How many of the Celebrity Big Brother cast do you know?

Seven has released its full cast list for Big Brother VIP and it has many people scratching their heads.

I know eight out of the 12 but I guess the only “celebrity” is Caitlin Jenner.

Luke Toki I find highly entertaining to watch on TV and I think he will take the win.
Danny Hayes was fascinating to watch on the latest season of Big Brother and it’s no surprise Seven snapped him up for another go. He and Luke should get on.

I suspect the imports will be early targets.

Omorosa I vaguely remember from The Apprentice when He Who Shall Not Be Named was the boss. And then she went on to work for him in the White House.

As for the Markle brother, it shows how right Megs is to distance herself from that side of the family. How much is Seven paying him?

Imogen Anthony may have heard the inside scoop on what to expect from her ex-boyfriend Kyle Sandilands. Remember when he was on Celeb Big Bro way back when, the year muso and radio/TV host Dylan Lewis won?

No airdate has been announced.

How many of the VIPs do you know?



  1. It’s more a case of how many of them do I want to know?

    Not a single one.

    These are human seagulls squawking over chips of publicity at the last chance saloon.

    I know Danny, Caitlin and race card playing Omarosa. No appeal in this format.

  2. Oh Omarosa will be baiting and switching and pretending she’s not doing anything because she smiles and talks slowly. Caitlin is a snooze. I stopped watching the last season of Big Brother 3 weeks in – I don’t think I’m going to even try with this one.

  3. Goodness Gracious.
    What is Channel 7 thinking? Surely they could have done better than this.
    These people must be costing them a fortune, what with quarantine and airline tickets and all.
    I know two (2). I can’t be alone in my ignorance … or lack of interest.
    I hope it dies a natural death.

  4. I don’t watch BB, but I can’t resist a quiz!!

    I know Dayne Beams and Luke Toki the best, Matt Cooper and Bernard Curry I have heard of, and none at all of the rest.

    What do I win?

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