What’s happening in Week 3 of The Amazing Race Australia

The Amazing Race Australia is about to enter its third week of competition.

Tonight there is a twist – and you are not going to like it! TAR calls them stowaways but let’s stick to the usual reality TV term and say intruders.

The intruders on tonight’s TAR.

Do you think this twist was always planned, or did they do it because one of the teams withdrew early?

Here’s the TV blurb rundown for The Amazing Race this week:

Sunday: At the start of the day, the teams are left speechless when Beau reveals a shock twist that will change the state of play for the entire race.

Monday: The race accelerates to new heights when the teams must attempt an epic underwater helicopter escape challenge in one of the most terrifying tests of the race so far.

Tuesday: When strong winds take a stunning hot air balloon ride off course, the teams brace themselves for the twists and turns of the ninth leg of the race.



  1. Wait … there are intruders? Last week, the show seemed to think it was “Survivor”. Tonight, it’s become “Big Brother”. All the teams are shocked and surprised at the twist … well, of course you are. It’s a stupid twist. It’s a Race! You don’t throw in someone new halfway through a sprint!

    Sigh. Anyway.

    I like that they’ve at least in a new state tonight.

    Hey, apparently laksa is the unofficial food of Darwin. Did anyone else know that?

  2. I’m glad they have left Queensland.
    Don’t get me started on the intruders!
    Why aren’t they all getting in trouble for the team member not doing the roadblock, helping the team member that is?
    I also had no idea Laksa was a thing in Darwin, but to be honest never been to Darwin, don’t know much about it.

  3. Why intruders? Why intruders who are professional sports people? I much prefer to see Sefa & Jess stay. FFS as if spoilt sports brats aren’t being indulged beyond belief atm. I might boycott. I hope everyone’s boycotting the tennis.

    • I seem to have missed something. Talk about living in my own bubble.
      I have been watching the tennis.
      My understanding was that if we didn’t put on the tennis, the Open was going to be given to China and we may never get it back. China has built a whole city that is a replica of Paris. It wouldn’t be hard to build a COVID safe tennis town, future proofing tennis (and feeding into my paranoia that there are more pandemics out there, lurking).
      Was I wrong?

      • Who cares if we don’t have it, watch it from China on TV.
        My experience is 20ish cases in Melbourne, 6 million people in the whole state locked up for no reason, aged care residents not allowed visitors, businesses shut down at last minute, eg imagine the impact, Friday afternoon before Valentines Day, your a hospitality business… tip of the iceberg, all due to gov incompetence. But you know, multi millionaire spoilt brats can get out & earn more. Pffftt

    • Well. I don’t really care about the tennis anyway, and I’ve never watched it before, so I had no plans on watching it now. Does that count as a boycott?

    • Sorry, Polly, but from outside Vic, there’s no talk of boycott at all. Only wondering if the delay in starting will affect the ratings.

  4. I found last nights ep a bit boring. It felt a bit same same as previous eps – food and water challenges. I don’t like the force feeding stuff, be it TAR, Celebrity or Survivor, it’s gross. And wasted a fish’s life in this case. I didn’t really engage. However, was aware of the tanti Dwes & ? had. And surprise, last to check in didn’t get booted.

  5. In your typical TAR season, there’s only about 2 or 3 non-elimination legs in total.

    There’s still 9 teams left, or so, and we’ve already had 3 non-elim legs. Talk about dragging it out.

    The Deadly duo were the first team out, then were reinstated when the sexually-ambiguous twins quit, and were saved again, last night, thanks to the non-elim.

    Meanwhile, how many second-chances were Jess and Sefa given?

    I missed the first half of last night’s episode, I just kind of forgot that it was on. Once the novelty wears off, this specific watered-down version of the show just isn’t all that exciting or engaging. I hope the Sikh boys win, because they seem pretty cool, but beyond that, I don’t really care all that much.

  6. I struggled to keep interested in last nights episode.
    Also i realised that you get spoiled that its non elim once the first placed team arrives.

  7. I love TAR, I really want to support an Australian version but they really are taking the piss now. I can’t believe the creators allowed them to use the format considering how much they have butchered it.

  8. Wait. Hold on a second.

    Tonight’s episode was yet another non-elimination leg? WE JUST HAD ONE OF THOSE YESTERDAY! This series is going to last for MONTHS!

    So it means we’re stuck with the useless Nigerian prince and his useless girlfriend for another episode.

    Also, while I love that the team’s challenge is being stuck in a cabin on the Ghan as it travels from Alice Springs to Cooper Pedy … the next episode features another new team.

    How many races or sprints or marathons have you ever seen where the race stops, halfway through, to add in some new people?

    I can’t even, with this, right now.

  9. So much going wrong. We thought the first non-elim salvage/sabotage was a one-off, and bad enough at that. Now we find it is a terrible regular addition. And I was so convinced that the footy girls would, on principle, penalise the team who piked out on a challenge. Yet, they showed the first strategic choice, to penalise the Sikhs who were the only reason that sooky Dweeb wasn’t still sitting in the gutter! Aaaah.

    Again, the penalty for not completing a challenge was trivial. I can’t ever remember in any season I have watched, a team who had one paltry try and then opted for the penalty. Other teams found the thought of the underwater escape scary but in the end it was quite easy, and only one other team struggled on the first go, but did it easily on the second.

    I have to keep watching. It is a tribute to the concept of the show overall that it is still worth watching even after so many bad changes. I was willing to give some leeway for the restrictions, but this is ridiculous, and yet I am still here.

    BTW, they mentioned in the AFLW game on the weekend that Chelsea Randall was out of the game with concussion. Confusing to then see her next day on TARA.

    • The penalties, in the American TAR, for not completing a challenge vary, but sometimes they’re upwards of four hours. In the first couple of seasons, it was 24 hours. If you didn’t complete a challenge? You were gone.

  10. The gloss went off the Amanda/Ashleigh team in this last episode. They spent a long time building a resentment against Chris and Aleisha claiming that Chris snatched the pen. Yet, looking at the video closely, one of the girls snatched the pen first, and then Chris verbally persuaded her to return the pen.

    It is not a good Race design to have half the field jump the other half, but I quite enjoyed this for two reasons. One, that my favourite teams (mostly) were in the back pack, including some who didn’t deserve to be there, and secondly the fact that the second team jumped ahead due to the skill and knowledge and leadership of one team, not just luck.

    Best laugh of the episode was Aleisha (I think) being told not to run in the camel pen and then her papers fly away and she is desperately trying to retrieve them without arousing the camels. Comedy gold.

    • No, I thought the hijinks re: the hot air balloon challenge were the best part of the episode.

      The show obviously had this big challenge planned … but they couldn’t count on the weather making a total mess of that. So instead, improvise with an impromptu intersection challenge. Not only do they get plenty of usable footage, but they actually help the hot air balloon company. Plus, it was one of those moments where all the good teams (because, yes, all the best teams had wound up in the second group) benefitted from one of the Racers having an unusual but apt skill — the girl who’s father owned a hot air balloon company.

      That was the best moment of the series so far, for me.

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