Logie noms

The Logie nominations are out. Who do you think will win the reality category?

• Australian Survivor (Network Ten)

• I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! (Network Ten)

• MasterChef Australia (Network Ten)

• My Kitchen Rules (Channel Seven)

• The Block (Nine Network)
The Block won the past two years and in 2014 it was MKR.
Maybe Celeb will get up? Although it would be nice to see Aussie Survivor get credit for its great production values, even if there were casting and pacing hiccups along the way.

Here's a pic I found from 2010. Just because.

Here’s a pic I found from 2010. Just because.



    • Hey Miss Daisy! I’ve been lurking about, and slightly behind in each ep of most shows so I can never comment in time!
      Did u watch Bride and Prejudice?

  1. Remembering that Best doesn’t actually mean ‘best’ but which you liked most.

    Certainly, Survivor was the one that I was most emotionally invested in, followed by Celeb.

  2. The Logies needs to revamp. It has odd categories. Studio 10 in the news panel category? Not a news show. And just to show you how odd this category is the nominees also include Four Corners.
    But if you like the show there is nowhere else to put it.

    • Studio 10 getting a nomination should probably tell you alot about the demographic of people who are voting.

      • That show is cringeworthy. A bunch of mostly-dimwits pretending to know a lot about everything that they have probably never researched but talking like experts.

        • Trying to be like “The View” or “The Talk” rather than just finding their own vibe. I’m not usually around for daytime tv but much prefer Mornings on 9.

          • Aaah, Erin. I hate all of those shows. Again ‘expert’ opinions from celebrities. And those women talk loudly over each other.
            At least Dr Phil is a “mandated reporter”, and ” qualified phorensic psychologist”. 😜
            And Judge Judy knows her subject.

  3. I find whatever is on 9 & 7 to be unbearable. The dog likes Studio 10 (long story), so I let it wash in the background. At least they don’t pretend to be serious – and every now and then I stop and watch. I have been known to throw things at the telly when it’s on the other channel. That’s my poll.
    I am over Dr Phil (and JJ) and this pretence he is just a country yokel as an excuse for being incredibly rude. Cruelty as a substitute for entertainment.

    • I am pretty certain psychologist aren’t trained to blast their patients. Dr Phil can get pretty savage. But I do enjoy being amazed at some of the people in the world, ie the guests.
      And the lucky ones get free Pony Farm. The unlucky ones just get Dr on Demand.

      • Now the last five to ten minutes of Dr.Phil are devoted to Robyn’s miracle wrinkle creams. That’s unlucky for all concerned, too.

        • I am sure that face owes something to more than a wrinkle cream. Hands up to those who think some sort of plastic is involved.

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