• That’s because she is a truly wonderful cook. Usually she is only there because of the inadequacies of others.
      I’ve read her own reviews and they were pretty much outstanding.

    • Yes but it did remind me that I bought salted caramel ice-cream today, but I definitelty WON’T be serving it on a bed of blue cheese with a fish jus and chocolate noodles or anything equally ridiculous.

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      • Served it in a bowl with a spoon perfectly balanced to not fall out. A work of true mastery as distinct from the true wankery we’ve become accustomed to watching Masterchef.

  1. Gary channels his inner bereft Heathcliff as Tamara’s cremeux oozes like pus out of her tart.

    Ray has condemned himself by confessing he has not tasted any elements. Silly, silly Ray. You have signed your execution warrant as this one will come down to ‘taste’ not aesthetics to save Tamara.

    • I hear you sister!!!
      As soon as I saw the return of the eliminated contestants I thought “Yep, that’s the only reason Gary was prepared to eliminate her”.
      And I’m with Maz (comment 12), shuddering and screwing up my face at Gary’s cuddle. Ewwwwwwwww! he really is a dirty old man (and he’s not even old).

      • Our hearts were broken and then miraculously restored. How could we continue on our masterchef journey
        without the gesticulating one with her impressive hand gestures? I for one would have had to stop watching instantly without the sure and certain belief of her certain resurrection.
        I know Gary feels all biblical when thinking of Tamara – It may have brushed off on me!

        • i’m staying with my mother at the moment. Much to her horror, I’ve introduced her to Ma$terchef. She HATES it. I take turns watching it online one night, and on “the big screen” (with her) the next. She honestly thought Tamara was one of the hosts. Last week she was talking to one of her friends on the phone about “that annoying woman” on “that awful cooking show”. She was very surprised to find out that Tamara is a contestant. Her words “why is she the only one we ever see?” “what’s with the arms waving about all the time?”. In her wisdom, she also says that “that doctor bloke” is hopeless! In her opinion, Michelle and Sarah are nice along with that “bloke who looks like a model”. Okay mum….

  2. Who’d have thunk it. Thank goodness for guest judges who are probably unaware of the favouritism that’ been plaguing this show.

  3. And Eloise and Nicole are so broken hearted that their dear friend, with whom they have a deep and abiding friendship of a matter of weeks, is going to be torn asunder for a whole day.

  4. Can someone go to Daily Mail Australia site and copy and paste the story about George’s secret meeting at his restaurant with Sam and Diane. Sorry but I’ve forgotten how to do it😯

  5. Wahhh, just imagine they then groom her as the winner if she returns…. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes and taking out the competition… But then, who else could get back into the competition? I can actually only remember the headband guy. And the poor guy who was booted first.

    • Zhee – that’s exactly where I am going too – the ‘look how Tamara has triumphed over adversity’ edit will be exceedingly hard to digest.

      And it looked like they were orgasming over an icecream honeycomb thing on the trailer, so I am confident we won’t miss her for long.

  6. Tamara is gone but not for long. Agree with all of you that she will rise from the ashes and return. 🙁
    BTW, did Ray lick the spatula and then put it back in the bowl? There was a very very short gap between the time he licked it and the time he was using it in the bowl so, hopefully, he washed it, but based on the hygiene practices on MC I doubt it.

  7. Is it just me or does there seem to be still too many contestants in the MC kitchen. This series is dragging on and only watched 5 minutes last night of the pressure test.
    Great comments Maz, like the Heathcliff reference. Pleased all the guys are safe.

  8. That ‘caramel tart’ sounded really yummy till they put yukky bananas in it. Talk about ruining it. Good on Arum for having the best one. He struggled for a while there. They all seemed to stuff up that caramel sauce bit, overflowing everywhere but Tamara’s seemed to be the worst. Don’t think there was much left. Gary barked at her to change the plate. Think it’s the only time he’s been cranky at her.
    So no team challenge tonight. All the eliminated ones are back.

    • I thought he was madly trying to think of ways to save her. He desperately asks the chef “is the disc solid enough to take off again?” and then nearly falls to the floor in despair when the answer is no. Gary barked at Tamara because he was so upset.

    • Arum is my vote and not ONLY because he said last night something like ‘who knew chocolate makers were ranked?’ – this normal perspective gives him my ringing endorsement. Oh, and the fact that he also said something else (when injecting chocolate swirls into liquid goo) about being ‘i’m a plain cook – I don’t do this at home’.

      • I also wuite like Arum. I think he has learned and improved week by week. May be boring to the producers but just put his head down and cook. We still dont see much of Ben. Another quiet achiever.

      • I think 9 goes to Japan.

        Next week is Heston’s week and according to TV guide, there will only be 1 elimination which means 11 remaining after Heston’s week. Following week, 2 could be elimnated and then remaining 9 goes to Japan.

        Yes, you can make out who goes to Japan at the start of Episode 1

        • The big clue is in the Heston footage. Callan opens the door to Heston, the “returnee” can be then be seen after the “salt farm”, getting off the bus.

  9. Now that the names are more familiar, are we going to have another poll on winner? Who I want to win vs who will likely win are probably two different people, IMO (currently I am undecided, I think I like Sarah best). I think Ben could win, perfect poster boy, could forge ahead with his own tv show. Generally the winner plods along in the background for first six weeks of the show.

      • My favourites for this season are Diana, Ben, Arum and Sam. The rest are forgettable and irritating to watch. Callum is ok too.

      • Don’t worry about waiting fir the official second coming – we all know you can put Tamara’s name back on the list!!

      • I’m fully expecting it’ll be Tamara. Gary’s turning Japanese for her.

        There are no “surprises” in store, as George has been squealing in the promos.

  10. Oh my god, there was so much Tamara last night. Was it really necessary to show her brushing her teeth, as she gazed adoringly at her reflection? Yuk. Her cake was so crappy that they couldn’t find an excuse to save her. And Gary was so grief-stricken at her loss that he was speechless (small mercy), and Matt had to dismiss her.

    If Miss Faultless gets back in tonight, I think I am done for this season.

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