1. I missed the end and I can’t find a hint on the Internet. If that was Shane that was evicted, can we have photos of their faces, please Daisy? I am imagining that every eviction (unless it’s Laurina) will come as a shock to them from here on.

  2. Sure thing Bob, but I have my eyes shut here now until it has been on in WA.
    I missed the end last night too, even though I ran my recorder later. I wanted a shot of Havana as dhe departed. I have it now and will put that on too.

    • It’s ran late the last couple of nights, didn’t finish till 5 to 9, was supposed to finish at 8.40. Stuffs up the rest of the night’s recording. I tape The Good Wife & Hawaii Five-0 & had to extend it.

    • Please be Anthony, please be Anthony…

      Can they not give Laurina anything? Anyyyyythiiiiing grrrrr
      So they got Warnie by convincing him he’d win. Well that’s what I took from Julia Morris saying, I paraphrase, ‘the whole of Australia expected you to win so voted for others’. As if. I’ve seen on FB people stating how they like him now as he seems like a great bloke. I absolutely love him as a cricketer and we saw his positive traits on IAC, however, for me, what I’ve seen has also confirmed he is a spoilt tosser.
      Like the Chief but Laurina for the win for me. Because she’s young, has minimal ‘celebrity’ profile (i had no clue who she was), they all treated her as if she didn’t belong, she always had a go in the trials & stayed strong throughout. And to completely screw their agenda if nothing else.
      Rant completed πŸ˜†

  3. As we near the end, time for a few Julia and Doktarrrr shots. Hasn’t JM lost lots of weight. She must bevloving that.

  4. Bloody hell, Bob. I had record set until well after the end of the show, and it still cut out before Warnie did his final walk.
    I will get it from tomorrow’s show by hook or by crook. In the meantime….

  5. Bob, the only shocked face was Fevola, but it might have been relief as his neck was on the chopping block too.

  6. I thought Shane was more interesting than Paul. He was more of a name dropper, and his, “I’m not a bad person, I only do bad things” speech was a bit naive, but he was more of a character.

  7. I don’t enjoy the boys’ bantar. The stuff between Fev and Ant seems forced and is UNFUNNY.

    Plus, I’m a bit surprised about how, dare I say it, stupid they are. Or at least how stupid their conversations are.

    I liked Freddie Flintoff from last year. I had no idea who he was but he came across as a really great bloke. Neither Shane nor Fev have been able to recreate that.

    Anthony doesn’t come across as authentic. I remember during his run on idol – the judges kept calling him plastic fantastic because he seemed to put on a persona and he hasn’t changed. The diva persona doesnt work and it’s boring.

    • Inauthentic and stupid are good adjectives for Fevola and 🐜, Bolders. Buffoon also suits Fev. 🐜 just seems like Nellie Olsen.
      Yes, I think their antics are for the viewers and voters, but I suppose it would be hard to not think “cameras” now.

      • Nellie Olsen! I know who that is and it is hilariously apt. Had me spluttering my coffee in the office Daisy. Not a good look.
        Not as bad as the picture of the cheif below, but bad enough pour moi.

        FYI – I havent been able to watch the eating challenges for a few weeks now. I flick over to other channels. It’s not enjoyable and makes me feel sick.

  8. On the poll, I voted for who I want to win. I have no idea who WILL win. The Chief was just myeh most of the time.

    • The Chief has really let the image of NRL down. If only he could have got drunk and found a jungle animal to copulate with , he would have been more believable.

    • So did I Daisy. I’d rather hear who people think deserves to win, than who they think will win taking into account how people have been portrayed by the edit.

    • Yes, I voted for who I want to win mostly because I haven’t moved on from from what happened to Estelle.

      No idea who will win.

  9. Thank you for this, Daisy. Woke up to the second best news.
    But it looks like there is a massive wave of voting for Ant. Damn. And I was so sure the chanting would work.
    I expect all the Shane voters will now move to another sports star so at least that could mean that Ant won’t win. Please.

  10. Julia was certainly working hard at trying to convince Shane he would have won if all those people that thought he was going to win had only voted for him..
    Actually Chris was too, you were spot on PollyB.
    Facebook was right yesterday, no votes for Shane showing up. It was all Laurina and Anthony and that’s who I think the final two will be.
    Good on Laurina for making it so far. I think she has done a great job to survive in a basic men’s club with a few nasty women thrown in.
    Thank goodness she had Dean and Havana, both who are decent enough human beings to accept different types of personalities and don’t think it’s right to ostracise someone when you are all in a situation such as they all were.

    Laurna for the win!

    • Agree Gabby – I do think that Laurina may have been a challenge, she reminds me of one or two people I know that hijack conversations but that comes from insecurity and wanting to fit in. It certainly didn’t deserve the eye rolling she got from piss- Ant (thanks Dave).

      I dont get Julia Morris saying during one of the exit interviews that in the begining that she wanted to climb through the screen and throttle Laurina.

      Sheesh these celebretards stick together.

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