MasterChef – Service Challenge – Wed, May 10

The contestants gather at Gradi, one of Melbourne’s leading Italian restaurants before being split into two teams who must prepare four dishes for 250 hungry diners to avoid the elimination challenge.



    • I’m not 240 million in debt, Ch 10. Never been on an assault charge.

      You’re the idiots. Extraordinary.

  1. The Italian guy looks like he bitterly regrets letting MC into his kitchen.

    Best amatas eva can’t even bake a sponge.

    • I think this is where age can be a factor – if the young golden ball girl raised her concerns about the recipe she was probably ignored.

      • I liked Jess before but she proved to be bossy and an idiot tonight – I was screaming at the TV to stop calling an ‘adapted carrot cake recipe that I have’ a ‘sponge’. There ain’t nothing sponge like about carrot cake.
        And when poor golden ball girl said baking is about precision I clapped out loud.

    • Doesn’t he look like a sick parrot? Poor bugger! He clearly was talking through gritted teeth.

  2. Eloise forgets to tell anyone to make a sauce and then yells at her team to hurry up. Just shaking my head.

    • One of them said earlier that they hadn’t started on the sauce yet. I thought why don’t you ask if any of them can start on it? No good telling us.

    • Did the guest chef ask them if they had started their sauce? I don’t remember hearing that and, if not, he should have, but Eloise should have released that no one was making the sauce.
      Aglio e olio is not difficult, IMO. They needed to stir that pasta into the oil and garlic mixture and let it cook together for a very short amount of time. Did they do that? Should have been easy for them to get more sauce out quickly when they ran out.
      Couldn’t either team have thought of something else besides tiramisu. Cannoli? Zeppole? Etc?

      • Someone did mention about the sauce to Eloise and she said to camera that those doing the pasta dough will do the sauce after they finished with the dough.

        There were 11 in a team. Why cant Eloise do the sauce? Its not a complicated sauce. She can still bark while making the sauce

        • It was Pia who asked Eloise about the sauce, at least once, maybe twice. She was (rightly) worried that her sterling efforts in making the pasta would be ruined. Congrats to the fellow who realised it hadn’t been started and just got started, even though pizza service was still going.

  3. The word ‘push’ should be eliminated from the contestants’ vocabulary.

    Push, Callan, push. FFS.

  4. Don’t think I can watch til the weekend. Or should I just skip it? Were there any star performers?

      • And so was a straightforward light sponge as well.
        Best amatas ever. Anyone out of the 24 could be the eventual winner! Ummm I think not.

        • Just cant see how you can turn a sponge recipe into a shortbread. If the sponge is dry, its still not the end of the world. But when it is like shortbread, something is wrong. The first batch was just a watery mess.

          • She didn’t have a clue how to adjust a recipe for a large amount, but she is one of the best cooks evah on MC.

          • She definitely did because I was outraged that she was calling her ‘adapted carrot cake recipe’ a sponge. Are you kidding??
            There is no relationship between sponge and dense cake like carrot. As poor Michelle clearly knew.

          • Originally she was saying that she was adapting a Pound Cake, which explains why it was so heavy. And Michelle is spot on, baking requires exact measurements, not chuck it in and hope for the best!

  5. Thought it was funny when the judges commented that it was close. Acted like it would be difficult to make a decision. With a failed pasta and a semi failed dessert it was obvious which team would be going to elimination.
    These amatas need to listen to the professional. Chef tells green team that fresh mozarella will leach out liquid and make the crust wet but they totally ignore him.
    I like pizza with more cheese that is really gooey and melted and that’s not how this chef makes them. Has anyone ever eaten there?

  6. Noticed baking queen was dethroned by the dessert king and prince!! Luckily the boys did well.

  7. Eliza the amata knows better than a world champion pizza maker. She’s got it sorted. Yeah.

  8. Gary wants an “emulsion” of beautiful flavours “smashed” through the pasta. He sounds like a right fool.

  9. I think there a couple of people starting to make their mark. Sarah is the obvious frontrunner – nailed the sauce. But also Bryan, and Samuel, both singled out in this challenge.

    Just saying it again, the best performer in a losing team should be exempt from the elimination challenge.

    • Yes. Agree that the best performer named by the guest chef should be exempted from the elimination challenge.

    • I know it’s the modern style but Bryan’s plating did not look great on TV. Must have looked better in person. He was very focused and knew what he was doing.

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