US Survivor starts tonight and the game is much shorter

Season 41 of US Survivor begins airing in Australia tonight on Nine Go, just a few hours after it drops in America.

Jeff Probst and the Dream Team headed back to Fiji but due to covid quarantine bubbles the season has been shortened from the usual 39 days to just 26. (Australian Survivir is a marathon in comparison). Will this new sprint version of Survivor lead to the alphas being targeted earlier and people making riskier strategic moves? Let’s hope so.

This year’s cast is much more diverse than in the past so gone are the days when you could not tell all the 24yo blonde ponytail women apart.

The show has also ditched the fancy names, like David versus Goliath – I wish they had made that call before springing on us Healers versus Hustlers versus whatever the other H was.

Looks like we are starting with three tribes.

I am really looking forward to watching a series where everyone has at least watched the show after being cast.

Are you happy to have original Survivor on your TV?



    • That shouty American talking is ok at a challenge but not for a conversation. I am glad to have it back but the three tribe format is always tricky. I know they have done it to speed up the game. Some interesting people. That risk advantage thing with the three guys was unnecessarily complicated. I laughed so much at blue team not untethering their boat – they must have been so tired.

      • That boat thing was hilarious. I’m not sure the short season is long enough to get to know people, but we’ll see. They do seem much nicer and more interesting than the Cloncurry crew.

        I guarantee Xander was cast by a Dune tragic waiting for the new film with Timothy Chalamet.

  1. Also, why did so many contestants wear denim? Did they not see what happened to Rupert in Pearl Islands? Poor bloke had to wear a skirt because his thighs were so messed up from his jeans chafing

  2. A good start – even though it is shorter and there are 3 teams, there are only 6 people in each team so it does feel like you get to know more than 2 or 3 players.

    And- Jeff only spends a few minutes asking questions at tribal – not like Jonathan’s dissertation on the amount of inane questions one can get inane answers to!

    • Notice they adopted Australian-style flashbacks to home life? The long-winded JLP questions are irritating but I know they have to pad to fill out the time. Would rather see more camp life chat. I just listened to a podcast with George where he explained he and Baden clicked immediately but had an agreement Baden would pretend he could not stand him, then meet in secret to discuss plans. I wish the edit had shown this

      • So really all those contestants over the years that blamed editing and manipulation for how they are presented should be awarded danger money because there are a lot of people with rage looking for targets and they don’t understand that a contestant on a show hasn’t really done anything to them personally.

        George and Baden- that would have been interesting to see instead of the same narrative they were pushing.

  3. Looks like some kind of swap this week. I wonder if Shan will survive. She has had such a big edit, it makes me think she could not possibly be a winner

  4. I’ve been away from TV for months, but caught a bit of an ad for US Survivor at a friends. Is it back again soon? Cheers

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