TV recap I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here: When does someone get eliminated?

Here we are, week 2 of I’m a Celebrity …

Get Me Out of Here Australia, so it must be time for a contestant to go home soon.

The series was only filmed over a four-week period and so far the only contestant to leave is the wonderfully snarky Mel Buttle, who had to go for her own mental health.

Word is there will be two more intruders this week, and if you search hard enough online you could find out their names.

What do you all think of the new lockdown-imposed location? Does filming it in Australia rather than South Africa lessen their show in any way? Sure, the format is different due to the pre-recording structure but do we miss yet another gross food eating challenge where people eat animal testicles?

Apart from some big event challenges involving mountain-top jumps, I don’t see why it can’t be filmed in Australia in the future.

Or does the show get huge tax breaks from the South African government?

What do you think?

Would you be happy for the show to stay in Australia?



  1. JM refers to ‘so called jungle’ in Aus, but we have Asian type jungle terrain & climate .. The English version is filmed here, I assumed this season is filmed at that location.
    I ffwd eating/vom challenges, and on Survivor. I don’t enjoy watching people force ‘food’ down while trying not to vomit. I ffwd 99% of JM & the vet. I’m watching for the human interactions, how they ‘act’, how they change. I feel like the hosts are interrupting my viewing way more often this season.
    Am I the only one that just doesn’t get the ‘humour’. I really wonder who writes this crap. I can’t find any corelation to what they’re supposedly joking about.

    • No, Polly. You are not alone. Although I notice on Celebrity Apprentice that Julia is nice, so I feel a bit bad saying this (not too bad because she probably won’t read it), Julia isn’t funny, just stupid. She’s as funny as my 4 year old nephew when he tries to be funny. There is none of the sharp or quick wit that I enjoy. But there have been a few good, easy one liners from the campers.
      I FD Julia and Chris too. I have watched about 90% of them this year.
      The best word to describe Julia is probably, “embarrassing”.

      • Yes, campers can be funny, it’s happening in the moment. JM is embarassing, and I don’t get how the ‘comedy’ writer/s would want this on their CV/s. Intriguing.

        • I think she writes that nonsense herself. And for Chris.

          She went on QI once and I was embarrassed for Australia. She had only really a couple of poor tries at humour, then nothing.

          • I suspect it’s difficult to be funny on Qi. I’ve noticed a lot of very good comedians fail to make an impression.
            I haven’t quite worked out why as yet. The best I can come up with is that you have to be quicker than all the other quick comedians, cleverer than the other clever comedians and confident enough to take on Stephen Fry/Sandi. That’s not quite right but I’m working on it.

          • I think Julia is a better actor than comedian. She needs better writers. She mugs and pulls faces too much on this show, which is funny if one is 3, not so much on an adult professional.

            I wouldn’t even try to take on Stephen Fry or Sandi, maybe if I had the talent and comedic timing of Billy Connolly.

        • Julia Morris is a comedian. I doubt that any writers are writing her stuff. I’ve always found her funny since Fast Forward days. I like her & Chris’s interactions.

      • I saw her on something years ago, may have been Apprentice, or not. She’d just come back to Oz I think.
        I thought then she needs her own show. I’d never been a fan so that was a big thing for me. She was witty and humourous, without the loud screechy exaggerated antics.

  2. I thought the same thing Juz. I was watching last night wondering if they were going to eliminate anyone. Sunday was always the night someone went home. I do prefer it live. I think they do get a deal with the SA Govt. Plus the crew would be cheaper there. We’re still waiting for the double act to go in.

    • I am just listening to a podcast about the upcoming season of Survivor South Africa, which was filmed in the Covid era, in their own country for the first time. It was fascinating to learn about the safety precautions they took and how they were surprised that you don’t really need exotic locations when you already have beautiful scenery in your own country that has been overlooked

  3. It been a long time since I worked with Government, but here’s my half baked, barely remembered fact anyway.
    Foreign companies used to (still?) get tax breaks and subsidies because they bring in transferable expertise, people, publicity, tourism, and they spend a lot (like such an amazing, take-your-breath-away, unimaginable amount of money) in Australia. Initially, Australia got as much out of this as the film companies.
    I can’t speak for now because timey-wimey and lack of interest.
    Still, Australia are right up there now in some specialty fields: animation, voice over, post-production and we used to be good at special effects (?). So … good job us.
    I don’t think there was as much available to local productions but maybe it was done differently.
    So it may be more cost effective for everyone to travel somewhere else. We pay people to come here, South Africa pays for people to go there, etc.
    On the surface it may not make much sense but I can see the logic. I won’t bore you with more, unless asked. Not everyone likes this sort of stuff.

    • Really interesting, Bobi. I know tourism bodies often pay for international productions to film in their countries as it’s a form of advertising.

  4. Bobi, I like to think we are still awesome at special effects. My son is working on the Thor movie in Sydney on the special effects team xx

    • 2 degrees of separation. I will boast that I now know someone who knows someone.
      I remember that there was this really awesome sci-fi series that was made here. I loved it. The effects were the best. Sadly, they cancelled it.
      When I lived in Sydney, I met someone who did film editing and someone else that puts those little pieces of music in odd spots. Why didn’t I know that these jobs were even available when I was looking at careers? I have regrets.

    • Sandii, my brother has worked in digital effects for years and has just started with Industrial Light & Magic in Sydney. Is that the one?

        • Lol. I understood my bro’s work more when he was a Disney animator. At least then he could say things like “watch out for the scene where Pumba shakes off his sweat – I drew that sweat”.

          • My son worked on the bachelor grand finale. I asked him what he did. He said” when you see them in the paddock and there is a random chandelier . I am holding the chandelier up

  5. I like Dipper. He’s such a galumph, but seems quite nice and is supportive of the other campers.

    My tiny crush on him changed to like as soon as Colin showed up.

  6. Sandii, it sounds like a very physical job because those shoots can go for ages. Perhaps his job title should be Bling Bringer. Deafness must be an occupational hazard from all those women screeching.

  7. Power went out here but at least I got to see Toni (doesn’t she look like her uncle Jeff Harvey?) Pearen be amazing.
    I also got to see that Ash cheats on girlfriends, and Petit Fleur has suckers on the ends of her tendrils.
    I watched a bit of JM and Chris just to check in, but their gags were ‘chalk-on-a-blackboard’ awful.
    I wish shows like BB and IAC that hinge on viewers votes, would not pre-record. JM told Toni that “all of Australia was behind her”. We’ll all of Australia had no idea at the time.

    • I was thinking last night one advantage of it being pre-recorded & the viewers not picking who would do challenges we won’t see the same person over & over & over again doing them while others never got picked. That used to get annoying.

  8. I watched the lovely Toni Pearen. She is fabulous and I am in awe. I will forever worship.
    I then tuned out. I saw the promo with Abby creeping and I could not.
    I know I shouldn’t be judgemental and I know the rhetoric about women’s rights but my mind just kept screaming, “Stop! Have you no pride!? “.
    Why does Abby not know that she is better than this?
    If a guy is interested in someone else, he is not interested in you.
    It doesn’t help that I don’t like Ash. He is not funny. Comedian, fftt. His face is very unattractive. And he filmed a woman without her consent and then, when he got caught, apologised to his mother but not the woman. What the? That should tell you everything about this man.
    I like Abby. I am sad. I wish her happiness.

    • “And he filmed a woman without her consent and then, when he got caught, apologised to his mother but not the woman.” Eeeew, run to the hills, vile.

  9. The identity of the intruder going in tonight has been leaked. Had no idea who she is. So I googled her. Still no idea.

    • She’s Cody Simpson’s sister. He is a pop singer from Brisbane or the Gold Coast. He went out with Miley Cyrus for a while when she broke up with Liam. Didn’t know he had a sister & don’t know if she is a ‘celebrity’ in her own right or just because she’s his sister. Have no idea what she does.

  10. Toni Pearen is so fucking brave. There’s no way in hell I would have done that. And as if it wasn’t bad enough climbing up that hideous contraption they had to have things pouring down on her & popping out at her. That was unnecessary. It was scary enough in it’s own right without all that shit.

  11. Let me start by saying, I don’t like Julia’s dress tonight.
    And the gossiping is very funny. I am enjoying it more than I expected.

    • I never like JM’s clothes. Ever. Too loud, too tight, too taffeta, too eighties…any or all of the above.

    • I wish Julia and Chris would wear jungle gear also, since they can’t figure out how to dress her flatteringly. Have they never dressed a woman with boobs? I am also wondering is she is still wearing some kind of back brace from her Masked Singer injury.

      Everyone else in camp is looking weary and worn but Paulini is just a serene goddess who always looks the same.

  12. That conversation among the bros about who Ash might prefer to hook up with was the most sexist and sleazy thing I’ve seen for a while. I did not find it amusing.

    I did have to laugh at Colin applauding the new contestant and pretending to know who the hell she is.

    • They sure as hell are a nosy lot, says the lady voyeur watching them on TV like a fly on the wall. Who knew Colin would love being such a juicy sticky beak.

      I’m, Jack was over reacting to a small sleight, if it was even that. Man, I avoid people who require cotton wool gloves, who are overly sensitive, because I know I am sure likely to offend them.

  13. During the food trial, while I’m sure the sound was enhanced, the pop of the eyeballs just about did me in. I almost gagged, and I have a stomach and gag reflex strong enough to put a goat to shame.

    I had to put off starting my own dinner for a little while.

    I prefer physical challenges.

  14. I’m getting tired of every second show being dumb and sappy. For chrissake, all of you stop crying all over the place and hugging each other.

    Get back to the game.

    • Who knew Colin was going to be so nice and have such a natural scallywag sense if humour. The best LOL moment; in the toki-toki when he responded cheekily to Abbie, “Because you like both of us”.
      I’d only ever seen him as a cranky chef with hair unfit for a kitchen.
      What a great cast they have this year. You don’t have to like them all but they make good viewing.

  15. The promo has a confrontation being Dipper and Jack coming up where Jack feels disrespected aaaand … I’m out.
    This guy is such a narcissist and I hope he’s first to be sent home on Sunday.

  16. Woh. That trial was dangerous and irresponsible.

    “Hell, here’s a great idea. Let’s give our cast hypothermia”. People can die you idiots. People can have heart attacks, anything. 😡

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