1. I have watched here and there as I find the auditions tiresome. I quite like Adam, Iggy has been ok other than trying to put through a bogan stripper that can’t sing who she thought was hot and still find Guy really annoying. He tries so hard to be cool it’s embarrassing! I also don’t like how hard they push to put through any boy band just because they are teenage boys. I was a massive boy band fan in the 90s and still love them haha but they still keep trying too hard to find the new One Direction.

    I will pay more attention when we get to the overseas visits stuff.

    • Guy trying to be cool; “That was dope”. What a sheep.

      But at least he told that girl from Perth she needed to give up singing. He was right. She was bad.

  2. They have a few good singers and I generally don’t watch singing shows but I will give this a “go” for a while.

  3. I just watched last night’s show, but myeh. Nothing to get excited about. The best voice, the girl who sang Feeling Good, distracted me with her affectations. That probably won’t bother the judges who are all about affectation. Every tattoo, hat, glove, plait and earring looks too try hard and affectatious.
    Oh, Isiah Firebrand was OK.

  4. A few good singers but it’s obvious which ones. I hate the “vowel chewing” as that guy, Adam (?) calls it. I hate any kind of affectations and pretentions; vocal, fashion, whatever.

  5. I don’t know if anyone is watching but I actually agreed with guy the whole way through last night (Sunday).
    And the song choices were terrible, aside from Davey’s which suited him to a tee.

  6. This is not a show you watch. This is a show you dip in and out of, a little like The Block.
    An incredible lack of talent, and no relationship between those who can actually sing and the voting. I think it’s time for these shows to be put to bed.
    Iggy is a waste of space. And her face is odd. I really want the camera to stay on her so I can figure out why.
    So clearly and on reflection, I watch way more if this show than it deserves.

  7. Well after “dipping in and out” (as Bob puts it), I choose Amalia for my top pick. I think she stands out above the rest vocally. The next best is probably Isiah Firebrand. Although his songs have been a bit firebland.
    I liked Amalia’s duet. And I enjoy Robbie Williams.

  8. Kind of a flat ending imo. The final 4 were OK but I only thought Amelia was a standout. I think Vlado needs a lot more singing lessons.

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