother escaped entirely (so far), but she has only just now returned to work – 2 months later.

    • Understand there was a large group of older Hillsong members on that ship… leave it up to your imagination as to how/why they were let loose into community…

  17. Wooohoo Brendan to the rescue!! I haven’t watched this – I got to Poh cutting her finger and stopped watching. Soooo over her.

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