1. Either the studio isn’t available this week or there must be more to film of the finale than just the final performances. Supposedly elements have already been filmed, and it was stopped with only a few hours to go. Im confused why they can’t film tomorrow and air Tuesday night. Many other shows film with tighter timeframes.
    On second thoughts maybe they all need to be tested and have a negative result one final time?

  2. I’m back to thinking that the Puppet is the red Wiggle, but I’m still backing that Eddie Perfect fellow as the Frill-neck.

    Meanwhile, Jackie O’s outfit, tonight? The only thing holding that up is hope and prayers. It’s like, even Donna from “Bold and Beautiful” is all, too much, girlfriend, too much.

  3. No shock with the reveal tonight. It was the Red Wiggle. So final theee: Frillneck (Eddie Perfect, Queen (Kat MH) and Bushranger (

    • A bloke won, last year (Cody Simpson), so I kinda feel like they’re angling for a female winner, this year. Personally, I think the Frillneck is the best singer, but how can you compete with Kate Miller Heidke, you know? If I had to pick a a winner, yeah, I would assume it’s gonna be the Spooky Queen.

    • I’m loving the Queen. I think there’s no competing with her. She’s nuanced.
      I like Eddie. He’s almost excellent. Kate is excellent.
      But it is a viewer vote so it can go either way.

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