MKR- Beardie and Crying Court cook

It’s off to Beardie Duncan and Crying Court’s place. I’m hoping they’ll do a vego menu.
They actually seem like pretty cool people but Court may be too “soft” for the bluntness that it is MKR.

No recap from me tonight – Mr 4 became Mr 5 today so we’re off to slurp pho. Have at it in the comments and let me know what Mr Tool says. At least Uber Villain Tyson only critiqued the food – he never made personal attacks. AND he can cook, which I’m betting Mr Tool can’t.



  1. Happt Birthday Mr 5!!!!

    I dont mind this team. I hope they will do well. At least in the middle of the range and not in the 30’s.

    Hopefully Mr Fish and Mr Muscle are the bottom 2 teams. We can then just sit back and laugh

  2. Hours to go before it starts here, but I wanted to say happy birthday to your kiddo, Juz.

    And I quite like the muscular twit’s name being Mr. Tool. It’s appropriate.

    • Ta Von. They sang him happy birthday in class AND at after school care, and his teacher had written a birthday message for him on the whiteboard, so he’s feeling very pleased with himself. But his comment this morning was “I don’t think I can be 5, Mum. I don’t feel any taller”.

  3. I just figured it out. You know the impression I get from Ms Fashion and Mr Steroid Abuse? Cashed-up bogans. I feel like they’re the textbook definition of a couple who want everybody to think how smart and sophisticated and suave they are, but they don’t realise that the facade isn’t holding up (and cracks every time they open their mouths).

    I always thought steroids decrease the size of *another* part of a man’s body, but it turns out, it’s your brain, too! Although I imagine in Matt’s case, it’s one and the same. The stupidity of that, though … these people are going to be voting on whether you stay in the competition, and you’re insulting them to their faces across a dinner table? Sorry Matt, leaving aside all your other social graces (or lack, thereof), you’re a frickin’ moron.

    Although wouldn’t it be funny to get to the final round, and hear some of the contestants saying, “Their food was nice, but they’re a pair of a-holes. Let’s give them one point.”

    • Getting the fish to stick to the bottom of the fryer….that’s a new technique.The oil couldn’t have been hot enough so his fish sinks like the Titanic.

      • So true, Alan. After watching Manu’s look of horror I expected something more sensational that just not enough fish. I thought at least it might have been that they used a packet sauce or something similar. Ah well, sucked in again.

  4. I think we can definitely add the Seafood King to the pile of, “This person is such a wanker, I don’t even know how they function!” And it’s a growing list, this season, isn’t it?

    The girls scored tens, and he’s giving them advice how to cook fish? Okay. What I thought was hilarious was that, prior to the entree, he admitted that he didn’t even know what Gravlax was … and five minutes after finishing the meal, he’s giving everybody a lecture on how it should’ve been cooked. It’s like, really?

    But apparently tomorrow night, they crash in flames. So yay! I’m not really a vindictive person, but wow, this current batch of contestants is bringing it out of me.

    • Hopefully they really crash and burn and that it’s just not some editing to make it look as if they fail when they actually get high scores.
      BUT fish and chips….not a competition dish. 😉
      Keeping my fingers crossed that they will sink to the bottom.

  5. King Neptune is always smirking too after every controversial thing he says. He isn’t even good looking unless you squint. Also the way he is always trying to emphasise his dimples, he thinks he’s the catch of the day. How can his wife keep a straight face?

  6. Yes he does resemble Jaws. I was thinking the same exact thing and had planned to post a photo so here it is.

    Josh is definitely a wanker. King Jerk is a much better title for him than Seafood King and I hope he is knocked off of the throne that he thinks he sits upon.
    Even though Court is a major crier I am starting to like her. She appears to be genuine and kind.
    The Lau brothers should be ashamed of themselves for their Lau score of 3.

    • I hope — really, really hope — he’s knocked down a peg or three this episode (not that we can ever trust channel 7’s editors). Besides, with all the crap the other teams have had to listen to, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were *particularly* harsh in their voting. Good. I bet even John West would’ve rejected this loser.

      But I can’t tell whether I dislike him more than Mr Steroid Abuse, or an equal amount.

      And I still think it’s quite baffling that a woman who acknowledges how she vomits at even the *mention* of seafood … would volunteer to be on a cooking show. I’m sorry, what? Where does channel 7 find these people? And can it leave them there, in the future?

      Court and the not-so-tall Bearded Man seem to be a decent, well-adjusted couple who at least know how to cook, it’s just they need to work on portion size (which is hardly the worst crime from the show this year, so far). Agreed that I was scratching my head about the Lau’s low score, but they seem too generally nice to be playing that kind of game. Maybe they really did get a bad piece of meat, and were amplifying the angst of that to justify a slightly-strategic score?

      • The brothers should be embarassed to stoop so low to give them a 3. Yes, the portion for the Entree was wrong but was still edible. Most of them said the Mains were delicious. Even if the ribs were dry, the taste was still there.

        The meal deserves a 5.

        But it doesnt matter. The brorhers are stull at the bottom of the leaderboard

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