1. We must be getting closer to the merge. There’s only 14 castaways left, right? So the merge must be happening soon. I’d say next week, at a guess?

  2. “First we took out the king, now we have to get rid of the witnesses.”

    Does anyone else find it unsettling that Luke is running his game by channeling a prohibition-era crime boss? Eek. Damn it Luke, don’t you dare break up Pete and Jericho when we just got them onto the same beach!

  3. Luke is totally obnoxious and don’t get me started on what I think about Tara.

    Ziggy , dumb move telling Henry and Locky that she has an idol.

  4. Jeez Tara is such a moron (and a super annoying moron at that)! Taking credit for getting rid of AK, self deluded much?

  5. Michelle’s voice grates on my nerves. She is up there with Tara on my “super annoying, self deluded, please send home” list.
    And she also says “somethink”, no way would I be leaving her in charge of my kids (the ones I forgot to have).

    • I had some. They were drilled hard from an early date that they were not permitted to say somethink, anythink and would be left out of the will for the SIN of Sarah-moany.
      They were both primary school captains and I am happy to say they never once committed the ceremony crime.
      Tara and Michelle on the other hand….

  6. I guess it won’t amount to a very tense tribal council, tonight, because it’s clearly either Michelle or Ben, and we’re not going to lose much if either of them leaves.

    Of course, I’ve been wrong before…

  7. Ha ha that’s right as if going on survivor is about the money
    Tara and Michelle are so annoying, and they really should both be wearing hats with skin like that!

    • You’re right Jazzman but neither of them seem bright enough to realise, that besides the potential skin damage, standing in the hot sun without a hat is also energy sapping.

  8. Michelle decided to bow out of the challenge the minute she heard she could give the bag to someone else – surely that’s enough to see her booted. If Jarrad lasted 10 minutes she couldn’t have held it for more the a minute or two.

  9. Did everyone else see the moment when Tara briefly forgot what team she was on? I was just laughing, that was hilarious.

    Meanwhile, Michelle seems to think that she’s on the Bachelor, getting ready to throw Ben under that same damn bus that all the bachelorettes keep getting thrown under. I’m interested to see whether Michelle thinks she’s getting a rose from JLap or not?

    The highlight of the episode was the very long sequence where people lined up to one-by-one unilaterally confirm that Ben is the goat that everyone wants to take to the end, because he’s that vague and useless.

    • Michelle strikes me as one of those not very bright people that thinks she is smarter than everyone else.
      And Locky was equally as thick to fall for Michelle’s throwing Ben under the bus – I think he’s got a big ego and a thin skin.

      • Really, the dramatic thrust of this episode has been, “Out of Ben and Michelle, who’s the least worst person?”

        Personally I’d keep Ben just because Michelle is a lot sneakier, whereas Ben is simple and so far has been easy as hell to manipulate. That’s someone you want sticking around. Plus, Michelle is really irritating, isn’t she?

        I miss AK.

        • I’d keep Ben for that reason- Locky decided that way but interestingly it was Henry that went with Michelle’s rhetoric.
          She clearly demonstrated she was completely untrustworthy- I’d have to chuck her immediately.

          • They should have shed Michelle because she is far more devious than Ben, and has too many Arseunder alliances.

      • Michelle reminds me of those evil, highly strung, ambitious office women you see in movies, who cut everyone’s throats and steps on heads to get promotions.

  10. Oooh, I think they made the wrong call.

    From the second that Ben pranked everybody by pretending to reach for an idol in his backpack? That was the point when I realised I wanted to keep him around. And say what you like about him, but his exit was gracious and oddly-charming (re: the surrealness of having JLap extinguishing his torch). Poor kid.

    And damn, Michelle is a snake in the grass. Ben, you weren’t the only one who under-estimated what that girl is capable of. I think we have a new villain.

    Interestingly enough, Locky ended up voting for Michelle, while Henry and Jarrad (both Ben’s staunchest defenders) voted to eliminate Ben.

    • I think they’re going to regret it. The only hope is going back to tribal council before the merge and getting rid of her next. She really does come across as incredibly unlikeable.

      • And she’s gonna jump ship straight back to the other tribe the second she gets the chance. Unless they really don’t like her either.

        • They seemed to have overlooked or not realised that they had no chance in the challenge because Michelle dropped out so early. To me it looked as if Jarrad kept going long after he started to struggle but Michelle didn’t even try.
          I’d really like to see Tessa or Ziggy win.

          • Contrast Michelle to Odette, Ziggy, Tessa and yes, I say it – even Tara! Yikes – it’s something to be outgunned by Tara.

      • She said she wld be loyal to suppertime and had ditched asounder. Aka disloyal. It will serve them right to be taken down by her. For believing her in a game where lies rule.

        • I wonder what Henry is going to do, if he survives to merge. He’s loyal to Locky, Annelise and Ziggy at the moment (which helps all parties involved. Henry wound up stuck on the wrong tribe, and Locky’s alliance lost all its power when AK took over) but he’s still got people on the other tribe who are likely to want him to ally with them when the merge happens.

          But yeah, Michelle will ditch the pink team-members as soon as it’s convenient, if not earlier.

          • Henry lost his alliance, Kent and Jacquie. Jericho was a fake friend. Jericho is like an idol in Luke’s pocket. I hope that if Luke get’s eliminated, producers don’t send him for a sleepover and back in like they did with Tara. Annalise doesn’t count because it was Tara who was ejected, and Annalise just added, probably so that Tara wouldn’t freak out being alone on Exile.

  11. Omg – Locky is so thick to fall for Michelle’s spiel. Whereas Henry and Jarrad saw straight through it. Glad we are finally seeing more Jarrad. How was Tara’s form, cheering for Locky on the other team! How stupid can you be?

  12. Uhhhhhhh, bad decision tribe. Michelle is so much more of a liability for the future merge. The only reason Ben is gone now is because she touched a nerve with a paranoid Locky by telling him of a possible future blindside. If Locky was smart he would have already considered that and not acted so hastily tonight in getting rid of someone so malleable.

    Another one of those irritating phrases is when people say ‘brought’ instead of ‘bought’. That really grinds my gears. Also when grown adults don’t pronounce ‘th’ properly. Fursday, fanks, feif (thief), etc.

  13. Wow, that challenge was very difficult. I have trouble pi king up a 1 kilo packet of sugar, let alone a 5 kilo bag holding up above my head.
    Nice to see a different team go to tribal council. It had been a while. I thought for a minute it was going to be a tie.

    • Oh yes! I had forgotten that. Thank goodness.
      This year and last year are like chalk and cheese. I keep forgetting that this is not the American version (except when we endure extremely repetitive TCs like last night).

  14. What a snake. Michelle makes Tara look good, who after all is only dumb and annoying.

    I kept waiting for someone such as Jarrad to point out how “persuasive” she was. I would have thought that would raise the red flag, if you could make people realise that they were being manipulated. I am certain that she was going up until the point that she made it look like Ben had ratted on them all. I hope when they watch the footage back, they send Ben written apologies, after they see how he was interrogated. Michelle’s next job should be as a police interrogator.

    I was surprised at how easily Asunder coped with the bag challenge. Of course, Summertowel were doomed as soon as Michelle threw hers into the ring.

    • Ben should have said she weazled info out of me because she wants info on you.
      Michelle could get a Carmelite nun to talk.

  15. Yep- even powerhouses like Locky and Henry had to hold two bags for way too long thanks to her total and absolute fail.
    I also hated how she was giving someone else the bag “because I don’t want to drop it and my arms are trembling”. Well der. But she tried to make it sound like she was helping the team by giving it to someone else before dropping!

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