1. Well, that had some entertaining moments but Debbie’s behaviour was just plain bizarre. Did she want to get sent home by going slightly Brandon Hantz? I liked how her tribe questioned if she was acting. Thought they might throw the challenge to get rid of her.
    I did enjoy Sandra’s deviousness with the sugar. I think she was inspired by her season with Russell. JT deserved what he got for his foolish behaviour at last tribal. And I did enjoy Michaela’s nonchalant water-drinking performance as the votes were read, however childish.
    I’m worried for Aubry next week now.
    I wonder who the former Survivor is mentioned in the promo who pays a visit? A season one player?? Hatch?

  2. i had to go back and rewatch the challege after Debbies outburst. i can’t work out the issue! She said she had a good sense of balance, what else in the challenge did she think should do by annoucing that?! From what we saw, Hali did it pretty quickly, had the tribe in the lead… maybe dropped once? Wasn’t Debbie the one who took ages? I’m soo confused!!!
    Sandra is great! The only thing is now she has owned up to the sugar, anyone paying attention will realise she stirs the pot, so might not work out for her.
    Do you think it is a past survivor in this season or survivor overall?
    i think michaela needs to be careful i think the attitude might catch her out.
    Not too disappointed to see JT go after last week either.

    • I was confused too, I thought Hali got over quickly & Debbie kept falling off & had to go back again. I’ll have to watch it back again. She was hysterical when she lost it.
      What a fool JT was going home with an idol in his pocket.

      • Debbie was just playing the crazy lady role. She likes the attention. In an interview with EW Probst said, while of course the challenge was edited, it did reflect what truly happened

      • The edit made it look like Hali was fast and Debbie was slow, but it could just as easily have been the other way around, like Debbie said. Very simple to skew it either way. So, we will never know if Debbie is telling the truth or just seeing an alternate reality.

  3. Oh and are we thinking next week back to 2 tribes of 7 and solo person off to exile and joins the tribe that loses immunity?

    • Yes, I reckon that’s it. I think the past player will just be there to announce the challenge, or maybe they go back to the winning tribe for the afternoon. Lots of speculation online it’s Boston Rob

  4. What a boring reward. I wouldn’t have busted a gut for peanut butter & jelly sandwiches & milk. Maybe for the biscuits.
    Sandra with the sugar, setting Mikayla up. What a nasty bitch.

    • Yeah, i really don’t understand the obsession with Peanut Butter and they all happily sat down for a cup of milk, yuk!! I have to have milk in a smoothee or something, i can never drink it plain.

      • The milk would be what I was playing for. Biscuits maybe, definitely not the sandwiches. Why ruin a good PB sandwich putting jam on it.

  5. Hello, where is all the eye candy going? Not happy…would have loved to have seen that smugness slapped off that Mikaleya’s face….what a nasty biatch she is! I really dont like the young, dumb, immature ones!
    How bloody easy is it to find an Idol too…bloody hell there were two tonight! JT must feel like a bit of a goose not using it.
    I know a lot of people dont like him but i am a big Culepepper fan, was glad to see he didnt lose it with CooCoo Debbie this epsidoe…she definitely was a loose cannon tonight, I just think she wanted some air time and wanted to stir the pot…she really is bat shit crazy!

  6. Only one person can win the prize money so chances are low, whereas the probability of gaining celebrity or notoriety and more work is much greater. So that might explain Debbie playing it larger than life.
    I loved Sandra’s sassy behaviour.
    Mikaela didn’t mind her sugar prank so not sure it will back fire. I was glad it was JT because it was his whispering that got Malcom out. And I don’t mind volatile Mikaela.

    • I think Mikaela didn’t mind because JT got booted, she wouldn’t have been happy if she or someone in her alliance got booted.

  7. The amazing Race starts today in the US. God knows when bloody ch 7 is going to show it. Checked the guide for next week & no sign of it. Wish they’d take a leaf out of 9’s book & show it the same day on 7flix or something.

    • YES! I was going to ask if anyone else is watching. I gave up on Ch 7 a long time ago with TAR so i just download. I didn’t realise until the other day that it is 22 strangers, the won’t partner up until the start line which should make for interesting viewing!

      • Oh that sounds interesting. I hadn’t heard anything about the new series. The only other time they did that was the match maker one. I can’t watch on my computer, internet is too slow. Have to wait till 7 deigns to show it.

    • I just read on another blog that TAR was brought forward in the US to fill the spot of a failed show. So it is reasonable to expect that CH7 have been caught on the hop, and can’t find a place for it at short notice.

  8. Really, really want Sandra out of there now. Ciera too. Oh, and Tai. Maybe I should just pick those I want to stay – ha.

    Also really worried for Aubry this week. Thankfully there is a tribe-swap and hopefully the luck will fall her way.

    Been interesting being introduced to all these players I have never heard of before. It seems that any team with that Ozzy on it wins every challenge. Still some females who are total mysteries – Cerie, Sarah, Andrea. And is the nickname “Troyzan” meant to be a contraction of Troy and Tarzan – if so, that’s a a bit pretentious.

    • A Troyzan interview from a few years back. He’s a cocky guy but he has sensibly been trying to keep a low profile now he’s on the outs with the numbers. A tribe shakeup can only benefit him and Aubry.

  9. I’m a bit late to the party but was away when last week’s episode aired and lo and behold, I am glad I didnt watch it given my man JT was booted.

    There is a bit of nostalgia associated with JT for me because his first season was the best I’ve seen of any winner – the guy had no votes against him the entire game and then got all the votes for the win from the jury. And he was a fun charming character to watch. So what happened dude? 🙁

    He’s done the same wrong thing in the two seasons following his win: gave information to the other tribe to gain their trust and both times the strategy failed. Why doesnt he just put his head down and keep quiet like he did the first season while tap dancing through the politics and shenanigans of the other personalities? so disappointed!

      • yes but he didn’t intend to do it -that’s the problem Daisy: his intentions were good but his tactics were lousy.

        • Yes, I know, but still annoying, Bolders. Of course they would target Malcom. Poor Malcom just needs a tee with a target on it. Ozzie will need to watch his back too.

    • See, I remember watching Tocantins and being appalled that Fishy didn’t even get a vote. Maybe I just didn’t fall for JT’s Southern charm … I did read (possibly on EW or I could have heard it on RHAP) that in Tocantins JT was so used to being able to make friends with anyone and sway them to his line of thinking, that in his subsequent seasons he was all too willing to believe people had fallen for his charms.

  10. Also do not like the swapping of tribes thing – they seemed to have copied from the Australian version last year. it disrupts the alliances but always disadvantages some players who become the minority and becomes a boring pick off.

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