House Rules – Sun, Jun 25 – elimination

Time for the last exterior and garden reveal. The teams will be scored by the judges and the lowest scoring team will be eliminated.
Who do you want to see go?
Seven, 7-8.30pm
And a reminder LLB is on Sunday Night afterwards.



  1. Good lord in Heaven.

    What on Earth did Aaron and Daniella do to the front of Andrew and Jono’s house? It’s hideous!

    Hire a bulldozer, boys, and then lay some grass. Then just forget about the whole thing.

  2. I like Andrew and Jonos back yard, well thought out, except I agree the basketball hoop screen is too short (I assume they needed a permit to build higher).
    I liked bit’s and pieces of both the front and back at Kate and Harry’s.

    • Not really, I suppose. Once you get to the end of the actual house room-by-room renos, the show gets pretty dull pretty quickly.

    • Not unless you desire to see a back yard looking like a Rubik’s Cube.

      It might be worth it for Laurence. He’s more or less delivered.

      • Do you find that Drew is really irritating though? It’s like, he knows he’s not the star (compared to Laurence) so he tries too hard. Something about him just really annoys me.

        • I think the criticism thrown out before was that the judges were stupidly in agreement. He of the bright pants would say something like ” i hate those tiles” and the Wendy would say “these tiles are fabulous” and he would instantly say “for sure, the tiles are wonderful”. They never actually disagreed, even though they could be saying completely contradictory things.
          Drew was probably bought in with the brief to disagree.

          • That is what I thought too. He has been told to be more feisty. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to manage to do it in an entertaining way – he just seems annoying.

  3. Oh dear, Mr and Mrs Entitlement had someone say no to them, and they don’t like it.
    Good on you boys for sticking to your guns. Everything Andrew said was spot on about the lack of space to do two tables.
    Funny to think back to Dee’s gloating that the boys were such pushovers to deal with. Now it is all tears because she thinks it is personal, and she doesn’t like anybody else “doing whatever it takes”.
    Such a pity that that Wendy didn’t score properly on Sunday and give them a zero for the horrendous front yard. More Sean and Ella would have been lovely.

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