Bold and the Beautiful – Nov chat

Have at it, you crazy BnB fans.
Here’s Daisy’s update:
Just a quickie (as Brooke said to Bill) this month B&Bers. Will Quinn make some fuzzy balls to hang from her rear view mirror? Deacon has mysteriously disappeared again. Has he been kidnapped or murdered? And Ivy’s scruples that she held so dearly, along with her Aussie accent, have also disappeared. I am guessing the Yankees couldn’t bear the sound of our accent and wrote it out. Waaah. How dare they.
I am sure there are team Wyatt and team Liam viewers. ATM I am team Liam because Wyatt, although not murdering anyone yet, has been too pushy in whisking both Hope and Stephie to the altar. He learned, “Never give up pushing until you get your way” from his mum.
Those on team Wyatt might say in his defense that Liam is a sook.
Will Brooke marry Bill? Will Pam marry Cherrrlee and Brooke sleep with him? Does Cherrrleee earn enough for Brooke to sleep with him? And will Thomas now go back to taking his shirt off for Ivy? Have fun with November Forresters.



    • If anything could convince Stephanie to rise from her grave, zombie-fashion, and lurch angrily into the mansion to go on a wild spree of vengeance and mayhem, it probably would’ve been that, right?

    • Mother in law/step granny, what a weird combination. But wait, there’s more coming, but my lips are sealed.😂

  1. I think it’s Quinn been coaching Ivy on how to lose the accent.

    Thanks ,daisy.

    Wake up, Eric, you old goat.

  2. Check out the picture of Ridge at comment 4. There is something (perhaps prophetic) I hadn’t noticed before. 😂😂😂

    • Funny, hey? I didn’t realize until yesterday. I think the knives will have Quinn, Bill & Eric engraved on them.

      • I wasn’t sure if they were knives or saucepan handles. (As if Brooke cooks)

        Either way, Ridge is going to lose.

  3. RJ is back,and hasn’t he grown! Left uni, and seems opposed to mummy’s engagement. When I first started watching about 18 months ago he was a kid in short pants. Are there no good looking Forrester children?’

    • I don’t know who RJ is…but that’s okay, he probably doesn’t either. He would have gone to Trump University.

      I’ve missed a couple of episodes. Thanks.

  4. Sara, that secretary is as evil as his lawyer. She has had to carry out some of Bill’s illegal activities for him.
    Yep, like all Forrester children Arjay has had to live in a closet in the basement until his ‘voice’ drops, or a training bras is needed. Now that he has taken control of his own young life and quit school, Brooke and Bill are suddenly going to care.
    If they had been measuring Arjay on the giraffe neck ruler in the kitchen, there would be a big gap between 60cm and 160cm.

  5. Big showdown at the Forrester mansion. Every man and his dog would have been there , except B&B folk don’t have time for pets in their stellar lives.

    They’re gonna what the wedding? Better tell the caterers.

    Haven’t seen Thorne for yonks.

    Eric’s well and truly under Quinn’s spell. Quinn’s hair is now an evil shade of brunette.

    • Did anyone speak now or forever hold their peace? Perhaps a sherrif?
      If she ever gets arrested, Quinn has her own handcuffs.

      • I’m surprised a few more LA Detectives and police haven’t turned up , since there’s going to be plenty of free food.

        The tumbleweeds and crickets sure can’t eat the champagne and caviar Eric’s splashed out on. Not to mention old goat Eric personally designing a dress no one will see.

        Ridge won’t even order a pizza for the boycotters. Charlie and Pam are pretty weak.

        • Ridge was handling it like the US election; demanding everyone votes his way. This might come back to bite him on the bum.

          Brooke is catching up on 14 years of parenting by staying home to mind little Arjay.

      • Not even anyone there to remove the garter. Quinn didn’t become Mrs Sharpe, but I reckon she likes the sound of Mrs Forrester. Liam has been conspicuously absent. He might have liked to put the Just Married cans on the back of the Bentley.

  6. They are a selfish lot, thinking only of themselves and not their dad’s happiness. If Eric is happy with Quinn then they should support him. And poor Thorne, the oldest true Forrester son should have a bigger role in the show and in the company! I’m sick of Ridge and the others taking over. Not to mention Brooke, mother of the year! Does she even remember Ridge Junior ( RJ? )

  7. And everyone who meekly allowed Ridge to call the shots yesterday, now take a step back toward innocence and semi clean hands. 😇😇😇

  8. Ive been away from a tv for ten days😀I knew about the wedding, but wonder if anything significant has happened to Eric?! There are lots of things coming up, no spoilers, and i wont get to watch again until next wednesday. So will look forward to any comments on here x

    • I missed the big “fuck you, family” speech from Eric. He’s sleeping with the devil….but all he can see is an angel. It’s Erictile Dysfunction.

      Lots of leftover food from the wedding. The poor musicians, hope they got in for their share.

      Who could have guessed Pam would blab about the boycott ringleaders?

      Who will Brooke shag first~ Bill or Ridge? I say it’ll be Ridge.

      • Yeah Eric was all “blah blah blah you lot didn’t care about my feelings”. Coming from the guy who didn’t care about Stephie’s feelings when he took up with the woman who kidnapped and slept with her fiancee.
        And yes, Sara, we saw Eric keel over after blasting all his offspring and reminding them of their indebtedness to him. He did mention he would be married to Quinn WHEN he signed the papers, then clutched his chest and down he went.

        • Yes, but Quinn’s changed. The old goat keeps saying it. Broken record Eric.

          Pig’s arse Quinn has changed.

          I thought Eric might have a a heart attack….unless it’s indigestion from eating some stale caviar. It can’t be that hard to write this stuff. I’ll have to see it Mon morning.

          I remember Bob Anderson’s wedding heart attack on Days Of Our Lives. He survived . I guess Eric will.

          • Yep, I think Eric will survive, although a nice long coma might be what the director ordered. Long enogh for everyone to fight over the inheritance.
            Maybe it wasn’t the ticker but a kidney. Then we can see who loves Eric the most by who overs their organ.

          • Come to think of it, maybe Bob Anderson died but for sure Eric will be hooked up to all the hospital bells and whistles for a while….with Quinn the protective vulture, standing by her man. Maybe Eric will boycott family visits as revenge for the nuptial no show.

  9. Thanks everyone😊 Much more to come, bigchanges ahead. How has steffy reacted to the wedding of her ma in law/stepgrand ma !,

    • Like a frog in slow boiling water Sarah. In fact, even though the Forresters-Logan-Moroneys are all saying, “No”. It seems to be less certain. The big boycott seems to be losing the wind from it sails with only Ridge and Stephie puffing into the them, but they do seem to be getting a tiny bit used to the idea of the big daddy marrying a murderer/ kidnapper. But I think it the feuding will crank up again as they gather around Eric’s bed and ponder turning off his life support….and his wife support.

      • Yeh, Family Feud will be starting at 4.30 for the Forresters. They’ll need Judge Judy to sort this mess out.

        It won’t be hard for Eric to act like he’s in a coma. I can feel the drama of every bleep on his ECG machine already. Will he be lucid enough to kick Ridge out of the mansion and back to Paris?

        Steffie should probably just shag Liam and try to forget about Grandad’s follies.

        I can’t get over the excess food at the wedding and Charlie rubbing it in to Eric how much was there while the old goat was fixated with his watch and the sad realization that the family won’t show. Charlie’s stomach was rumbling for sure.

        The boycott worked a treat, disrespected Pops and sent him from vagina to angina in the blink of an eye. Nice one , Ridge. Fail.

  10. Yes, with Quinn now her grandmother, I don’t think she wants her for her mil too. She should just hurry back to Liam and make a baby that they can put in a nursery or cupboard.

  11. Thanks. I have an os visitor and there’s no way i can admit to watching bandb, but can catch up on Wednesday. Secret pleasures!

  12. Baaah, Sarah. 😄😄😄😄😄I own it. You might be surprised how many people watch it who aren’t dumb or crazy. It’s kind of like being fit and healthy but still sometimes having chips.

  13. You’re going to love Eric’s journey on the gurney. Don’t know if he’s made it, yet. Plenty of guilt tripping being done.

    Boycott equals betrayal for poor Eric. He ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

  14. Eric’s had a brain hemorrhage. He’ll be stuffed for months. He’s still out like a light.

    Ridge v Quinn.

  15. The level of advanced medicine in LA is amazing. They stopped Eric brain haemorrhage with some “advanced procecure” and he’s laying peacefully like Snow White after taking a bite of the witches apple. No sign of major brain surgery.
    I am waiting to see what papers weren’t signed that leaves Ridge, Quinn and Rick fighting for the CEO chair.

  16. “Qui……..”


    What does he mean? These Forre$ters are slow on the uptake.

    Steffi’s starting to lose it. Quinn’s speech reduced her to a blubbing mess.

    • Please send Cherrleee in now to trip over Eric’s life support. There’s enough guilt and shame going around the Forresters to fill a Nuremburg courtroom.

  17. Well, I caught up today, not much has changed. Steffi seems to have dyed her hair, and Ridge and Brooke appear closer. I don’t think Quinn is to blame for his collapse – it’s Eric’s awful family and they’ll be fighting over the spoils next, but he doesn’t die. It must be time for the Thanksgiving dinner when they all say something nice about the person sitting next to them – wonder who will do seating plan!

  18. Hmmm. Of course Sarah, it’s not Quinn’s fault. Thoughts: Quinn taking Eric home to keep him all to herself and take responsibility for his recovery is a little too dèja vu of her Adam and Eve escapade. Ridge should hire an Anna-Nicole Smith nurse with a D cup to look after Eric. The producers wouldn’t cough up wages so that Bridget and other family members could visit Eric in hospital. Someone should tell the Forresters that making sandwiches for your ex (Brooke and Ridge), flirting and just higging (Stephie and Liam) it is kind of getting it on in a Barry White sense.
    And Sarah, I noticed Steph’s blacker hair too. Just when she was looking good, she had to spoil it.
    Clearly Eric is going to play the lead for Weekend at Bernie’s this week. Quinn just might dress up as a brain surgeon, sneak into the hospital, wheel Eric out on a gurney, highjack an ambulance and spirit him away to sit disguised on a deck chair in Montecarlo. Just like Bernie.

  19. Doesn’t take long for the removalists to turn up in LA. Who knew Quinn had so much stuff? The portrait on the wall only lasted a few days.

    Ridge is being a real bastard.

    I like the Weekend At Eric’s plot, daisy. Back to Montecarlo

    • I thought that about removalists too. They must have an office next door and be on call to have got there so quickly😀 It’s getting boring, too much of the same. And i noticed the portrait, that was quick!

      • The removalists are on Forresters’ speed dial. They could find tneir way around the mansion blindfolded by now. They had better not lean on the bannister though. Did anyone notice what happened when Pam leaned on it?
        Quinn will get Eric ‘home’ wherever that is, one way or another.

        • I guess the bannister was cheap and nasty. I didn’t notice it. Well done ,eagle eye.

          The removalists might as well help themselves to some jewels, it’s not as if local law enforcement would ever catch them.

          • Kidnapping, murder, assault, fraud, stealing private documents, and general treachury…Eric is forgiving and so is law enforcement. Bill has committed more than his share of felonies too.

  20. I’m on Quinn’s team today. Ridge and the family are treating her badly and Eric would be mortified if he knew she was being thrown out of the mansion!!! I bet he can hear every word that’s being said. Rick and his faux tears, too late now love!

    • Yep, if Eric wakes up from his brain bleed, he will have a heart attack. Ot’s a bit hard to be on anyone’s side.
      Just watching atm. Quinn woild like to be alone with her husband. All these speeches are putting Eric to sleep.

  21. Yikes!!!! Stop the removal van!!! Oh my. The Forresters are going to suffer now. It will be like Cinderella and her stepmother. Pretty mean of Eric given that he was with Quinn for 5 minutes. Even Anna Nicole Smith didn’t get the lot.

  22. Thanksgiving dinner episode shd be coming up. Quinn will be at the head of the table. I wonder if this will be the final straw that sends Stephie running from Wyatt Fuller-Spencer and into the arms of patient, long-suffering Liam.

  23. Thanksgiving dinner may be boycotted, since the last boycott was so successful for the Forresters.

    I hope the removalists are careful with that precious portrait of Quinn. That was commissioned and done in no time, Eric probably paid a heap of money for it.

    I’m surprised Eric hasn’t died from boredom enduring all those awful unburdenings at his bedside.

    Get well, you old goat so we don’t have any more speeches from the vultures you call “family”

  24. I wonder when Quinn will discover that she is supreme ruler of Forrester Creations and gets the removalists back. She will be head of the Thanksgiving table and Ridge will be the Turkey. Stephie might be relegated to the fireplace to clean the Cinders.

  25. Ridge just chucked her out and handed her the key to her storage.

    More tellingly, he ripped her portrait down off the wall.

    Eric won’t be pleased.

    Caroline’s back in town.

  26. I’m still on Quinn’s team today! I can’t believe that Carter has allowed himself to be drawn into their lies. Ridge is disgusting and will surely get his comeuppance when Eric wakes up. Whose portrait will Ridge put above the fireplace now that he’s moving back. And as for Caroline – don’t fall for it Thomas! She looks quite desperate, what with that awful hair and black eyebrows! If I remember correctly Ridge conducted their marriage – did they ever get the license signed. It’s so incestuous that I’m getting bored.

  27. Good point, Sarah. For someone who never really did the real wedding with Caroline because they were just so free and special (hence the no fuss divorce) Ridge is taking a mighty hard line on the paperwork for Quinn.

    As for the portrait, I was on.y wondering yesterday if Sasha might one day make the over-the-fireplace of honour. Perhaps it will be Caroline, no Sasha, no Nicole, no Maya. It will be worse than living in the White House. At least they get 4-8 years before they get the boot and the removalists and decorators are in taking down, Michelle and the girls.
    Anyway old Eric is far too fickle. He us always changing his mind about who’s in and who’s out and usually based on some shaky moral objection. Shaky because Eric has had his dance card filled out by enough women and sometimes when married to Stephanie.
    So Ridge who is now…how old? Should get his own house, his own company, his own girlfriend and his own breakfast. But then who would Rick have to sulk about, oh I know…his new step mummy.

  28. 8 wonder when we will get to the storyline where baby Maya looks at Nicole and says, “Mama”, and Nicole wants her baby back. Or Nicole can’t conceive and want her baby back.

  29. Wait until Maya wants another baby😂 Was Wyatt and Steffi,s marriage legal, after that old crook was found not to be a priest – I can’t remember.

  30. Bill sorted that one. And yeah, apparently it was legal for Chaz Bono to marry them…according to Bill Spencer. Doubtful. But the storyline stopped there.

    And hell yeah, Sarah. I have a duster on a stick that looks like this because it’s old and used.

    • I’m watching that very eavesdtopping bit right now. Wyatt will tell.
      BTW just remember that Quinn did bump off the guy who owned the Hope Diamond and has attempted to kill three others (Liam, Allee, Deacon) so anything she gets is a bonus. But she will have her day in the sun now. There are no goodies in this show.

    • I usually dread the boring Christmas & Thanksgiving shows with all the feel good fluff but this one might be different. Quinn might as well be the new matriarch.

      Ivy is now in Stephie’s wedding dress. That’s a whacky way to try to win a guy.

  31. I have no sympathy for Wyatt because of his track record of pressuring women into marrying him. He’s like his mum with the pushing until he gets what he wants but minus the felonies.
    But it will all depend if Liam elopes with the girl in the shadows wearing the (now vintage) wedding dress. Liam should enjoy it because it probably still smells of Stephie.

  32. I’ve been very unhappy with Ivy changing her accent . It was lovely that she was talking in her natural accent . Us Aussies felt proud of her. It’s very insulting to us that they changed it . She sounds very weird and fake now anyway! I noticed that they never change the English ladies accent that is the receptionist to Bill. They seem to like the English accents but don’t want the Aussies😕 Not happy!

  33. Good on you Wyatt for sticking up for your mum. Ivy is nuts, that faux accent. She was probably at accent school when she was missing for months. Better get better Eric, it’s thanksgiving time😀

    • Ooooo. There is now a new power on the Forrester throne. I wonder if Ridge will now grow up and get his own company.
      Yes, Sarah, you could be right that Ivy was away getting an all American makeover; kind of like Eliza Dolittle but learning how to say “cab” instead of “taxi” and” kiss my ass” instead of arse. She probably eats fries now instead of chips….oh, that ship sailed with the big burger chains.

    • Quinn will have his nuts in a vice now. That reminds me…has she introduced Eric to her cat o nine tails yet.
      I think Ivy should stop embarrassing herself in Stephie’s old dresses. I am all for vintage but not when it used to belong to the boyfriend’s ex. Anyhow, Stephie and Liam will probably be back togethet soon. And Quinn will be back over the fireplace, while Stephanie goes back to the shed once again.

  34. I reckon Stephie is just using Quinn as an excuse to dump Wyatt – she’s stuck wih Quinn now whatever happens. And Maya and Rick asking for another baby, wtf!
    I’ve looked at Soap opera spy and there are some weird things coming our way😁

    • Yeah, I jokingly said to Woolif, “They are going to ask the baby machine for another baby”, then wham! They did. How selfish and cunning are they, the way they say it. Firstly it’s the free lunch, then it’s how wonderful Nicole is, just to get her nicely buttered up on both sides, then it’s all for Lizzie’s sake. Just to give little Lizzie a brother or sister. WTF is right.
      As for Stephie, I wish she would just go straight back to Liam and get it over with.

  35. Channel 10 have failed with their captions today, forcing me to actually listen to the appalling dialogue on this show. Bill has a sleazy voice to match his character.

  36. Ridge wasn’t very nice to Eric, who’s just come out of a coma ffs. How obnoxious is Arjay? What a brat.

    Eric’s managed to get through a lot of pyjama changes for someone in a coma.

  37. Very observant on the pj changes. I wonder when we will get to see Quinn giving him his sponge bath. Yes, Ridge was brutal. I thought old Eric would have another brain bleed from the shock.
    And that little RJ is a right little Eddie Haskell.

    • Since the ep finished with Eric looking practically dead after Ridge’s tactless onslaught, I’d say a relapse is on the cards. Eric called him back into the room for that?

      RJ is giving Bill blue balls.

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