First Dates – Wed, Feb 24

I hope to recap this at the end of the week, but if anyone wants to chat, go ahead.
Surely they’ll bring Steph back next season?

And Kate’s back tonight for another crack.



  1. Hey fellow 1st daters, ???????????? I am working this week so it’s early to bed. I am recding tonight’s 1st dates though so will catch up with you asap when I am able.

  2. I will try and get to it tomorrow night, Bella.

    I got home today to find hubby had gone for 3 months free foxtel, so Bach US here I come.

  3. Oh man, the New Zeland lady(?) with the thick accent… no words!

    A little while ago Canadian Bach was on.. it was so horrible. The woman were the meanest ever! I just watched this show called Landscape Artist of the Year 2015. It was quite interesting. Prob was on Lifestyle Channel.

  4. US Bach is on 9Life Daisy. In fact UK Bach just started on there too. First ep was Tue night, repeated Wed lunch. Slightly different format then US and Aus, and oooh the accents and spray tan, it’s like The Only Way Is Essex!

    • I’ve just watched episode 8 of The Bach Izzy, felt sorry for Amanda, not fair to lead her on with those two beautiful children.
      Good news is that finally we are getting Go Life and Win HD in our area on 1st March so I can watch it on tv instead of the catch up thingy on my laptop.
      And we are getting 7Flix on 28th February yay!

      • I was sad too Pandy, Amanda would’ve been my overall choice and I would’ve sent Jo Jo home. Her brothers were shockers too! Amanda was just so sweet! I read that one of Jo Jo’s brothers was on a reality show already, and I think it was a dating show!
        I like how Lauren’s dad called Lauren Lo Lo! And Caila- who’s my fave, her mum may as well b the same age as her!

  5. I enjoyed First Dates this week and I am glad Kate found herself a fella. They were both more than happy with each other. Just have to see how she goes with his best friend and cat.
    Sorry but I haven’t a chance in hell of remembering any of their names.
    The twins were happy with their dates and said they are still in touch and hoped to double date. They were both cute and full of life.
    The girl that didn’t eat and went out with the miner sure liked a drink or two, I’d like to see how they ended up.
    There were another nice couple and they seemed to like each other, I hope they see each other some more.

    It’s quite a good show, I’ve seen better but I’ve seen a lot worse.

    Now you will know why I don’t offer to do the recaps!
    Thanks to you wonderful few that do them.

    • I also watched First Dates Gabby when my sister was up here and she actually knew one of the guys who was dating one of the twins. ( not the bald guy, the younger one ). She said he owns 2 restaurants on the Gold Coast and will ask him about the show when she sees him next.

    • Yep, Kate and her date were stocked! Like Lauren, they just set them up with less suitable romantic options first up so they can bring them back! Haha I am hoping for a catch up with the cat to make sure it is still alive.. and the best friend too?

      The twins were SOOO into it all! They were certainly excited. That’s nice. Although I was hoping that they would soon be able to start “dealing”. I mean, they just “couldn’t deal” like alllll night.. not at all! I wasn’t a huge fan of the ‘Sisqo’ lookalike and was intrigued by the 8 year age gap there. Yes, please, Pandy! Keen for any updates.. he seemed nice.. he was the sweet guy for the night. I am shocked I haven’t seen a friend of a friend or something on this show.. I often end up knowing of someone through someone else on the dating shows!

      The Magic Mike guy was nice enough but I am not into “prawns”. I would rather an attractive face over just being really built. I respected his view of dating with a purpose rather than just dating because why not.. that gave him massive brownie points in my books. Not sure about his “shows” though ahaha but she was keen!

      The New Zeland lady was horrendous but once she gave some insight into her life it was clear that there is definitely some issues there and explains her view on kids. I hope the Bra Boys lookalike (or was he an actual Bra Boy??) doesn’t take his son on his Bali trips ahhhhhh. Poor kid.. if he is there so often, when is he actually being a dad? You can see the effects of hard drinking on him.. dayummnn he looked so old.

      I am enjoying this show, too. It is new and somewhat different. It could last a few seasons and that would do or it will become tired!

  6. Hi Talking TVers, IT Sidekick has to do some work on the site tonight so we can move it to a new host, as our current one can’t cope with its popularity.
    If the colour bar at the top your Talking TV page is black you are still on the old site. You should still be able to comment BUT your comments may be lost in the migration to the new site.
    If, however, you get a blue Talking TV bar at the top of the page, you are on the new site and can comment away.
    The transition from old to new depends on your internet provider, but you should all have the new, “blue” site in time for Sunday night TV chat.
    Cheers – Admin Juz

  7. And here’s his perfect match. Good convo. “I need to be attracted to who I am having sex with”. This trollop makes Stephanie look like Princess Mary.

    • The resting chin on hand is body language indicating boredom apparently. If there’s much in that the smile might be more politeness than interest.

  8. OK, she told Yobbo boy to “show her his monkey”. Is that anything like spanking the monkey?
    They were going to meet up in Bali. How apt. 💓💓💓💓💓💓

    • I did do some research. Not really sure but it might a request to see if he has a shaved pubic region. You ask that on first dates, right?

      Then again, it could be a totally innocent play on “Show me the money”

  9. I am amazed by first date topics. I might ask do you watch B&B?

    All topics about genitals would be off the table until at least the 4th date. Anal warts, 5th date.

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