• I saw the promo.
      I couldn’t.
      I wish in could think of a funny joke to make it all better.
      Few of these people are going to have any dignity left by the time this is a all over.

    • Tonight was Brawl In Paradise. Timm is a violent, criminal type. Ciarran is yer garden variety root rat.

      The writers may have been inspired by MAFS.

      The pornographic language set new low standards in broadcasting.

      Am I bad for enjoying it? 5 stars.

  1. Any one else here just realised that Angie had a lucky escape?
    She seemed to really like some of these guys who have now turned out to be absolute douche bags.
    I still like Angie.

    • Oh, Angie (who, honestly, I never really cared for, and still don’t) didn’t just dodge a bullet, she dodged machine-gun fire.

      The guys from her season are all complete jerks! Tattooed, self-obsessed, fame-whoring bogans, the lot of them.

      • I would watch that.
        I have always liked Britt.
        But they would need 20 intelligent, educated fellas to go on this show for her.
        I think that’s a bit of a stretch.

  2. Look … guys … it’s like this … speedos are gross … on everybody (except possibly an Olympic athlete).
    That’s it.
    No debate necessary.

    • How about that dreadful ad where they sell those too-snug stretchy undies and the very ordinary blokes come out flashing their honky nuts.

    • You know, I defend speedos. Sure, nobody wants to look at someone with a physique like, well, like me wearing a pair … but take any competitor from Australia Ninja Warrior (except for the guy with the weird moustache)? That’s a tick, right there. Hell, some of them actually compete wearing their budgies.

  3. I watched the second half of tonight’s episode and read Twitter at the same time.
    Holy heck. That was fun.
    There are a couple of people who should take the safer option of moving to another country.
    Tomorrow night, da da daaaaa, we have the parents. And I’m all in, as long as Twitter can come too.

  4. This show is exceeding all the low expectations I held for it.

    Bravo, producers. The greying psychobabble wanker topped it all off.

    • Their parents couldn’t spell,….but they managed to breed.

      Apparently as of 22/7 these two love birds were still “together” Alisha seems nice, not so sure about Glenn.

    • Isn’t it funny? Me, too – on both these comments.
      There’s something odd about Glenn. Too many teeth? Why am I noticing? Too much smiling? Too aware of the camera? Editing?
      I don’t know.
      BuT she seems lovely. We have, of course, seen more of her so we think we know her better. I hope she gets a “happily ever after”.

    • Well, hopefully they last.

      And hopefully Ciarran crawls back under the rock he emerged from, and we never see him ever again.

  5. It’s unlikely that Ciarran can ever come back from this. We may never see him again. Thank goodness. I was never a fan.
    He can blame poor editing, of course. It’s difficult to see that but then who knows. Editing is an amazing skill.
    But just to let you know where I sit, any girl that goes out with him any time in the foreseeable future deserves everything she gets. No sympathy.

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