1. Mementoes from home tonight. Seems early in the season to bring on the waterworks although I was moved by Henry’s story.

  2. Boring filler episode really. Excited for the tribe swap thou… Tribes are uneven so maybe going to 3 tribes of 5 or 2×7 and 1 off to exile?

  3. Episodes like this one always seem odd, to me. Sure, let’s take a minute away from backstabbing, lying and cheating to sneak in a few warm and fuzzy moments (and gosh, it was hard to watch Henry talk about his mother who’d passed away recently) before we go back to backstabbing, lying, and cheating.

    In a lovely moment of irony, Michelle continues to be useless at challenges (what a great plan it was, you guys, getting rid of Kent and keeping Michelle), while being over on the pink tribe seems to have been good for Ben’s general personal development. Good for him.

    • Ben was a champ at knocking blocks down. Skinny blokes do better on the Survivor starvation diet. I thought Jarrad skilfully deflected AK’s push to send him in the mystery trip – Jarrad is playing a great game. Odette got a lot of airtime. With what looks to be a merge next time she could be a good swing vote

      • Yeah, it’s a shame Odette’s been one of the faceless cast members so far, because I’d definitely like to spend a bit more time with her before she goes home.

  4. I kinda like the idea of the super idol (even though we can be fairly sure AK is gonna tell her to use it against Henry at some point in the future).

    But it felt like unnecessary cruelty, given Ziggy must’ve been there looking for that thing, in the dark, for upwards of 6 or 7 hours. And that was before the production crew almost burned down half of Samoa with the torches.

    It was kind of a filler episode, though, wasn’t it? But Ziggy got a little more than usual focus, and I loved watching Henry and Ben absolutely smash through the challenge (and overcome a significant handicap. I feel like that’s a theme of the season, to be honest).

    • I am looking forward to seeing what she tells the tribe about the reward. Hopefully she has a better plan that Nick did last year!

        • I think you would spend most of the time (while hunting in the mangroves) trying to think of a plausible story to conceal your personal advantage. Jonathan specifically said it could be personally beneficial as well as helpful to the tribe, so you would definitely need some believable story. I wonder if you could say something made up like “at a future challenge I will be allowed to have a headstart – but i dont get to pick when, JLAP will choose for me” or something else (can’t think of good story!) that sounds good but isn’t too much of a target on your back.
          By the look of the trailer AK isn’t buying whatever tale Ziggy spun.

          • Whatever she says, they won’t believe her…unless they saw some immediatebenefit to themselves…and even then maybe not.

  5. Michelle and Tara are both useless at challenges. Did Tara manage to knock any of the blocks off?
    I hope they’re regretting booting Kent because I think he definitely would’ve made the difference in that challenge.

    • Actually yeah, while I was watching it, all I was thinking was that Jericho was carrying their tribe, at that point. Forget hitting the boxes, Tara was having trouble throwing in a straight line. Which neglects Michelle needing 3 tries to grab the key (which nobody else needed).

  6. Oh my God, that challenge. One minute the pink were leading, then the blue team were. Then they couldn’t throw the fucking thingies. Then the other team smashed them.
    That advantage was strange. Having to look in the fucking dark, all by herself. I thought she was going to have to do a challenge of some sort to win an advantage for the whole tribe. I wonder if she’ll tell them what it was.
    Finally a tribe swap. I’ve been hoping for a shake up.

  7. Michelle saying, Odette next, doesn’t know Survivor strategy. A powerless sole member is a number that you can use. But maybe Michelle, being so hopeless just wants to deflect. Odette is no threat now that the rest of her alliance is out.

      • In the US version a few years back someone snuck in a flint as part of a necklace but she got caught. Don’t know how that’s different to the guy who used his glasses to start a fire.

        • Peih Gee, a jewellery designer, smuggled in flint, fishing line and hooks discussed as jewellery. But production confiscated it all. I say let her use it and then punish the tribe

    • Of any, I thought at least Annaleise and Locky got clothing, which at that point probably would have been some comfort.
      I noticed they didn’t show what Peter or Jarrad got.

      • Yeah i saw that, but i thought it was unfair to allow everyone else to give their story and miss two of them.
        The same as they only put Kent proposing to his now fiance on tenplay.

  8. Quite a boring episode in a season that got off to such a thumping good start. Not sure why the momentum killing episode, but st least Sunday looks more interesting again.

  9. When Tai had an idol and a super idol, it made him a target, but one that was untouchable. It is annoying. I just hope we don’t see one of those, “choose your own teams” again. Sure things make the game unfair and boring.

      • It’s more when the outcome no longer becomes random or balanced but one team or person ends up with too, too much advantage, even if the way that initially occurs is random.

  10. I missed Sundays ep so I’ll have to hang around for the replay sometime. Mondays was cruddy – I keep forgetting Odette is even there. I wonder why she is not getting the screentime, actually Peter isn’t getting much either. Hmnn.

    I had a laugh at AK deliberately annoying Locky trying to start a fire. It was so blatantly antagonistic and Lockys red angry face was priceless! AK reminded me of Ted from the bear movie – a short hairy slightly rotund lout spitting out condescending zingers. He’s great TV.

    And they really should’ve aired Kents proposal, I’m a sucker for public romance.

  11. Late comment I know.
    Didn’t the super idol have two parts – an idol that negates another played idol, and also an ordinary idol. So Ziggy could give them the “super” one and keep the ordinary one for herself. But she seemed to imply that she would keep everything for herself – so much for “we trust you”. It looks like she won’t be at all compliant in just handing everything to Lord AK. She was inwardly rubbing her hands as they were saying all those nice things while choosing her, with full expectation that she would favour the alliance.

    • Well there’s another tribe switch, so if she’s lucky she will be on another tribe & get away with it.

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