MasterChef – Fish to fry – Mon, Jun 26

So, Nicole’s going home, right? Do we even need to watch this? Arum and Callan have had too much airtime, and Arum should be battle hardened by being in so many elimination tests.
Tonight the bottom three contestants from the Peter Gilmore coconut shavings challenge have three hours and 45 minutes to recreate Paul Carmichael’s Bajan fish fry from Momofuku Seiobo. One will be eliminated.
You can read about chef Paul, who grew up in Barbados, here.
Glad it’s not a dessert test this time.



  1. I don’t normally watch this show, but I caught the end of it tonight while I was waiting for “Have You Been Paying Attention?”

    Is it normal that there were more judges than there were contestants? Like, is that how this one works?

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  2. Just tuned in as Nicole was saying her goodbyes. As expected. So now I’m fast forwarding through it because I want to see how that fish is filleted whole! How tasty does Paul’s food look!

    But they made him carry all those dishes! Unless the board was made of fake wood?

  3. Perhaps I will watch it all. I’m up to the bit where Paul looks at Callan’s butchering of the fish and says “Shit – the carnage.” He’s already more entertaining than Heston.

  4. Finally, Barbie goes to her resting place – either to Ken or a job as a Channel 9 weather girl … because ‘synoptic charts have always been my dream.’
    Is Eloise an empath or something? She seemed to be crying for everyone throughout the whole ‘cook.’
    Happy that Callan survived. I guess he must’ve had a birthday during filming as last week , he was 18 and now 19.

    • That crying made me like Eloise a bit more! You could see the peanut gallery were thanking their lucky stars it wasn’t them having to fillet the fish and all the rest.

  5. I saw the first bit where She Who Can’t Be Named gathered air time (from the gantry) by sobbing mendaciously that she had “alimination empathy”. I had to turn off.

  6. Nicole is opening a pop up market. No mention of her going out there and getting experience.
    Chef Carmichael yelling at Nicole to stop reading the recipe and calling Callan’s fish carnage. That’s a big change from most other guests chefs and the stooges.

    • Isnt a pop up market is just like someone selling their stuff in a weekly market?

      Not sure what is her specialty. No stand out dishes from her. Previous contestants good at ice creams, sauces, chutney, cakes etc have started their stalls.

        • Can see her having a stall in the markets but a restaurant will be a very long shot.

          MC just want to give the impression that they are all doing well after MC.

          • Wasn’t one of the contestants who was actually rather good – headband Samuel – ALREADY running a market stall? How is this a great outcome from the ”experience”?
            You are spot on LP – Masterchef talking up the massive impact their show has.
            I’m dreaming of being a 50kg supermodel, but i think like Nicole, my dreams may perhaps be unrealised.

  7. I only watched two snippets of this show (during House Rules ads) and in the first, someone was being told “slow down, take a few minutes and read the recipe through”, and in the second, two separate judges said “forget the recipe, you know how to cook, just feel what you need to do”.

  8. Oh my God, Callan mutilated that poor fish. The other 2 didn’t seem to have any trouble with theirs.
    Nicole made the cardinal sin or leaving bones in hers. I knew she was a goner then.

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