1. Did anyone watch that Life in Pieces show after MC the other night? I’d be interested to hear views.

    I read some comments by American viewers that were very negative about it. And a lot of comments about adult-only themes, which put me off watching it, but apparently it is rated PG?

  2. I watched Life in Pieces. I enjoyed it. Almost like short little sketches with the common theme being the one family.
    I am surprised that it is PG. I would have said M. There was a hooker reference, and a very oblique vagina reference. I call that adult themes but then who knows these days.
    Let’s just say, it’s not essential viewing but it’s better than most of the other crap that’s on at the moment.

  3. Has anyone here watched the Swedish series Jordskott?
    I’ve heard it’s really good but I’m having difficulties finding somewhere to watch it through. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it thanks.
    Any other Danish/Swedish recommendations would be welcomed thanks, I love them.

    • I’ve been watching Professor T. It is entertaining. A bit of solving crimes by numbers, but then randomly the main character bursts into song – and I chortle. I am amused. Not dark. If you want dark, try Spotless. It’s British but has that Scandinavian darkness to it.
      Jordskott is on SBS iview. It is on my list but I haven’t got there yet.
      I am waiting for Dicte if anyone has any news.

      • Bob thank you so much for that. I have been searching all afternoon and now I find out its right in front of me!
        If you are interested in a good true life Irish crime on SBS iview starring James Nesbitt it’s The Secret, four episodes. Really good viewing.
        I’m going to start with Jordskott tonight and shall keep Spotless and Professor T on my list.
        Have you watched the Danish series The Bridge? Another brilliant show.
        America and Britain made versions but not half as good as Denmark’s.
        Thanks again Bob.

        • Thank you for The Bridge recommendation. I started watching it on Netflix but for some reason got sidetracked. You remind me to go back.

          • Bob you will not regret The Bridge if you can still get hold of it. You must start with series 1.
            Another good one was The Fall, another Irish crime thriller, brilliant! Two series of it. I’m hoping for a third!

      • Bob, can these shows be watched on SBS , or just on line on i view? I’m a bit confused as to where to find these shows.

        • A bit of both. I think The Secret has come and gone on SBS but is still available on iview. I will watch it soon as it’s only 4 eps.
          Prof T is on SBS but at some unsuitable time for me. I fell across it one lunchtime.
          Spotless is halfway through on Saturday nights (I have no life). I prefer to watch it on iview because it’s double episodes and I don’t have that sort of concentration span.
          I am fairly sure that Jordskott is only iview?
          No tablet?

          • There are so many more shows on SBS Demand that have never been shown on TV, it’s a great resource. I enjoy watching with earphones on my iPad.
            Watched three episodes of Jordskott last night, it’s got me.
            I am really surprised I missed The Secret on SBS as I check that channel every night to see what’s on and I am sure I would have noticed it, did anyone else happen to see it on the telly?

  4. I just evaporated my post about “Eating History” on SBS – mebbe I could have preserved it with salt!

    • Omg, I doubted you. And then I thought I would watch a little ( to help put me to sleep, as you will). Kind of really interesting.

  5. I was scanning SBS on demand and stumbled upon the comedy series “Man Down” – hilarious.
    Greg Davies and the late Rick Mayhall are great. His two friends and all the other characters are brilliant- especially the grumpy cafe proprietor and his class of 10 year old school kids.

  6. Just sat through six episodes of Spotless. That’s all that were available on Demand, otherwise I would still be watching.
    Please tell me that wasn’t the final episode?

    • Don’t you hate that?
      I have heard a rumour that there will be a series 2. But that’s all I’ve heard.

    • Was just checking wiki on Spotless. Apparently there are 10 episodes. I wonder where the last 4 have gone.
      I am only on Ep 4. I must get back to it before they drop off the radar.

    • I had a conversation with another Spotless fan. As the episodes are on f-t-a in double episodes they are posted to On Demand two at a time after they are aired. So 2 tomorrow and then 2 more next Sunday.
      So that was a long round about route to get to the point.

  7. Bob, I saw Bourne. Wasn’t sure if I was going to go because some of the reviews were pretty bad. Although it wasn’t a great movie or one of the best Bourne movies it was good enough. There were some good action scenes and a few interesting twists.

    • Thanks for this. I should have known given that they have ramped up the marketing. I will go anyway but prepared.
      It seems the only decent movie to come out this year was Hunt for the Wilderbeast.
      I am going with my daughter (quality time). She’s annoyed with me and I need to do some heavy duty crawling.

      • It was a long movie, but it held my attention. Some of the “stuff” was contrived and not believable but then it is a fictional movie. I also think certain parts could have easily been omitted without affecting the storyline. However I think you will like it. I didn’t walk into the theatre with high expectations so it was better than I thought it would be.
        Good way to make up with your daughter.

  8. Woolif watched 3 eps of Stranger Things today and said I would probably like it.
    I went to a ceramics group. I haven’t done it in over 20 years so I have forgotten how.
    Here is my first go. No laughing. I’m not finished. I don’t know what it’s going to be but it sure was fun being in a pottery group.

  9. I have seen all of Stranger Things and really liked it. A tribute to some classic 80s movies and it had terrific child actors. Definitely not one for kids to watch, though. Oh and I like your pottery thingy.

    • I think I will check into Stranger Things. Sounds like something I would like. I’ve been watching “Outcast” via the internet. It’s about a guy who has the ability to remove evil spirits from possessed people. He works with a reverend who practices exorcism but the people he exorcised are still possessed. Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek: TNG) plays the “devil”.

      • I got very excited when I saw that Outcast was on Netflix. Turned out that that one was some drivel with Nicholas Cage.
        I will have to search the Internet.

  10. Bob thanks for update on Spotless. So pleased to hear it has four more episodes. Will be interesting to see how things end.
    Can’t believe the wife is so oblivious to all that is going on with her family.

    • I have a S-i-L who is truly self-absorbed like that. If I ask her how she has missed the obvious, she tends to just stare contemplatively off into the distance.
      the more I watch this show, the more I love it.
      I am truely becoming obsessed with SBS.

      • SNS give us the best drama series imo. And ABC. I usually prefer series from Britain and Europe.

        It’s a tad feminist but I like Scott and Bailey.

        • Daisy did you know the latest series of Scott and Bailey, series 5 has started on ABC Friday night.
          Episodes 1 and 2 have been shown and are available iview.
          I enjoy S and B too.
          I love British and European dramas as well. I can’t find enough of them.
          Actually watched a whole 8 series of ‘Marcella’ on Netflix yesterday, a British cop show if anyone is interested.

          • Yes. I have been watching them, along with some Silent Witness eps that Woolif has been getting.

  11. Ever had the feeling you forgot something? She onviously doesn’t keep her carkeys in her trouser pockets.
    Let’s just say she had a lady burger.

      • Oh, this is bad…. that’s like people going grocery shopping in their pyjamas… I don’t even go into my “hometime clothes” (they are my free time attire and most of the stuff looks like I am a cat owner^^) to the trash cans and get dressed properly instead. I am not a fancy person, I don’t use make up even when I go to work, but come on, dress properly… :S I would be so ashamed, I don’t even walk around at home looking like this… Maybe she’s mental. Or doesn’t give a f*ck…
        Whoo, and now I feel bad for body and slob shaming.

  12. On embarrassing things.
    I was listening to one of my favourite guilty pleasues. Frank Eifeild, “I remember you ooo”. Oh and I shop-bopped to Spice Girls in Bunnings today.
    What are your guilty songs?

    • Katy Perry songs. *hear me roar like a firework that ignites the light until the one that got away during a hot and cold last Friday night when I kissed a girl and I liked it which was totally like a teenage dream* :S
      And I liked Spice Girls. But I was 13 when they hit the scene, so I guess it’s not that bad. Plus I do not listen to their songs any longer since I was 14.^^

    • I was a child in the 90s, so I grew up listening to the Backstreet Boys. I make no apologies. When they came to Brisbane for the first time, I pretty much had to blackmail my best friend into taking me (I didn’t have a car, so I was happy to buy his ticket, just so I could go). I think he enjoyed the concert, but I definitely did :). It was actually great. When the boys came onstage, it was like 10,000 girls and women (and more than a few gay men, heh) screaming their lungs out, it was hilarious. But you could see the husbands and boyfriends who’d been dragged along by their partners, which was hilarious too.

    • I think its a woman because she’s wearing a dress ( kind of ), a man would hopefully put a pair of shorts on ( maybe ).

    • I think it’s woman with a cardigan on,( then again maybe it’s a deconstructed take on a mini skirt), crossing her legs so as not to appear unladylike.

  13. Gee, Sonia Kruger has been saying some politically-incorrect things lately. She’s with channel 9 currently, right? Because I came into the kitchen this morning and my family were watching “The Today Show”, and the hosts were live somewhere meeting/interviewing some gay musician or whatever. But it just seemed such a transparent attempt at damage control, you know?

    I didn’t watch or listen, sometimes that tends to be a trigger for me (long story not worth telling), but between the musician and the hosts, I ate breakfast in another room.

  14. I didn’t see/read what Sonia said but I read a comment by a guy who said he was gay and agreed with Sonia that he didn’t require a special scholarship for being gay because he was not disabled. πŸ˜• Otherwise I know “notheeng.

    • See, I tend to agree with that. I don’t walk around thinking of myself as a poor persecuted minority (to me, that just builds a victim-complex, which I find unsettling). I don’t want special treatment or special privileges. I just want to get on with my life. To me, all that stuff does is reinforce difference and separation.

      (I’ve never had any interest in attending a parade or whatever. To me, it’s all just, “I’m not different to you. Now look at how different I am!” And I don’t really get it. And you know, I agree, tax-paying law-abiding citizens have the right to do whatever they like, but as a tax-paying law-abiding citizen myself, so do I)

      Having said that, Sonia Kruger just needs to take a break from public life, for a little bit, I think.

    • I understand that there are some LGBT who have not been disadvantaged. Lucky them. Sadly, I know some who are – by teachers as well as other students, and parents. And sometimes it’s not being bullied, but simply being isolated and ignored.
      For those that do not feel they have been disadvantaged, they don’t need to apply for the scholarship. Solves that problem.
      Reverse discrimination implies that this somehow miraculously puts someone on top of the pile. As if they were suddenly given an advantage not available to the rest of us. I wish that were the reality.
      Remember Affirmative Action? And all the cries about how this was going to disadvantage white Anglo males? And here we are now, 30 years later? Less than 2% of females in executive positions and the gender gap is 18% and rising.
      So how’s that working out for us?
      Am I a victim? No. But did I get to the level of my male counterparts, who didn’t have to spend all that time getting all those qualifications to prove their worth, and certainly didn’t have to work the hours that I worked. Damn straight I didn’t.
      My guess is that Sonia doesn’t meet enough people. She absolutely doesn’t know many, if any, Muslims. And I would almost bet she doesn’t know any LBGT’s outside the entertainment industry.

  15. Regarding the Census this year, if you fill it out on line you can do it early with no problems. I did ours last night, it was very easy as long as you have the login number and they give you an email receipt to say thank you for participating in the Census etc.

    • The funny thing is, they’ve probably already got all the information about us that they need.

      I was doing my tax return at the start of July, and I made an account on the MyGov site (I got sick of paying an accountant, particularly when it’s a simple tax return, and the money I get back is never that much). As soon as I logged in to start doing my tax return … all the information (wages and taxes and income) was already pre-filled into the form (I assume they got it from the paperwork my employers filled out, and the tax department added the relevant information to the file attached to my tax file number).

      What I found a little unnerving was that the interest I’d earned on my bank account … that was already filled in as well (the bank must’ve automatically sent that info to the tax department when the financial year ticked over, and again, the tax office used my tax file number to pre-fill in my tax return).

      It feels like, I agree that privacy concerns are an issue, certainly.

      But at this point, we’d be closing the stable door, and the horse has not only bolted, but won the Melbourne Cup. So the information we give them for the census is probably telling the government nothing that they don’t already know.

        • And having said all that, it took me 15 minutes to fill out the tax return, and I got my money back in about 8 days, so there’s that.

      • The tax return shouldn’t feel as if it is scary. Interest is just another name for income. And you put your tax file number against income. If you didn’t, the bank would take out tax at the highest marginal tax rate (but ATO has no record against your name).
        It’s a simple in/out (credit/debit) equation.
        ATO still don’t know where you spend your money. That’s where Facebook becomes scary.

  16. Bob I have finished 8 episodes of Spotless! I think that is the end but they have left themselves wide open for a second series which I will be queuing up for.
    Thanks for the recommendation.

    Don’t get me started on Sonia Kruger, not sure what she is still doing on our screens every morning. So very, very ignorant.
    Thanks for the link BDD, that just about sums the woman up.

    • If you are happy with me, let me become your new bff. There are two more episodes. I have no idea how this is going to end. In every episode the hole just seems to get bigger and bigger.
      I hope there is another season. I like these brothers so much.

      • Ok then Bob you can be my new bff! Are you telling me there are episodes 9 and 10? I really thought 8 was the end, I’m not complaining though.
        I will go back to Jordskott now. It didn’t draw me in as much as Spotless but I will persevere.
        Who can Jean trust? I was so shocked when what happened happened.
        Then again I should have know.

        • Each series has 10 episodes, so two more to go. I am so excited.
          I haven’t started Jordskott yet. I don’t want to spread myself too thin.

          • Wooohoooo!
            Well there is one person I am hoping Jean will confide in and I hope he turns out to be one of the good guys. We have only seen him twice I think for quite quick scenes.

  17. Stage 2. I didn’t have the knowhow, skills or tools to level the top.
    Next step, wait a day or so then I will burrnish (smooth it).

  18. Note to SMYTHE, you should try pottery. If you have good clay and learn a few basics it’s really fun and VERY, VERY relaxing. You can google lessons too.

    • Thanks Daisy but it’s probably not for me. I considered it at one time but decided to learn silversmithing and casting instead. That’s frustrating enough for me at times. As far as clay goes I would like to learn how to do clay metal jewelry.

  19. I have watched the 1st 2 eps of dtranger things and it has good suspense. The girl 11 was the little girl in The intruders.

  20. I’m going to see Suicide Squad this weekend. The reviews have not been good but it looks like fun to me. I’m not expecting a lot but maybe it will be better than what the critics have to say about it. Anyone else planning on seeing it?

    Is anyone watching The Kettering Incident? I’ve been giving it a try and got through 3 episodes but it puts me to sleep.

    • I am going to see Suicide Squad but not until after AbFab. Girls night out.
      I must admit my expectations are high and I can’t seem to re-adjust. I blame Deadpool.

      • Yeah, I am go8ng to Ab girls’night out style. I am going with a friend who is just like Pats and Edina.

  21. Not watching The Kettering Incident but only because I missed the start. Was planning on watching next time around but if you say it out you to sleep Smythe I may give it a miss.
    Did you watch Undercover on BBC First, that was a good one.
    Have just started to watch Thirteen, not sure how that will pan out.
    I am watching new Swedish series of Wallander on SBS which I am enjoying.
    Looking forward to AbFab movie when I can get to it. Don’t think Suicide Squad will be on my list.

  22. By the way,there’s an Abfab Marathon on Gem tomorrow beginning at midday and going all day.

    Could be wrong but I think it’s season 4. I’m probably looking forward more to some of that than Rio.

    • Love Ab Fab but the movie is meant to be atrocious. A marathon of repeats sounds much more enticing than watching people do laps of a pool.

  23. I only ever watched one episode, not my cup of tea and don’t think they are funny. Sorry.
    Now – BandB has one cop solving every crime, but what about Neighbours! One constable solving everything and Dr Karl treating every patient, running the hospital etc etc

  24. I am really getting put off this Ab Fab movie. I don’t know anyone personally that has seen it yet.
    Thanks for the info on the marathon, could do with the laughs.

    Sorry not getting in to these Olympics, what about the rest of you?
    There seems to be something dangerous happening every day, that seems to take over the news more than the sporting events.
    I don’t think these Olympics will go down as one of the most successful ones.

  25. Well, I’d rather spend a week in a favella than endure that Opening Ceremony again. It’s not even finished yet. You want to be on drugs to get through it. I can’t copa with it.

  26. You are right BDD the crooks are having a field day, all their Christmas’s have come at once, they will clean up.

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