1. I’ve finally caught up! What genius thought that challenge was a good idea? Poor Jackie, and George’s face looks atrocious. Hopefully next week the Villains will win more so we get to see what’s happening at Heroes. Rogue has to be first to go, right?

  2. Oops, didn’t realise we had a dedicated thread. You are a mind reader – Rogue (is that her real name? surely not) is bye-bye.

    Tribal last night (12th Feb) was one of the best I have seen, up there with David’s famous ones. Brains like George’s just do my head in.

  3. Let me start with, “Mango”, which seriously was one of the silliest strategies ever on this show.
    I’m not a fan of George but I prefer him to Simon. Simon is a snake and deserves everything he gets.
    I laughed out loud when Simon said to George, indirectly, “Just treat people with respect, human decency”, after he had just spent the last hour and a half (tv time) getting so personal. I’m not sure that he is even aware of how passive aggressive he is. It is uncomfortable to watch.
    Fingers crossed that George’s long term plan plays out. Let’s hope the producers don’t interfere.
    As an aside, I wonder if the producers knew how it was going to go down. Those votes were suspiciously stacked in the right order.

    • They always rearrange the votes after they have been gathered from the urn, so the host can read for maximum impact. Omg that was very entertaining. I have heard Simon on podcasts and he seems lovely – as does George – but he has played too much into the revenge arc the producers want. I was fascinated that George burned Jordy like that. I wonder if he is relying on Jordy now being the underdog and having to work with him anyway. Apart from Liz, all the villains are now returnees. It was super entertaining

      • I think they rearrange the votes not only for impact, but also to hide how some people voted. JLP only has to read out enough votes to make the result known, so they can avoid revealing how a swing voter actually decided to go, or if a ‘loyal’ person’ went rogue against their word.

  4. I don’t know how I feel about tonight’s episode. It all felt a bit … wrong.
    Maybe it was the woman playing the victim card 🤷‍♂️.
    Maybe it was men used to winning because they have muscles.
    Maybe it was just that no one has a plan and they are just stumbling onward.
    Let’s have a merge while there are still enough villains left to keep it all interesting.

  5. After the dynamic play of Sunday, last night’s vote was a good lesson for people wanting to get on the show. It was the classic rookie poor play, with cockiness and no backup plan. No wonder George and Shonee were grinning with glee about how easy it was going to be. Must have been nice to rest their brain cells for a bit.

    Smart of Benji to realise that the disc-thing was not an idol, something I have been waiting for Simon to realise since he found his. Surely it is basic knowledge that an idol must have a parchment. They all may be sorry they didn’t remove Benji when they had the chance, but I don’t want him to win.

    Shonee is one of my all-time most irritating players. I wish she had gone early, but it is pretty clear now that the returnees have the advantage on most (but not all) of the the newbies. What I can’t understand is her saying at the start that removing George was a very high priority, but she would tolerate him for a bit as a shield. Now she and Liz are falling at his feet in adoration – totally sucked in to his playbook.

    There’s quite a few quiet people whom I feel may end up having an impact. Clearly, Nina is sitting back, waiting. I think Liz at some stage will burn Shonee and think she is then top dog, only to be taken out herself. Matt, maybe waiting, or maybe just out of his depth like Fraser. And holding up the clear winning mystery spot is Haley, who is being edited as if she had never played before.

    I would love to see a physically strong player win, purely because it never happens. The last challenges are always biased in favour of the light-framed girls. I’m loving Jordie (who ironically is not seen as a ‘muscle’ despite being one) and if he digs himself out of the hole George has put him in, then he will deserve to win.

  6. It’s lovely watching people who can play this game vs the newbies.
    I must admit I have been known in the past to scoff at “good play” but seeing the contrast between those who can and those who can’t, I will apologies to all who were subjected to my biting sarcasm.
    I underestimated a lot of people but no more 🤣.

  7. Another good tribal. Unfortunately, one of my favourites went, when the other option would have been so much better.

    I am sure that several people now know that the “idol guidance disk” is not a true idol, but it is having an interesting impact on the game. Players such as Haley, who has now seen at least two genuine idols, will know even though the edit hasn’t shown. Simon has unwittingly prevented himself from being a goose at a future tribal by selling his soul and offloading the disk to the other tribe.

    Shonee has completely lost her head. Did she give any thought whatsoever to giving away her last idol? I suspect she has let her affection for her “people” blind her to playing the game properly. It will be lovely to see her face when she realises that her idol went home unused.

    Interesting promo for tonight suggesting that George sets up throwing a challenge, which the other team realises. They will have a quick decision to make, let them throw it or slow down so much that the challenge never finishes!

  8. Survivor is going through a dull patch for me. I think it’s because I’m waiting for thinks to swing back to George and Shonee. I want to see how this plays out. Hopefully with Simon evicted first. My heart will break if either of these two go before him.
    I’m not really very invested in the others as yet. Except, passingly, in those of the not-blonde persuasion. I have a sneaking suspicion that there is a bit of unconscious racism happening in the background.
    I find it unfathomable that they keep saying that Ben can’t be trusted and they want to get rid of him asap when he does most of the cooking, is a champion at the intellectual puzzles and has been in a precarious alliance position from day one so is very unlikely to be the last man standing. It becomes doubly noticeable when the same words are used to describe Stevie who is exactly the same situation.
    I know. It’s probably confirmation bias but once you see it, you can’t unsee it. It makes me cringe.

  9. There’s a point in most seasons where the viewer becomes desperate to get one person off their screen, and considers stopping watching if they don’t go. I have hit that point with Shonee. I have never been a fan – I find her intensely irritating, but at the start, she added some interest as someone who could challenge George (in fact, she stated in the first eps that he must go). Now she is in bed with him, and it is both irritating and boring. It is no wonder that she formed instant friendship with Liz, because Liz is just as bad, with an element of grudge-holding added.

    Last night made me feel uncomfortable because it came very close to pure mean-ness, instead of game-play. Fortunately, the smarter players pulled back, realising it was possible that Simon had just been dumb, and not calculating. Maybe they realised someone would have to be quite smart to pull off the fake disk intentionally. And then of course it was confirmed by JLP. Ironic that the one player who could have shed the light on it all was Ben, who just went. He must have been one of the few who was not shown the disk, and yet was the one who could clear up the mess.

    I thought the tc twist was quite good. So far, the producers twists have been well done – understated, slightly game-changing, but not enough to give advantage/disadvantage to any player. OTOH, I would have liked to see the blindside, but I didn’t want to lose Hayley, who is a favourite. Nina is finally starting to show her credentials but I really hope she doesn’t get sucked into George’s harem. She needs to play her own game.

    I see what you mean about the possible bias. Ben has gone now, but I think he was seen as a threat because he is a well-known journalist and recognised for his high intellect. They knew he was smart, and playing an understated game. The stereotype thing has not been helped by Stevie referring to himself by that moniker. I’ve seen reference to this issue on other forums, so you are not imagining it.

    • Good to know that it’s not just me.
      Sometimes with these things, you can become over sensitive and see boogeymen lurking in every corner.

  10. I haven’t had time for Survivor or Idol. I chose to go with mafs. I prefer fresh faces rather than, “Oh no, not Sharni AGAIN. Not George AGAIN”. They already annoyed me enough in previous seasons.
    As for Idol; I tried it in the first week. It was terrible. I watched about 15 minutes this week. It was atill bad. The judges are charmless. There was too much, “blah, blah, blah”. And I listened to a contestant “sing” this week and was surprised she hadn’t been eliminated in week 1. It was awful, but only HKJ told her it was pitchy.

    • If it helps any, the rumour is that HKJ and Kyle hate each other so much of the interaction is the two girls keeping the peace.
      I’m not thrilled with the calibre of the contestants. I do put some of it down to the tv screen. There’s not a lot of nuance to a television showing. And some contestants are just pretty faces.
      I also think there’s an element of looking for diversity at the expense of quality. I get that no one wants to hear the same old/same old so I tolerate it for the moment.

      • All good observations and thoughts, Bobi. I can well imagine how Mr “I won’t dirty my hands with anything that’s not 100% pc, and it makes me an angry w*******”, and Mr “I make my money offending people”, aren’t sharing a bromance. 🖤🖤

        Now, the big question; how are Dave and Iggy coping with the heatwave. Stay well guys.

  11. I think George is in a bit of a pickle now. It seems that in his group of three, Liz’s return has made Shonee jump out of his bed and into Liz’s (no surprise there). Liz basically blackmailed him at TC last night into losing an ally. But, George being George, framed it as a “compromise” presumably in order to have the upper hand on the next vote (which the promo shows will be a post-merge anyway). I don’t doubt he knows exactly what he is doing, but he must be sensing the blood in the water from the two girls. Interesting that Shonee has gone from being a contender to a goat, being pulled along by her emotions.

    I am looking forward to merge, as I hope those two girls lose their cockiness and we see new alliances form. George and Hayley will be great to watch too. It looks like Liz has sold out Nina with her dobbing, so I don’t expect Nina to last to the end now.

    I like both Matt and Flick but it was disappointing to see them grovelling, especially Flick, who has proven herself a good player but has had poor luck so far, and therefore has had to demean herself. Looking forward to her finding some allies post-merge.

    It is time for some more idols to be found. Everyone knows that whenever an idol leaves the game (used or taken home), another is/should be inserted. The sandwich reward obviously yielded a clue or idol for someone, but the edit won’t tell us yet. Sneaky looks imply that it was Hayley, especially as she seemed to be the only one to look up in ceiling, but that may be a red herring. I hope it is Hayley, but I also like most of that tribe, so anyone would be good.

  12. It was the first time that I thought George was not in control.
    I was very sad to see Stevie go home. He looked so hurt. I like to see loyalty rewarded plus, of course, see comments on possibility of racist attitudes above. Although I think there is a lot of racism in this show, truthfully, I keep hoping that I am wrong.
    About time there was a merge. I like to see the fast shoe shuffling as things realign. I continue to keep my fingers crossed for the eviction of Simon.
    Just as an aside, I wasn’t aware of idol replacement thing 🤦‍♀️. I know, I’m a bit thick sometimes. Do they always show when someone finds an idol? I wonder if one has been found but unbeknownst to us?

    • It is not a rule as such, just something that fans have noticed over the years. It doesn’t always happen, sometimes there’s a twist instead, or even two idols go out for finding. I think they have just determined that the play works best when there are between 1-3 idols (or fakes) in play. No idols makes for potentially boring tv.

      At this stage we know that Shaun has his (found way back at the start) which nobody knows about, and then Liz burned hers on Sunday. Writing from the perspective of Wednesday, we now know there is one sitting out there which Flick missed. Pity, it would have made things interesting. It looks like Shaun will only be using his for himself, unless he finds another.

  13. I want George to stay for his one-liners, although I have a gut feeling that his days are numbered.
    “This is about deals, not relationships. This is not The Bachelor “.
    “No prisoners. They’re all dead”.
    I sure that I’m supposed to care about David being blindsided but then again, I’m not terribly sure that I remember who he is so let’s get rid of some more of these extraneous people so that we can get to the pointy end of the game.

    • Quite a few people had slated David for the win, so some will be surprised. He didn’t do anything wrong, though, he was just the next unpredictable option for the other alliance, knowing that Sam might have been protected.

  14. Well, who didn’t see that coming?
    Flick being voted out was strictly by the Survivor Manual, Chapter 1, Page 1.

    • Yeah, I kept waiting for some sort of change, but then sometimes you just have to have predictable TCs to make the good ones even better. Having said that, I don’t want to see any more of those from the “vigilantes” or they will just carry George to victory in a succession of boring TCs.

      IMO, Shonee no longer has the win as her priority. She is so focused on Liz that it is like she is wearing blinkers. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a post-season relationship. And she fell into the “girls alliance” trap, assuming that all women will doing anything for the sisterhood, based purely on their biology. That hasn’t worked in the past, and shows that some women automatically believe any woman over any man. It is like reverse-misogyny. (Google tells me that is misandry).

      Fortunately the best players make their decisions based on the actions of other players, regardless of sex (or other characteristic) judging purely on how useful the person is to their game. That is what Flick did, she just did it badly and too openly, which caused Shonee to melt down with betrayed feelings.

  15. Goodness gracious 😯.
    I’m going to have to think about this one a bit.
    Was George just lucky or did he count on these people playing badly?
    I’ll get back to you 😀.

  16. I think this was Shaun’s first misstep. He has been playing a good understated game and keeping his idol secret was the way it should be done. But he lost his head a bit when he finally told someone, because he was so stoked at still having it. Now he has burned it for the wrong person. There are now no idols left, except that we have to assume that someone got one at the one-at-a-time food challenge.

    I am annoyed that the minority didn’t believe Hayley, as that simple disbelief ruined what could have been a game-changing move. At least, for now, the mass group don’t know that Hayley leaked the information. I suppose it won’t be long before one of the minority tells on her. Probably Simon, who doesn’t seem to be able to keep a secret, and then tells it to the worst person possible!

    George made a big thing of noticing Simon’s celebration with Shaun, but it was obvious to everyone. It didn’t take exceptional “body language” skills. I feel that he used that, and grandstanded at TC about it, as a warning to all his minions, that he is watching them carefully. He is trying to plant anxiety in their minds about every action they make. However, I don’t think he has a read on Hayley, and the promo implies that he has been dumb enough to think that Tweedledee and Tweedledum value him as much as each other, and he’s in for a rude shock (sometime).

    George is also not the only one who reads body language well. There are a few others who excel at it too.

    While George is good TV, if he, the siamese twins or even Gerry (who is starting to become annoying) make it to the end, then the season has fallen flat for me. It is time for the others to rise up.

    To answer your question, I think George was just lucky this time, and Hayley was unlucky. And the others, too suspicious. I can’t remember who first doubted Hayley’s word, but if it was Sam, then that was ironic.

  17. Just adding to the “it’s complicated” aspect, I am really interested in watching those who are now going to make up the jury.
    No one is going to give the final vote to Simon, and Simon won’t give the vote to George. It’s a bit like that family tree that shows everyone that Brooke has been married to on Bold. It makes for much hilarity.
    I think I’m enjoying this season.

    • My favourite Twitter comment tonight is someone saying, “My fave thing about Simon is he always has no idea what’s going on”.
      He is starting to look a little bit like a deer in headlights. I wonder if he can bear to watch it back?

  18. I can’t help thinking that Shonee deserved that.
    It may have been the editing but it was clumsy play on her behalf. Enjoyable and all that but definitely clumsy.
    And it may look like George masterminded all this but I’m sure that Hayley, Gerry and Matt would have been equally concerned.
    I’m starting to think that Hayley might make it to the final three.

  19. FYI, there was an exit interview with Shonee who confirmed that George was absolutely on her list of next to go.
    Nice to know that George read the room right.

    • I saw that too. It makes Gerry’s response interesting when George sounded him out, that it could wait. That’s kudos to George that he followed his gut instinct and went to Hayley for more advice. Obviously the timing was just right, because one or two more nights would have been too late.

      Have we ever seen anyone sob before over someone else’s eviction? I can’t remember, but maybe only in blood vs water where the people are related. I can’t imagine how Liz would have reacted when Shonee booted her out. She is so livid inside now, I wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley.

      Just so thankful that George got rid of Shonee (finally!), although we still have her on screen on the jury, but nice not to have to hear her. George is kidding himself, though, thinking he has talked Liz around. She’d be taking a weapon to him if it was allowed.

  20. After a big build up, that was kinda predictable. I think that Hayley knew it was time. She is smart enough to know that she hadn’t had the chance to do enough to win, and also smart enough to know that there was no chance that Nina hadn’t convinced George at the reward. I think she just played it out as the producers would have wanted, knowing full well how it was going to go down. Her comment about “I hope there’s no exile” and her exit comments show that she was ready to head home. Not a defeat, but a surrender.

    But…in a surprising possible twist, could there be a possibility that Simon has duped the whole viewing public into believing him to be a bumbling oaf? Has every seemingly stupid move actually been planned or at least played up to? If true, it would be the most epic deception I have seen on the show. Even the gaping, wide-eyed expression when he seemed fooled, now has the look of acting to me. Judging from last night, is he out to prove that a physical player can win? I really hope so.

    Interesting that there is not a lot of trust for Matt. We haven’t been shown him doing anything really treacherous, so I wonder what vibe he is putting out.

    Clearly, Liz is positioning herself for massive revenge on George, getting as close as possible to her enemy.

    • My guess is that the Liz revenge is just around the corner. George is clever but I think that he’s close to being played out. What’s the bet that his game playing doesn’t continue on the jury.
      Even if Simon wins in the end, nothing will convince me that he’s not stumbling through this game. I just don’t think that he’s dangerous enough for anyone to bother about him too soon. Unlikely that he could win anyway. He has burnt too many people and wouldn’t be given credit for anything at the finale.

      • So I have just caught up with episodes, and have deliberately steered clear of any possible spoilers. For me, George is playing an excellent game, and I was totally blown away with last night’s TC and how the votes fell. Not what I was expecting at all. At this stage I would like to see a George, Nina final two, I don’t think anyone else comes close. And as for Simon, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE VOTE HIM OUT. He does my head in. 🤯

        • I was surprised by the unanimous vote, too. Clearly George and Liz were going to split (probably Simon) and then decided during TC to go all together, so they knew that everyone else was on Nina.

          The general vibe (from other fans) was that it would be a non-elimination, so I expected that, but I found Jonathan’s explanation so complicated, I am not really sure what is happening except that the two are being “isolated” from the others, but the others can interact with them if they want.

          Funny how one’s brain works. I was adamant that Nina wrote “George” but when I went back to the recording, we only saw her write “Ge..”. My brain automatically filled in the blank. I wish it had been George, though.

          From now on, I don’t mind who is final two as long as Liz does not make it there. Fans who are watching the Villa reckon that Simon has a chance if he makes it. If the Survivor world was fair (which it isn’t, of course) George would be the unbeatable winner, but it will still be a feat for him to even get to the end.

  21. Oh my god, I just couldn’t put myself through it this year. Whiny Sharni, even whiner George. All that dnakery, and horrible people winning. I just had to be kind to myself and not endure it.

    Please, someone make a challenge beast game that’s intriguing but rewarding, satisfying. Survivor rarely leaves the viewers happy that the victor is deserving, unless by deserving you mean biggest liar but weakling.

  22. If I hadn’t read stuff elsewhere, I would be astounded by Gerry’s actions last night. With all his posturing about trust and betrayal, he still kept his head and stuck to the plan where he and Matt take George to the final three, knowing that George seems unable to win a challenge. They will need to get rid of the girls pretty soon too, especially Liz because the final challenge will be biased to the lightweight, strong women as usual.

    However, I suspect that George must have a plan for the end game, either hiding his ability for challenges or something else. And if he does get to FTC by some miracle, only a very bitter jury could deny his game.

    I kept waiting for Simon to say “Yes, George has been a wonderful mentor, but do you really want to be up against him at the final?” I suspect he did say that but it wasn’t in the edit because they wanted to make it look like Gerry had a personal love for George that overcame the betrayal – cue the tears.

    It is looking more clear that there really wasn’t an idol at the food reward. Weird that, but maybe it was a deliberate move to throw doubt into the group. Also, nobody else seems to have found one at camp. No footage of anyone looking (but they probably have been) and it is getting close to cut off for using them anyway. I think we needed maybe one more. The last was Shonee’s one she took home, ages ago.

    If George can’t win, I am still hoping for Nina (slim chance) or Matt (maybe if not next to George). I think Gerry could be persuasive as well.

  23. I’m glad that Simon is gone. He was wearing thin for me. His game was lost in week 3. There was no coming back from that absolute blunder, and then everything he did from then on just reinforced the view that he was walking in a fog.
    I don’t really understand why the evictee wasn’t Nina. Did I blink and miss something? She was supposed to be gone but then there was the non-elimination and it’s all gone quiet.
    I’m not a fan of Gerry’s game. He just seems to hang about behaving like everyone’s grandfather and complaining about being taken for granted. I will be extremely p**sed off if it all falls in his lap.
    I would like the winner to be George because I have loved watching him – this has been my favourite season ever – but I’m not holding my breath. Survivor doesn’t work like that.

    • I’m with you Bobi, this is also my favourite season, and nobody can take away the fact that George really has played an excellent game. I am looking forward to the last 2 eps.

    • You are right, Bobi – Survivor world doesn’t work like that. The more I watch, the more I see that it takes something very exceptional for the most worthy person to win, even the second or third most worthy. I know it is part of the game, but the best physical players are targetted first, then the ones who make moves, then the other challenge winners, until you are left with the weeds who played under the radar.

      There really must be some better way of determining the players who make the final. Gifting the final challenge to the person with the lightest body has to be changed. I’ve seen suggestions of better challenges, that test the whole person. Another thing I would like to see is keeping the jury members secluded from each other. There shouldn’t be lobbying happening there.

    • At this stage, I expected final two to be Gerry and Matt. Not sure who would win, though, it depends on whether Matt can pull off something memorable now, but otherwise I think Gerry will talk his way into the money. He can be very eloquent and concise when he has to make a point, and I think he will paint a narrative of being the power behind the throne.

      Only way this could change it if Liz wins immunity on Sunday. If she wins somehow, it will be almost as bad as Mary Ann in the US version. Of course, there is still the unlikely possibility of George winning the next immunity, if he has been saving his strength for a big challenge!

  24. I don’t quite get the point of the last twist by the producers.
    So the winner of the last challenge is given 2 votes and then there is a vote to vote off one member of the jury. Spoiler alert: it was Shonee.
    It felt so pointless and unfair – Everyone on the jury earned their place – that I wonder if they heard “stuff” going on in the hotel that made them want to step in. Otherwise, the reasoning all escapes me. It adds nothing to the game. In fact, makes it less interesting.
    And just quietly, Gerry’s reasons for voting for Shonee was so idiotic and antiquated that it made me spit out my tea. He should be ashamed and I hope someone calls him on it.
    After what has been to date as excellent season, this episode felt like waste of an hour of my life.

    • Some people had predicted this. Apparently it has been done before in the US version. I loved the fact that the episode was nothing like what was expected.

      I like this twist (done rarely), personally. It has destroyed the outcome which has been easily predicted for a few weeks now. It has also created a final 3, instead of a final two, which has thrown the contestants a curveball, and probably saved Liz’s chances. They all planned their games on the assumption of a final two, and have been caught out by assumption instead of fact.

      I don’t mind a juror being removed. It is a highly tactical twist, and gets the contestants talking openly about how they think people will vote. Shonee was the very obvious vote, and she put herself there by making her relationship with Liz so public and rock solid. It is part of the game that she presented herself as totally loyal, instead of strategic, and paid the price for it.

      I also have no problem with what Gerry said. I was surprised at Liz’s overreaction, but that is probably because younger woman have been told so much that they have to react that way. What he said was completely true, at least for Liz and Shonee, they had both said that they would always choose a women’s alliance regardless of game play. Stating that Shonee would automatically choose a woman was accurate, but even if it wasn’t, it was Gerry’s perception and therefore he had a right to express an opinion. Liz probably solidified Shonee’s eviction by her reaction.

      It was interesting to see George once again, change his vote so that he was with the majority. He’s done that several times when it becomes obvious he will be on the “losing” side, and I am not sure if it is a good or a bad look. Gerry was smart to ask ” are you okay if we agree to disagree?”, George would see that as respectful.

      I am now re-energised for the final.

  25. I’m hoping for George as well.
    I want to know who comes up with these insane trials. Like an iron maiden on the top of a cliff.🤯 WTF!!

    • What great TV! And now it’s over -boo hoo.
      It’s fascinating that Rob C (renowned Survivor podcaster and two time player) has hailed this AU season as far superior to the current US format. High praise.

    • Yeah, I really miss the reunions. And as I said before the best season ever. I agree Juz, I believe the Australian format is second to none, but also, the South African format is also better than the US version.

  26. So disappointed, another bland winner. How on earth could she claim that the Flick debacle was a good move? It has been generally acknowledged as one of the failures of the season, and the reason Shonee went so early.

    I really hope that, in the future, no contestant is allowed to change the rules of the challenge to suit themselves. She already had an advantage, being skinny enough to weave between the stakes, but to be allowed to move the stakes early which disadvantaged the men, was a failure of the production team/Jonathan. It was also sad to see that when the waves came, only Matt got drenched. They say they draw for places, but in this one I am not sure.

    Matt was the clear winner of the three, in everything but being able to articulate his achievements. He allowed Liz to claim George’s eviction, whereas it was actually Gerry’s move. By offering to step back, Gerry convinced George to vote for him, whereas otherwise George would have arranged a 2-2 split and at least a chance at fire. I haven’t seen any contestant before Liz who was so able to twist all her poor play into pretend good play, and then preach the jury into voting for her. She should be a tele-preacher.

    Of course, she also ticked all the inclusive boxes, as articulated by Hayley, but none of them related to her game play.

    Oh well, it has become a Survivor norm – a great season ended with the wrong winner. Still worth watching, and the viewers know who was the real Sole Survivor (and who was the pawn).

  27. I have to agree that Liz was very far from a deserving winner.
    Still, she was good at ducking and weaving and taking credit where it was undeserved. I’m guessing that the jury weren’t privy to what we knew otherwise they would have balked.
    Of course, everyone knows my views on Gerry. He was just a seat filler. I’m wondering if that why they made it a final three rather than a final two. I am always suspicious of manipulation by the producers. It would have been an unspeakably tedious finale if it had been Gerry and … anybody.
    That leaves Matt who was just the best of a mediocre bunch.
    Needless to say, George was the standout for this season and it’s no surprise that he was eliminated at the last hurdle. Survivor does that.
    I don’t know how they are going to top that. They can’t bring George back again. No contestant living and breathing would let George get past Round 1 in future. In fact, I can’t believe that he was let to stay so long. Let’s put it down to arrogance on behave of the over-muscled.

    • Agree, George won’t be able to play again. It is the curse of the best players, once to play really well, twice to beat the odds with exceptional skill, but never again to be trusted by anyone. I suppose his Survivor future lies in commenting or podcasts.

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