The original Australian Survivor

As much as the lack of US-style gameplay is irking me about Ten’s Australian Survivor, the show as a whole is a vast improvement on the original 2002 Australian Survivor.
It was filmed in South Australia (I know, right – why? Had they not heard of a little place called Queensland?).
Here’s episode 1 for those who did not watch it at the time. Check out how rugged up they are at tribal.



  1. The whole thing felt very cheap, but apparently it was a disaster, ratings-wise, and nobody ended up watching it.

    A middle-aged guy won the thing, and IIRC, his wife was from somewhere in Africa. What I remember about the finale is that, when he was telling the audience about what he planned to do with the money (rescue one of his wife’s relatives from her home country), his wife stayed silent, but she was not happy. You could see on her face, as she was sending him the *worse* death-glare imaginable, that she was absolutely livid.

    Didn’t something tragic happen to him after-the-fact, though? Wasn’t there a bad fate for quite a few of the castaways on that season? I heard someone else wound up in jail, etc.

  2. I watched it, I must be that 1 person. It was filmed at Victor Harbour & I read years later that the first challenge took hours because the weather was so horrendous.
    I didn’t hear about one of them going to jail.

  3. The winner and his young sons died a few years later in a car crash in Africa. One other guy was charged with murder.

  4. I was also the other viewer..!
    I also recall that an aunt of the Big Brother Marty and Jess fame was on the show too!

    • I watched it, too. I remember Lucinda being asked to be voted out and then voting for herself which is banned in US Survivor. And how woeful the challenges were.

  5. I remember there were shitloads of flies following the contestants around. If it’s 2002 it was filmed on the Eyre Peninsula, near Pt. Lincoln. Shark country.

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