I’m a Celeb – the end is nigh

With Kris gone and Keira hot on his heels, guess we’ll have to rely on Ash and Nat Bass to do the requisite screaming at I’m a Celebrity’s Tucker Trials.
We’re on the home straight now, with one celeb to be voted out per night.
Who’s your pick for final three? Casey, Carson and, hmm, I’d like to say Lisa but I don’t know if her fan base are people who would actually cast votes.



  1. Sandra Sully appears on the show tomorrow – pity she’s not staying. The screaming in the haunted challenge drove me bonkers!
    ***SPOILER ALERT******
    The evictee was


  2. That gross train would have been so scary. Not being able to see & having all this stuff poured over you. So funny the man pushing the fish in front of them.
    I was sad to see Tegan go, would have rathered Dane go.
    I thought Ash used to be friends with Lisa & Nat.

    • Yes – Ash seems to get a consistently bad wrap from departing contestants. Yet I find her enjoyable.
      Love Casey.
      And I am with Tegan- another surprisingly lovely person – def due for a non sport bloke win. Would prefer Casey or Nat to Lisa- I don’t hate her though. They are a pretty bland bunch. Can’t summon energy for violent feelings.

  3. I agree Juz, the screaming was annoying. For the first time, I was disappointed in Casey tonight. It was “Gross Train” so it was gross things, not scary. It’s one thing to try and fail, but not to try is disappointing. I like how Ash brought her out of her dumps by saying, “Don’t be a knob”. She knew that Casey wouldn’t want to hear a fake, “You did your best” and she was right. I could relate to that “suck it up buttercup” pep talk, rather than a “there there” chat.
    I am also disappointed that it was Tegan tonight. I like her. I would have prefered Lisa, but I know Lisa has been making better tv. She has been involved, one way or another, in more altercations than Tegan.
    As for grumpy Steve, didn’t he just give away his sneaky soft centre when he asked Ash to make sure Casey was alright.
    Unlike previous seasons, I don’t mind who wins this year.

  4. No, I don’t get the sudden turning on Ash. I like her and I think that I would like her in real life. Maybe it’s just one of those little niggles that’s been blown up by the producers because there’s no drama ( since Kiera).
    Like the Steve thing. His grumpiness is all encompassing and yet he seems beloved by the campers. A big heart but not quite a pussycat. Hard to show these things in 5 second sound bites.

    • I’d say with Ash she’s great fun but not someone you’d want to be trapped in a confined space with. I enjoy watching her and the friendship she has with Naz

  5. My guess is Lisa will be eliminated tonight. If it is going to be a female winner, it will be Cassey. Cant see Nat getting the votes to win.

  6. i was a bit surprised at Casey as well. That shooting star challenge she did would have scared me a lot more. She had also seen a few other celebs go through the gross train before her and knew it was basically yuccky stuff being poured over her.
    Don’t know why Tegan went before Dane who hardly moves and has no personality. Even Carson made fun of him when he was showing us around the camp.
    Lisa seemed to be gathering her mates around to complain about Ash taking over the cooking and not doing the washing up.
    I don’t really have a favourite like the last two years, but I like Carson, the camp would be boring without him.

  7. Just watched Tegan on Studio 10 is morning. She really didn’t hold back. She does not like Ash and it seems her dislike extends further to some of the lads. She alluded to Ash being protected by Dane and some of the others.
    My guess is that there is a divide in the camp.
    She came across as bitchy and mean girl which surprised me. Hopefully that is just early days and food recovery. Otherwise she’s simply two faced.

    • Thanks Bobi for the insight.

      I like Ash. I think she is honest and can laugh at herself.

      Where is Cassey? She is not in the girls camp. Always see Lisa, Nat and Tegan talking among themselves.

    • I just saw Tegan now on Studio 10, as we don’t have daylight savings in Qld.
      Yes, she didn’t hold back, even telling us that Ash was constipated most of the time which made her grumpy.

  8. I was thinking that if Casey went in the last group in the Gross Train, the others could have been like, its dark, something jumps out to try and scare you, then gross things get dumped on you, then done… and she might have been able to do it. Of course i realise its a different story when its pitch black!
    Agree glad to see Steve not she was upset and suggest Ash go talk to her.
    I wonder if Steve is just Hangry?
    Lisa did have a point about the Ash only doing the cooking, which is something she enjoys and the rest of them having to do everything else, which aren’t the fun jobs…

    • Call me biased but I hate cooking. I would be prepared to do anything to have Ash cook for me in that camp.My definition of an ideal man is one who cooks every night (and does the ironing – the second worst job).
      And I think it would be lovely to wander the countryside picking up pieces of wood.

      • I’d be the same, the best cook can do the cooking and I would enjoy doing the washing up away from camp , having a little chat with my fellow washer uppers!

      • I like cooking, but in a proper kitchen with all my utensils & gadgets. Wouldn’t like trying to cook out there.

    • I think I happily do anything just for something to do, and being somewhat active, especially if I wasn’t get out for challenges much.

      • I agree with what you said Erin about what Lisa said about Ash enjoying her one job of cooking. They should have been sharing the jobs around.
        It’s a bit late now.
        Sorry I’m not an Ash lover.

  9. I would prefer to do dishes too. There is less pressure on you and yes, you can chat while you do them. This is the time when they have been in the jungle long enough that there intentions to be nice for the camera begin to fail them. Except for Steve who is just the same. Ha ha.

    I mostly like Ash.

  10. And I can change my mind in a minute on all these people.
    I liked Lisa, and then I didn’t, and then I did … and I think I’m swinging back to …meh.

  11. He was that last thread holding the show together and I suggest keeping people interested!
    He spoke so well in his exit interview! Such a delight!

    • It could also mean that the votes aren’t rigged because Ch 10 have just let the arse drop out of their show and now everyone and their dog will be glued to MKR tomorrow night hoping to see the $eafood King crash and burn.

    • I wonder how many of them actually voted thou?
      Although it did occur to me that maybe he was on a 2 week contract.

  12. I was so disappointed to see Carson go, he was the best entertainer they had. Do people prefer seeing Dane lying around doing nothing? Maybe Carson only had a two week contract like Tom? Who knows, but its crazy to get rid of him and keep the boring ones. I don’t care who wins now, but hopefully not another male sportsman like the past two years. The fun has gone out of it.

  13. I’m so shocked that Carson went. Why is Dane still there? Who the hell is voting for him?
    That task where they had to have Steve say no was funny but it was pretty easy. It would have been better to have to try and have him say yes.
    That challenge was gross but funny. Seeing them trying to speak with all that shit being poured over them.
    I think they should have poured stuff over Sandra Sully as she read the news. Was most disappointed they didn’t.

  14. I was a bit bored with tonight. There has been too much staging by producers trying to make things happen, too much Julia and Chris and not enough real interaction between campers. Although I didn’t want him to win, only because he hadn’t been there long enough, I was surprised to see Carson voted out. His wit is quick and sharp.
    Ash really is a kitchen kontrol freak. Or maybe she thought she was in Komeback kitchen. I can’t believe she doesn’t get how to let someone else cook.

  15. Ash is a control freak in the kitchen.

    Really disappointed that Carson was eliminated from the show – the only bright and witty person in there. Fail Channel 10 .

  16. I’m another that was sad to see Carson go. I think Dane would have all the Collingwood football fan voters behind him, I really can’t think of who else would be attracted to what he is showing of himself in camp. He’s not a bad guy but he’s not that exciting or involved either.
    I also remember Jay’s final words about Steve being in until the end because he has the giant radio station behind him. Other than that I really cannot think of why Steve Price has lasted so long when you think average demographic for voting on the show and most of what they have shown of Steve other than at the very beginning, when he had me a bit sucked in and then again in the last few days when he has decided to smile a bit more only because he can probably see the end in sight, hasn’t been very positive viewing. Cantankerous old fart.
    If he wins or comes second , I will be so peed off, because it will mean it was the mighty dollar that won.
    Sorry for the rant.
    So pleased the other campers are finally standing up to Ash and asking to have a go at cooking. It took them long enough. She has really got a problem handing it over, it’s very hard for her not to be hands on.
    I would still like to see Casey or Naz win.

    • If Steve tried to be nice, no one would vote for him. Grumpy Cat is his thing. I liked Casey all through, but she slipped a bit when she refused to try in the Gross Train. Logic tells you, there is nothing scary in there. I don’t care who wins this year. There is no one I don’t want to win either.
      I hope that next year we saw more in camp natural conversation, rather than conversations initiated by producers’ activities. But then I like the old style Big Brother rtv.

      • Yes I forgot about Casey not giving one or two trials a go, especially the train which turned out to not being too bad at all.
        I do hope Casey takes it upon herself after the show to follow through with any decent opportunities that may come her way and all the offers of help.
        She truly has a remarkable voice and deserves to have singing as a career.
        But she needs to work for this and cannot expect to not put 150% in to whatever awaits her.

  17. Four episodes to go? Including tonight? Shirley that means some double eliminations. I’ve forgotten how this works, except that bit about family coming in. That was the bit that got me back on board (slightly) with Christie Swan.

  18. Since the winner is chosen by the number of votes, you can say the winner is someone who is iteresting i tbe show. Dane can with the AFL fans voting for him. Casey can win with votes from people who like her on idol. It has nothing with how they performed on the show.
    Listeners on 2GB are of the older demographics and may not watch or vote online. So Steve is getting votes from somewhere else.

  19. If I was voting, I could vote for Steve. I think I like him, grumpy and all. He seems a decent guy.
    But most likely it would be Casey. I think she’s a charmer.
    And they were both unexpected – in a nice way.

    • Grumpy, straight forward Steve makes me laugh, as does goofy Casey. I like Naz’s easy going nature. I like Nat’s natural, easy, genuine style. I like funny, straight shooting Ash, even though she crosses over into control freak and biatch sometimes. Dean and Lisa are OK, but my least favourite.

      • I think your order is very similar to mine. I would suggest we are fairly representative of the world (with a + or – 2 % standard deviation) but not the voting public. Otherwise Carson would not have gone home just yet.

  20. I don’t really care who wins this year, I haven’t enjoyed it as much as the previous two years. Its very scripted, and Julia and Chris are just plain silly sometimes and not funny.
    That food tonight looked disgusting, Dane must have no taste buds.

  21. I wish Keira had never been on this. We might have seen more of Nat. I am loving her. I think I want her to win now. I bet she wet her pants laughing when she couldn’t throw the quoit.

  22. Thank God that’s the last gross food challenge for another year.
    Wow Ash can tell some stories. I could not just make stuff up like that.
    Well now she’s gone someone else can finally cook. Can’t believe Dane is still there. Every night when they get to him I hope they say it might be him, but no it’s always not him.

  23. She was a rat bag, an eye-roller and a food hog, but I liked Ash. I like her open manner, and that she is a laugher.
    The reason I don’t see Lisa as strong is because she tends to make things an issue and has to get philosophical. I think the strong ones just get on with it or can laugh. But Lisa is nice.
    I thought from the beginning that Casey will win and I still do, but I would love to see Nat in the last 3 too. Who knew I would like her.

  24. I wil miss Ash’s face. There were no secrets there.
    But I think that it was interesting that Chris and Julia did not bring up food-gate. I am sure that if they had asked, Ash would have told the truth.
    Why does this woman not have her own cooking show. She’s a hoot.

  25. The final three were all the girls. That’s interesting.
    Just asking, but do you think blokes vote for blokes? They have published the age group demographics but I have seen nothing about a gender split.

  26. Nazeem trying to hug Steve on his way to the challenge was hilarious.
    I thought they should have waited till all the questions were asked & then shared all the cakes. Didn’t seem fair for them to miss out when it wasn’t their fault the answer was wrong.
    Bloody Dane is still there. Hopefully he goes tomorrow.
    Just a heads up for Survivor fans, it’s back tomorrow night at 7.30 on Go. Will you be doing recaps Juz?

          • Not necessarily AFL fans, just Collingwood. Other team’s supporters would be casting anti-votes if they could.

            Problem is that ‘Pies supporters have the reputation of being numerous but not discerning.

          • I bloody hope not. We’ve already had 2 sports stars win. Would like a female to win this time.

        • It wouldn’t bother me if another sports person were to win if they are entertaining (the reason sports people do well in this environment is because they are used to being told what to do and when, and sacrificing for the team). I don’t mind Danes dry wit, he has been an eating machine and he seems like a nice enough guy but he is no Freddie Flintoff or Brendan Fevola. I would much prefer to see Casey or even Naz win.

  27. My recording stopped and I missed Lisa’s exit interview, was there anything extraordinary, not to be missed in it?

    • I would prefer Naz or Casey too, but Ye have both been in the bottom three. I could live with Steve. Every now and then he says something that makes you want to hug him (little joke) but I will be so cranky if it’s Dane. And then I would never watch this show again if there is a sports man.

  28. Dane shouldn’t win , he hasn’t been that entertaining in my opinion, but it seems like Australia always chooses a sportsman.
    Lisa said in her exit speech that she was honest ( she smuggled in contraband ), and that she was nice and never spoke mean about anyone as she hates bullying. Didn’t she say mean things about Ash and Tom? Just saying.

  29. I didn’t like when the Chief won because I thought he was as rivetting as a box of tissues. A Dane win will be similar, although I prefer Dane to the Chief.

  30. What happened to that milkshake that flintoff couldn’t finish?
    would’ve been good to see something as gross be uneatable.
    Its actually a pity they kept picking Keira for all the gross eating ones, and she kept getting all stars. If it were casey they would’ve had 0 stars each time

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