1. Henry, you idiot.

    Yeah, it’s a nice idea to be able to work your way in with the other team’s players (so as to play the looooooong game), but there’s a couple of huge gambles in there. And it’s gotta be more than two tribals until merge, so the second you screw up, you’re done for.

    If it was me, I would’ve agreed to send Ben, and then immediately nominated Michelle. We know they’re both lazy and useless, so why not make the whole thing a deliberate act of sabotage, and send the two worst players over to join the other team?

    • And by taking the idol with him he can’t count on Jacqui. I also think the rest of his alliance wouldn’t trust him once the merge happens.

  2. Well, this has introduced some interesting new plot lines to the overarcing narrative of the season. On the pink beach, poor lonely Locky suddenly has two new friends, so we get to see Locky and Henry team up to take out AK. Meanwhile, over on the blue beach, Luke’s army of minions slowly grows (since Tara and Annelise don’t have many other options).

    I like Henry’s giant brass balls, but I still think it was awfully short-sighted of him to volunteer like that.

    • I loved that her very first contribution to her new tribe … was raising her hand to sit out of a challenge so quickly that it broke the sound barrier.

      Geez Tara, if even Ben is making you look useless, then you are really bad.

    • No Dave. I clearly heard her whinging. That’s getting to be her core skill. That and crying.
      I found her speech on exile beach classic Tara “there’s no food no shelter no fire … and no one to help us”. Hello toots – you’re meant to help yourself!!

  3. Oh wow, during the football challenge, was it just my imagination or did Ben actually do something useful?

    And I loved how Luke and Henry just dropped all pretenses and starting beating the crap out of each other. Definitely some tension there. Meanwhile, Henry joining Locky has shifted the challenge-power to the pink team, so this’ll get interesting in a hurry.

  4. Alas I fear we’re going to be stuck with Tara for a few more episodes – it won’t take long for her to start annoying them but I think Jacqui might go tonight.

    • It’d be lovely if they took out Sarah.

      Luke’s too much of a wild card. I know that I’d be siding with Odette, Jacqui and Kent, but we don’t know yet what Tara and Annelise will be doing.

    • Yeah, poor Michelle. The first time we even get acknowledgement that she exists, and we learn that she’s lazy, spiteful and treacherous. At least Ben has occasional moments of wisdom and athletic prowess.

      Meanwhile, has anyone else been totally underestimating Kent? Sure, he’s not the strongest player, but that dude is sneaky and wily like a fox. I’m liking him more and more as the season goes on.

      • Not me. I think he is very clever, and the most clever part is that he has created a Kent-the-dumb-bumbler character, and I think that Jacqui was the only one who saw a glimpse of what he could really do.

      • I think he’s playing a role big time. CFOs are not idiots and I am not buying his ‘dude doesn’t really get the power plays’ shtick. Definitely worth watching!

        • Kent could be a bit vulnerable at Tribal Councils, because he has a name that the other contestants and various floaters can spell and scrawl with confidence. ie How many ways are there to spell Analease?

  5. I can’t read the comments because I’m behind in SA, but it really worries me that Jacqui started the episode saying how comfortable she was in her alliance.

    • Did AK just throw that footy challenge? Those poor buggers looked exhausted. I was glad Ben got a goal at least

    • Yeah, what was that so called “mother/son” relationship that Henry enjoyed with Jacqui? He was off like a rat up a drainpipe and left her to the vultures.

  6. I’m gonna miss Jacqui. Although like Luke said, I’m gonna love seeing Henry’s face in the next episode. And that means that Kent (who I like more and more) and Odette (who hasn’t had enough screen-time) are in danger.

    Which means that Tara and Annelise threw their dice in with Luke/Sarah/Jericho. See, I think that’s gonna bite them in their butts at some point in the future. Whenever I look at Luke, all I’m thinking is that he’s a bomb, waiting to detonate at some point in the future (and throw everyone under the bus for his own sake). Tick, tick, tick…

  7. Well that was a very interesting episode. I enjoy watching the scrambling. Jacqui was screwed the minute Henry jumped ship – he was obviously the social glue of their alliance. How funny was it watching AK sizing Henry up.
    Did everyone watch the promo for Sunday night? I’m guessing it’s a clue and it an actual idol but so glad they’ve taken a leaf out of the book of Second Chances and hidden stuff at a challenge. Henry is playing hard! It’s going to burn him but it’s great TV. Oh, and Michelle and Odette made the edit!

    • I’m glad that Odette made the edit, but I really could’ve gone without getting to know Michelle, I think.

      Henry is playing very hard, but AK’s right, I think he’s so damn charming that he’s playing a very good social game. It was interesting seeing AK immediately suspicious of Henry, but then Locky immediately spills the beans on AK (which would totally make Henry wary of AK).

  8. Surely Henry knew that by leaving he was sealing Jacquis fate, particularly as he bailed and took their ‘shared’ idol with him. As soon as the so called power couple were split it was the obvious next option. No wonder she looked completely gobsmacked at his volunteering.

    I’m liking Kent a lot more too, I don’t think he is quite the bumbling speedo-wearing stumblebum that everyone thinks he is.

    • Yeah, I get the feeling that Kent is playing a very clever game, in successfully convincing everybody that’s he not clever. But he seems wily. I like it.

      • I think Henry knew being outed as a power couple could see him Being targeted in future, claims of dominance notwithstanding. Surely he must have had some idea much of the tribe found Jacqui irritating.

        • So he ditched her the first chance he got and jumped ship? I still can’t wait to see his reaction next episode. I think that’ll tell us whether he expected it to happen or not.

          • He must have been surprised, hence trying to curry favour with Jericho? Or is it the old Cookie Monster alliance coming in to play?

  9. Wow, Jacqui was pissed off when Henry left her in the lurch & took the idol with him. Pity she got voted out so won’t be able to get revenge on him. If he gets voted out before the merge I reckon she’ll slap him when he arrives at Ponderosa.
    That challenge was crazy. So much going in it was hard to keep track of everyone.

    • Sending best wishes to Jacqui that all the treatment goes well.

      I find it interesting that she mentions an “unaired challenge” – what is that? And how could we miss an injury like that?

      • I wonder if it was the one on way sumo challenge where they had to push their opponent off the platform. They must not have realised her arm was broken at the time. It’s a shame they didn’t show it because because if her tribe knew she was injured (even if they thought it was just a sprain) it adds new meaning to the decision to vote her out

        • That’s the challenge that sprung to my mind too Juz! I imagine it was a pretty nasty fall and that’s why they didn’t show it.

  10. Henry went from top to bottom of my favourites list in 30 seconds. Stupidly I thought he had some integrity, but he showed that he is on par with Luke for having absolutely no person they value except themselves. Should be an interesting battle on that tribe between those two now.

    • AK and Henry are both very focussed and single minded on the win. They are really thinking strategy. I don’t mind that Henry chose to move tribes. I suppose he could have given Jthe idol, but does he owe her. And if anyone saw the handover, she would have a target 4 that.

  11. Wonder if pink team are going to want yoga sessions and cotton on to Henry’s ‘secret’… Sam’s not there to share her suspicions anymore

  12. It was also fairly irritating that Tara doesn’t know how to say Samatau properly, even with all the people around her pronouncing it correctly grrrr

  13. Waaa waaah. No it’s not Tara having a sook. It’s me having ttv and Survivor withdrawals.
    C’mon tv. I don’t want to watch Shark Tank and DrPhil are all repeats.

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