The best show on TV starts Easter Monday. Lego Masters is back!

Hamish and Brickman are back with another season of Lego Masters Australia.

This is the feel-good TV we need right now. Even if your days of building Lego are behind you it’s a fun watch for the cast’s creativity, Hamish’s antics and Brickman’s emotional response to eliminations.

There are no villains and it’s refreshing to have a reality TV show where being smart is a good thing.

Lego Masters starts Easter Monday 7.30pm on Nine.



  1. Well that was a lot of fun.
    This is such a lovely show. Nice hosts, nice contestants and it just rollicks along.
    It’s funny, isn’t it. Hamish is just a natural whereas Andy, not so much.

    • Agreed – as partners they worked well but Hamish is fine without a wingman. I do despair that Lexi was “not familiar”’with Elton John. Really?

  2. I am liking the challenges.
    I don’t know which one I like more: the build something, throw it over the buses and watch them smash (love a smash) or take a song and build the story.
    I thought the second really separated the field into those that understood the brief and those that just like playing. I think I am starting to get a feel for those who will be standing at the end.
    Surprisingly, Delta was not annoying. She knows songs so there was nothing unfair about the judging.
    I still like all the contestants.
    Isn’t Brickman lovely?

  3. It’s an elimination night tonight.
    I like the fact that they have given us a chance to get to know the teams and their skill set.
    The first challenge was very clever. I liked futuristic cars balanced on a hovering magnet.
    The second challenge is conceptual. I like that it stretches the contestants. It easy to do something straightforward. It’s much harder to tell a story.
    The editing suggests who might to go home.
    Still, I’m hoping it’s Lexi. She’s a pain in the a**e.

      • I enjoyed the Ferris wheel but had to explain to Mr 10 what a spinning wheel was!
        I would love to see that Titanic build close up. Hopefully now borders are more stable Brickman can do more touring

  4. I’m surprised that the engineer and his son got the brief so wrong. I would have thought this one was right up their alley.
    Delightful builds. I couldn’t have picked my favourite. No wonder they made it a non elimination.
    I’m not surprised that 10 didn’t get the spinning wheel. How did he go on the 1050s robot? I’m guessing that a robot’s a robot.

  5. Don’t you love it when they build and then smash things?
    I was so disappointed that the suspension bridge failed. I had such high hopes (pun intended). It was definitely my favourite.
    I only caught a glimpse of the promo for Sunday night and it seems like one of the nicer pairs are going home. Everyone’s in tears. I really want it not to be the engineer and his son.

    • Like you, I like pretty much all of them. And I thought the suspension bridge would win hands down. I think the winning one had a fair bit of luck, although it may still have won.

      Surprisingly, I find myself liking Kristi and Caleb, yet at the start Kristi seemed a bit OTT. Now she feels like the life of the show, so I would be sad to lose them (or the father/son, or the young guys). Lexi is a bit annoying, but not as bad as the woman who was carried through in the last season. And she and her partner have more skill than they did.

      There are definitely differences in skill level, although not as stark as in previous seasons. The five-in-a-row winners, I haven’t agreed with some of their wins. In one of the challenges, my choice of winner matched the viewer’s choice, and that didn’t even get chosen in the final two. Weird.

      • I do love when they do those challenges where things shake or have to hold huge amounts of weight. Who would have thought a show about Lego would be so suspenseful? I liked the lighthouse/shipwreck build and you could tell Brickman adored the spooky spider house.

  6. Noooo!!
    I could see this elimination coming from a mile away and I had to stop watching. I just couldn’t bear it.
    I was also strangely unimpressed by the flying dragon builds. I thought I would be blown away but not so much. Maybe the build time was too short but I thought they were all lacking.
    Plus they then had to fly them giving some people with previous experience a distinct advantage that had nothing to do with Lego.
    All in all, I’m feeling huffy.

  7. It was a nice challenge last night. Things that can handle wind. Cute.
    I am surprised at how few of the contestants know how to use mechanical bits to make movement. Have they not watched previous episodes? Fft.
    This has narrowed the field down to three pairs for me. It was not just down to the mechanics but imagination as well.
    I am over the non-elimination rounds. Someone needed to go home last night. Firstly, no tension because there is nothing at stake. Secondly, there are only so many times they can fail before we, the viewing audience, want them gone. And thirdly, it’s starting to smack of rigged outcomes.

  8. More flying things. Well, actually moving along a wire, high up things but close enough. More smashes. That was fun. I was vastly amused that the winning entry was so slow that they had to do a number of cut-aways. Heh heh.
    I dislike “that girl” so much. Lexi? Couldn’t be bothered looking her name up. I hope she watches this episode back with shame but that would be too much to ask. People like that are completely lacking in self-awareness.
    The next challenge is to build a city with secrets. There was an advantage that the winning couple decided to share. Nice people. Nice show. My brother, who watched this for the first time, remarked that this wouldn’t happen in America. Mind you, it did happen right after an ad for The Apprentice. Americans are so self absorbed. I hope we never become that.
    I wasn’t fussed with the city builds. This show has done better.
    The gay couple go home. No mechanical type stuff. I wasn’t as sad as when the engineer and his son went.
    Next week is the last week.

    • I enjoyed this episode, and I agree, Bobi, that the non-eliminations are starting to feel a bit like fillers. I still want to watch but it is not as gripping.

      I was surprised how few of the highwire builds succeeded. I can’t decide whether it was smart just to build a cable car (which, of course, is a proven method or it wouldn’t be used all over the world) or should be “marked down” as unimaginative. In hindsight, they probably just didn’t give the teams enough time. I think these outdoor challenges are related to the c19-word and like in many other shows, just didn’t quite work because of it.

      Once again, I have to presume that some teams are matched by the producers. It was openly admitted in previous seasons, yet this year they are not referencing it, but it is clear that that at least three teams did not know each other before. It makes me feel sorry for Rachel, who has been matched with Lexi who has great figure-building skills but is definitely not a team player and often refers to “my” work or “my” part. Rachel has shown great maturity but Lexi’s refusal to listen has cost them in many builds.

      While I am still totally addicted, I have gradually come to realise that in this season, they just aren’t as skilled as previous seasons. Previously, technic aspects were included in many builds as standard – there would nearly always be moving parts etc. I can’t help but feel that teams in previous years would have noticed the underneath, or thought of ways to expand the planes without it needing to be an advantage.

      • And yes to all of that.
        It never occurred to me that some pairs were producer-matched but that explains a lot. I kept trying to figure out how Rachel could be friends with Lexi.
        Of course, it could be time. I have a friend who I’ve known for 30 years. Every now and then I need to close my eyes and breathe, and it goes without saying that it is entirely possible that the problem is me 🤔🤣

        • Surely not.

          Re the pairings, I think that they have to do that because there would be so many good builders who do their hobby/art as a solo activity. Only some would have a Lego buddy, and even so, that person might not be skilled enough or have the desire to compete on TV.

          I am imagining pre-show try-outs (like MC did) where they put them all in a room, and watch to see who “clicks”, who makes good TV, and even who could be mis-matched for drama. It would be interesting if they could develop this as part of the show. I wonder if it would work?

  9. It was a neither one nor another for me on the two bottom builds so meh 🤷‍♂️ for the elimination. I’m just annoyed that that awful woman is still there.
    I must admit that I don’t understand how some pairs take an hour to come up with a plan before they can start a build. Did they not feel the pressure of time?
    They were not the first to fall into that abyss but I excused Rachel because Lexi was just being difficult.
    It’s Lego Masters, ffs. How many scenarios can there possibly be?

  10. I wanted the elimination to go the other way, but DH kept saying the girls’ build was better, so I was just biased really. I really liked Daniel and Kirsti.

    I think they wasted the hour because they had just too many ideas, probably all along the “timeline” problem that BM mentioned (although some of the other builds could have been categorised that way). I would have switched mentally and brainstormed a list of life ideas/events eg birth, family, animals, space travel, buildings etc – just broad concepts, and then let them trigger an idea. Even thinking back on all the teams’ previous builds and using those as a starting point. Maybe 1. a line of people entering a building 2. the building with something strange happening, and 3. the people exiting transformed into something weird. That develops the library idea from the previous episode.

    Also, the more time you have wasted, the smaller you should make your scenes! No huge horses.

  11. Google has confirmed that Rachel and Lexi only met purely for the show.
    Rachel is so likeable and Lexi is so unlikeable.
    I’m trying to keep my dislike in check but it’s hard to not just want them (or her) gone. I’m guessing, the next elimination? If we feel the tension, you have to wonder how Rachel actually feels. She must be hinting that she kicked a cat in a previous life.

    • Love the meme!

      It’s a pity that Rachel should be sacrificed because of being matched with Lexi. Imagine Rachel with one of the others.

  12. Lexi and Rachel have been sent home. Well overdue. Many better builders have preceded them so no one is disappointed.
    I think Rachel was probably a good builder with ideas but Lexi was just good at running her mouth off.
    It was a toss up for me between them and the brothers, who seemed to have a melt down because they just discovered that they can only build dragons, but the girls have routinely been in the bottom two so it would have been a travesty for the boys to go home merely for repetition.

    • That pretty much sums it up for me, too. I thought the boys were gone, because they pushed that storyline so hard, so the opposite result was a wonderful surprise. It was justice though, considering how many times the girls scraped through in the bottom two.

      While I didn’t take to Lexi, I did think she had some skill. There have been worse than her over the years. But she was very much a two-trick pony – either a character face, or a building (of her choosing). So many times she just decided what she wanted to do, and Rachael had to adapt around her and try to build a story.

      I don’t think the boys can only do dragons, though, just that those sort of figures are their strongest builds. If we look back on everything they have done, there has been lots of quality variety, including some times when I thought they should have come top instead of Nick and Gene. My theory on last night was that they had had so many challenges in a row where the brief was quite narrow, that when it opened up again to “do what you want” they had a little crisis of trying to remember a range of ideas. Of course the other teams were in the same “boat” (ha-ha) but for the boys the high expectations are starting to weigh on them. Not to mention, BM giving them contradictory advice.

      How good was the boat story? I am sure they are one of the cobbled-together teams but they just get stronger as they have slotted their different skills together. Alex’s speed in laying bricks is awesome, and releases Caleb to have good time to do the figures well. Nick and Gene’s was great too but I think theirs was a little muddled in the story.

      I’m expecting three cracking good builds tonight. Surely they would all have thought long and hard about the ultimate free build and have their ideas well and truly planned in advance.

      Great to see our old friend back last night. And he does look a lot like Caleb!

  13. The brothers win.
    I did like their build but I got the impression BM did not. I was amused that it was another dragon. It was such a magnificent dragon.
    The lawyer in training and the fastest girl builder in the world came second. I agree that they look like a pairing made by producers which shows that sometimes it can all work out. I wonder if these artificial pairings were designed for gender balance?
    The third placers looked to be technically the best team but they seemed to have run out of story ideas. That troll thing was a mish-mash of hodgepodgeness.
    I did not see the final outcome coming but I did agree.
    Good editing strikes again. I was completely fooled and I hang my head in shame. I usually see that sort of stuff at 50 paces. Not cynical enough in this instance.
    Did you notice that they gave Lexi and Rachel zero airtime on the final episode whereas all the other pairs got something? Maybe it was nothing and I am over analysing.
    Love this show. Delightful, as always. I can’t wait for the next season.

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