1. Don’t forget to change your recording with channel change over if you are in some rural areas in the East and SA. I notice JJ is on at 3.30 now it is on Win ch 8. B&B still 4.30 on ch8.

  2. Thanks, all happening.
    If anyone wants to do a precap for July, go ahead. 😊 I will look fd to your comments. 😚

  3. Douglas has been kidnapped. Ridge won’t be too happy about that. That hungry “detective” won’t be solving it anytime soon.

  4. I used to watch BB on the replay in the mornings. Not on now. Anyone have an idea when the repeat is on? If at all?

      • That’s what it says it’s going to do but instead I got Entertainment Tonight. Hopefully just a first day glitch. Otherwise it’s free to air, which is a different viewing experience – less casual. Hard to watch on the iPad and do other stuff at the same time.

        • I just checked my foxtel programming and Monday morning on ch8 is to be advised. Looks like lots of changes. This arvo there is 2 Everyday health eps before JJ finally coming on.

  5. What?? Douglas kidnapped? Check the boot of Quinn’s car.

    Don’t bother putting Cherrlee on the case either. But Katy and Brooke have been pretty good snoops lately.

  6. Douglas probably just ran away and checked himself in to boarding school, knowing that’s where all Forrester children end up.

    Or he has already got his lawyers demanding he won’t return to set until he gets higher pay and more screeen time.

  7. The scene where Caroline is telling Ridge that she is going after Thomas to get Douglas back was excruciating – I think she is taking acting lessons from Liam.

  8. I have been reading FB Soap Spy and what is happening is both shocking and disgusting! They seem to have some very weird script writers – I won’t spoil it for anyone!

  9. Thanks Sara.
    Considering all of the musical beds and mixed paternity, what difference does it make if one more Forrester or Spencer doesn’t know its real parents.

  10. Well, the new baby is here – all three parents looking very unnatural, all that crying – the baby was hungry. And Zende watching it all whilst dressed as a doctor, my oh my! Brooke and Eric looking loved up, until you remember that Brooke was once married to her stepson. But there’s more! Sasha wants to be the new matriarch of the family and announces to Zende that she’s pregnant – just as he’s trying to break it off. Now this story will be draaaagggged out, like all the others!

  11. Sasha’s acting is getting as bad as Liam. No doubt Nicole will be miraculously skinny by the next ep. I am finding the show so boring lately but I still have it on but only for my hubby. hehe!

  12. Will Liam charge Quinn or not, that is the question?

    Will Bill and Brooke hit the sack, that is another question?

    Is Sacha really pregnant?

    Such exciting events, how can we not keep watching to find out the answers.

  13. OMG, Katy, get a life!!! And why on earth should Ridge get the sack over Douglas? Now they are really annoying me. And what’s with Saint Nicole and Saint Maya?

    • Loved the two new episodes last night, gee the family went all out for the mum’s 50th surprise birthday party!

  14. Just a thought. Where does everybody live? Now that Mr Avant has been kicked out is he living in someone’s guest house? Does he go to work – seems to have enough money to live in a hotel. They’ve all got cars. Where does Sasha live? It’s sad isn’t it that I should even be thinking these things 🙂 Oh boy, there is one hell of a coupling coming up ….

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