1. Matty may not be the chosen one. Family is very insistent that she move to Syd. Matty’s sis is very demanding. No wonder Matty is still single

  2. Another protective family. No wonder they are all single. Marrying Matty or Jake is marrying the whole family.

    • That sister of Matty is scary. She would put most girls off. I know editing comes into it but nobody but her is allowed an opinion.

    • I can understand the family members being worried. I wouldn’t like to see my brother or son getting their hopes up and then dashed.
      As Bach and US Bach viewers will know, the family grilling is always going to be a bit of a beat up , just like there are always villains.

      • I do understand that … but I think there’s a line between being concerned for your own kin, and just attacking somebody for no reason, and the families on this show always seem to tap-dance over that line while whistling a jaunty tune, you know?

  3. And Jake’s family is no less demanding than Matty’s – except for probably more acceptable reasons. There is a little bit of one-upmanship from Jake’s mum, as in my cancer is bigger than your mum’s, but I kind of get it.
    But if I was Georgia, and still able to detach myself, I would run fast.
    Families always seem to be the deal breakers on these shows.

  4. Forgive me, but I feel like I have to ask the obvious question. Are contestants on this show (be they bachelors or bachelorettes) chosen purely because of their abrasive and obnoxious families?

    And they’re all so bloody rude. I want to sit Matty’s sister and tell her in no uncertain terms, “Sweety? It’s got nothing to do with you, who Matt dates. That’s up to Matt to decide.”

    Seriously, if my family treated a friend (or someone I’m dating) like they do on this show, I’d sit them down and give them a solid talking to. This is just awful.

    • These family members will be only getting warmed up for when they get a few beers into them at Xmas and start discussing plans and fighting over babies names etc

    • It’s just what the producers make them do. People don’t give their fsmily members so much say in real life, not unless you are part of an arranged marriage culture.
      I have never seen a Bach ep where ther don’t make family members seem like the approval board to get into Harvard.

      • Has there EVER in all of Bach history, been a Bach/ette who HASN’T said, “Family is really important to me”? I want to see someone who says, “My mum is really annoying and controlling so we will live far away from her” (like Wyatt in Bold and Beautiful). Or “My dad is a bit touchy feely so don’t sit next to him”

          • AHHH I want to watch this again.. I was just thinking of it last night but my allergies are too bad at the moment and I’d have an asthma attack *pushes up imaginary glasses*

            One of my fave lines by Julie “I may be damaged, but I’m still goods”

  5. Courtney’s only had one girlfriend? And has never been in love?
    That incredibly loud clanging noise you hear is the warning bell.

    • Hehehehe. Awww.

      I ask because of my own lack of dating experience. Is that by itself (a lack of dating experience) really that much of a deal-breaker?

      • Trying to be fair, it’s more because he went out with someone for a long time and yet there was no love.
        And then being unfair, it’s because there’s a photo out there of him kissing a guy. Maybe that explains the lack of girlfriends?

        • Well, for all we know, he could just be bi and picky.

          I’ll never figure out what makes me uneasy about Courtney. But there just seems something slightly off about him.

          I said earlier in the season that it felt like he just doesn’t know how to woo a girl, but maybe he’s just not that interested? He doesn’t seem like a very romantic person.

          • And yet he applied, and passed the auditioning process, for The Bachelorette. *tilts head slightly to one side and gently raises left eyebrow*

          • To be fair, just like with Rhys and Sam … a lot of that failure rests in the hands of the casting department behind-the-scenes. Because it should’ve been pretty obvious that these guys wouldn’t go well on this show.

  6. I read an interview with Georgia Love about the pros and cons of the remaining 5 (it was before Cam left (sob)). One of the cons of Lee was that he is older and keen to start a family. Makes her final choices interesting.

    • Matty also want children( or his sis want him to have children). Georgia was very honest about she doesn’t want children right now.

        • I think there is less pressure to have children with Lee. Like the grandma said, you will want to have children only after you are in a stable relationship.

          With Matty, (or the sis) thinks they should have children soon.

          Georgia said a lot tonight. At least she can expressed her feelings clearly. Imagine if it had been Richie. He will have nothing to say.

          • That’s a really good point. I think the Grandma was the clincher for me. I might be team Lee after tonight.

  7. The sis is to blame if Matty didn’t get the final rose. To say Matty is her only family in Syd. Also her child needs to have some cousins. Common, what about your husband’s family?

    • I find the whole Sydney/Melbourne issue ridiculous, have they not heard of airplanes,skype and all the other ways families stay connected these days.
      It’s only interstate not outerspace.

    • I agree Littlepetal. I love my kids and grandkids and am happy they live within a cooee, but I also know that you let them fly the nest and make a new family. You can’t insist they live nearby.

  8. This family fixation with having children pronto has given me an idea for a new reality dating show: “Pregnant At First Sight” or “Shotgun Sweethearts”

  9. Watching the episode, I’ll confess, I actually ended up feeling a bit sorry for Courtney.

    All jokes aside, he seems (to me) to be somebody who struggles with his feelings, who struggles to vocalise what he’s thinking or feeling, who isn’t passionate or romantic. Maybe he was hurt badly by his past relationship, or maybe he’s normally just a very hesitant person? I’m sure we’ll only ever be able to guess (leaving aside the photo where he was liplocked with a male friend. Again, without the context of that, we’re guessing, at best). But he never really seemed that into her.

    Maybe that’s the thing that I always felt was a bit off with him? But I think the casting department should answer for that one, because I think Courtney is a bad fit for the franchise. Outside of the constraints of “The Bachelorette”, I’m sure he’d be a perfectly pleasant person (if somewhat subdued person) to date.

    Oh well. We’re down to Matty the joker, Lee the hunk, and Jake Mr Tall Dark and Mysterious. I try to avoid spoilers, so I don’t know what’s been spoiled about the final few episodes, but my guess is that Jake goes home next episode, and in the finale, she picks Lee and eliminates Matty. Matty’s family seem … terrifying.

    • Funny, I was left feeling totally unmoved by Courtney’s exit. I agree he didn’t seem into her but I just felt he’s been in it from the beginning to boost his TV profile. I think he gave her mixed messages because he wanted to stay as long as possible so was saying they had a ‘connection’ that he just wasn’t feeling at all.

      • And I thought Georgia handled his exit beautifully. No excruciating and humiliating rose ceremony. And being able to clearly articulate her feelings. Courtney’s not the only one who can learn from her (the other person would be me).
        I just like her so much.

  10. Wow, that was a good episode. The US show Bach producers would envy a break-up scene like that one with Courtney. Georgia obviously liked him the most or she would have given him the flick ages ago. In fairness to Courtney, he sure didn’t string Georgia along. He kept letting her know he wasn’t that into her. She just wasn’t wanting to hear and see it.
    I am really liking Georgia, especially when she laughs. I think she has had more genuine and interesting conversations than any other Bach/ette I have seen, including out of the US shows.

    • I happened to be out of the room when Courtney was dumped and had to wait til someone mentioned it here. Bland as it is, I enjoy the rose ceremony, especially when Grim Reaper Osher breaks the news. I may have to wait til next week for the encore.

      I noticed Courtney’s brother had real trouble with any kind of eye contact with Georgia. That’d put me a bit on edge.

  11. It’s nice these families are all so close.. but really?! I highly doubt ALL Bachie fams crazy love each other that much. We are not a gushy family, I guess that’s good and bad, but I don’t buy everyone is so over protective, etc. I would be disturbed if my brother looked up to me that much that I kinda had to pick his wife.. then again, he did marry a friend of mine. I just tell him what to wear at times, that’s as far as we go. I have just read all your comments now and relieved you all feel the same. It’s weird but I agree with Daisy, it would mostly be hammed up for the camera and drama.. OOooooOOoo

    I thought the comments by Matty’s sister about her wanting her kids to have cousins the same age was so rude! Yeah, it’s nice but not the end of the world. Also, it was ok for her to move away from the family? Again, prob hammed up but still.. stupid. These people would all think I am the devil. I am not good with babies. At. All. I haven’t been around them much and just.. don’t know what to do with them not because I am cold, I just don’t know and am also not ready. Although my mum was telling me the stats for women 30 and over… ughhh.. hint, hint? I’ll worry when I get there? Now, baby animals I am great with. I am practicing now with my kitten and puppy, right?

    I found Lee a bit off-putting. I laughed at his nan saying he could be a “pain”?! Haha oh dear.. poor guy! I am not sure how to take the softly spoken thing at times.

    I get your points about Courtney, Windsong, but I guess it kinda comes down to the fact that he is this sort of person, knows it, coincidentally wants/has a little media career and finds himself on this show (yeahh he had to be chosen too by those dodge producers). I am a totally kinda awkward person (also lack of relationship experience, been accused of being too ‘picky’) and so there is no way I would go on a show like this unless I wanted to get my mug out there! In some ways though I thought he was more real in that who really does “fall in love” after really only spending a few days with someone in total. So I’m with you on going back and forth in trying to get a read on the guy. There is no way I would be confessing my love for someone.. unless it was Cam with cute puppies, of course!

    Daisy, I find Bachette so much for genuine than Bachie. Like, seriously, I turned right off Richie during his season. He became so dull, boring, predictable and plain ughh meehhh after being so much fun on Bachette. It is like the Bachettes are still scripted, of course, but are allowed more free speech and the men can just say “oh wow, you look gorgeous.. amazing.. stunning”. I was often eating dinner when watching and I wanted to barf.

    Well, seeing as I guess Cam is too far away, I could settle for Matty but I think he’s too cool for me haha.

    • Someone said Courtney was getting bashed on sm for not being in love already. I think it was too his credit that he told Georgia he wasn’t feeling the Love. 😙

      • Not sure why he signed up to these show. In his interview, he said you cant fall in love in 3 dates. He is willing to have a relationship and will give the relationship 100%. So right from Day 1 he knew he wont fall in love with Geogia.

        So why go on the show except for some exposure?

        • Its a problem when you want a media career but you can’t lie.
          I have a sneaking suspicion that discovering Georgia was a real human being who turned out to actually like him, was not factored into his plans.
          Bit of a bummer.
          Good on her for calling him on it. I wish I’d had her clarity on some of my relationships.

    • Heeeeey! What’s weird about agreeing with daisy? 🤔 😆😆😆

      And Bob, I think we’ve all style a carrot or two.
      Keepin’ it clean this time.

  12. I have read both the Bachette recaps: Mamamia and James Weir. I didn’t know I was thinking all these things until I read them.

  13. So many rtv hopefuls want a media career.

    It must be tempting when one sees also rans and no hopers from Ma$terchef with their own cooking shows in the afternoons. The desperate and deluded see opportunity where I see only airwaves clogged with the untalented and over exposed.

    • I sometimes see a bit of Ben when waiting for B&B or JJ. He doesn’t seem to actually cook. He just kind of makes a sandwich or snack. I blame MC for all those hotdog, hamburger and toasted cheese sandwich challenges giving them the idea that if you can pull that off you should open a restaurant.
      Now if I am completely wrong and Ben has been cooking up a storm, ot just shows that I don’t watch those afternoon cooking blah blah blahs .

  14. There’s Emma Dean and Lynton from MC as well. Always left wondering how many times they stuff it up before they get a take. Nothing too complicated for Ma$terchef alumni. Lucky Ben’s great at sprinkling microherbs.

    A gorilla could get it’s own cooking show on Ch 10 in the afternoons, as well as guest spots on $unrise and Today.

    • There is also Mimi from the current MC working in the background – I guess doing the actual cooking. Also there will be a few food stylists doing the prep and styling.
      Food stylists do a lot of the cooking:
      “I work on a daytime talk show that has frequent cooking segments with “celebrity” chefs. Most of the chefs are pretty minor but we do get the occasional Wolfgang type.
      Most of the actual cooking is done by the food stylist (officially a props position). We have two stylists with an assistant for each, they get the recipe beforehand and spend a day prepping it before shooting. On the day of taping the chef will work with the food stylist to make sure everything is up to par, sometimes there are problems, things get overcooked, dropped, but usually everything’s fine.

  15. I don’t have a problem with ” food stylist ” as an occupation. I love a good cookbook and I am notorious for buying every new book published.
    But, a bit like the difference between a theoretical physicist and an experimental physicist, I am just a theoretical cook. Unfortunately, something seems to go wrong between the recipe and the practical application (do I need to explain my avatar?).
    My bookcase is full of these pristine, beautiful cookbooks. I read them just for fun. My kitchen is also pristine.

    • I know what you mean, I’m worse than useless in a kitchen as well. I love food, I love trying new foods and exploring. I’m just no good at actually making any :).

  16. Just read this on Courier Mail

    The Bachelorette star faces heartbreak with her mother, Belinda, admitted to palliative care after being treated for pancreatic cancer.

    “Georgia and her family are going through a very difficult time dealing with serious family health issues,” a Network Ten spokesperson told The Daily Telegraph.

    “They are focusing on supporting each other during this hard time and we kindly ask you to respect their privacy.”

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