1. “The inevitable Stu pick…” LOL. It’s not like he’s got that much competition, between the guy Sophie could adopt, the douchebag, and the guy who’s ex-girlfriends are locked in the dungeons underneath his family’s winery.

    Man, this has been a crappy season. And I still haven’t fallen in love with Sophie like apparently the rest of Australia, so I’m not sure what that’s about.

  2. Jarrod seems to be sugar coating about his family. Bet they turn out like The Munsters….albeit owning a vineyard.

    Looks like Mum still has dibs on Jarrod. Run, Sophie.

    • Yeah, like Jarrod wasn’t scary enough? Now we have his mother to deal with. She definitely came on a little strong.

      • I’ve just started watching and I’m killing myself laughing slightly misinterpreting what Jarrod is saying. It sounded to me as though, after building the vineyard with their barehands later that day, his mother married his sister. Makes for a very amusing mental picture.

        • OMG, I thought that too! I’m going to forgive him for being slightly tongue-tied since he was probably terrified of bringing a girl home to meet his mother, but still.

  3. I love Sophie.
    I have just tuned in to Stu telling her he has had a vasectomy. Her reaction is just what it should be.

  4. Wow. Stu tells Soph he’s had a vasectomy…then he bolts like a rat up a drainpipe. Last night Sterile Stu crowed that his ex wife is “awesome” but whining that she broke his heart tonight..He’s creeping me out.

    • And here’s a thought. He’s still technically, legally married.

      Apparently getting a divorce never entered his mind. BEFORE COMING ON “THE BACHELORETTE”.

    • Again, telling her what he thinks she wants to hear. I thought it was hilarious when the sisters were grilling her and she was dismissive of the type of person who approached her for dates … yeah,um that was Stu 12 months ago. And the “regardless” comment was great. Maybe he isn’t the last man standing.

  5. Apollo has a pizza t-shirt and his family owns a stable of miniature horses.


    • But after seeing the rest of the Apollo home visit, I’ve changed my mind. They do look incredibly comfortable with each other so maybe the age difference isn’t such a big deal.

  6. “I haven’t been this happy in twenty years…”

    … says the man who has children under the age of twenty.

    Sophie, I don’t think Stu is a keeper.

  7. “4 beautifuls”? Daughters Stu, they’re called daughters. (I just found it weird that he kept calling them beautifuls, not children, kids or daughters).
    Furthermore, I don’t think he would have told Sophie about the vasectomy if she hadn’t brought up kids.
    Between him having to have a vasectomy reversed and Sophie’s age, their chances of having even one baby are low to it would take a miracle.

  8. Even watching the dinner with Blake’s family was uncomfortable, since Blake clearly and visibly didn’t seem to give two shits about Sophie as his family peppered her with inappropriate questions.

    I think that answers the question of the rose ceremony…

  9. Blake is still stewing that he left before Jarrod. To him, this is a competition. He cant accept the facts that there may be a better connection between and and the other guys.

    If Blake is such a great catch, then why is he on the show?

  10. Well, it took until the final four, but we got there. We are down, three from three douchebags. Goodbye and good riddance, Blake. You really were a tool, weren’t you?

    And a toad with abs is still a toad. Go figure.

  11. Speaks volumes that Blake’s family were the only ones to mention Sophie’s “celebrity”.
    Sophie may be a self confessed bogan but Blake’s family … I’m actually without words.

      • But then five minutes later, they’re asking her questions about whether she’s doing all this just for the exposure and whether her celebrity will affect the relationship.

        That all seemed really weird.

        Like Blake had hired a family, and they had set roles they had to act.

  12. Compare the grace that James showed leaving (and in interviews) to Blake’s 2 year old tantrum.
    He really is like a teenage boy, the expression on his face while she was talking to him was classic adolescent not getting his own way.
    As for not knowing why he didn’t get a rose .. a little self-reflection might help dickhead!

  13. In an interview Apollo has said that he wouldn’t mind being the next Bachelor.
    Do none of these people know how to keep their mouths shut?

      • But both are not experience enough to defy the scripted plot from the producers.

        Remember Matty J? Most love on The Bachelorette but worst season for The Bachelor.

        I just hope James find love quickly and forget about The Bachelor

        • Me too LP. But I couldn’t blame either of them if they did it.Two hundred thousand for 6 months work would be hard to knock back.

          • Think what fun they can have with Apollo as Bachie – different magic trick every date. I would love to see him saw any irritating girls in half

          • Because they wanted Matty J, they have to pay $200K. Previous Bschelors only get a small fee which made them more sincere about finding love.

            If they continue to pay that much money then great for whoever is The Bachelor.

  14. Well, Sophie has always said that she makes bad choices, and I think she’s done it again. Very little to choose from the last 3 – something not right about all of them. Doesn’t want show biz, wants children, so she chooses Apollo – seems he doesn’t want kids. Stu – well that’s a fine set of problems right there, which leaves Jarrod with the very scary looking mother.
    Blake’s family were hilarious! How did he end up with such a cultured voice from a family like that – and another scary mother. Oh well, we get to see the final next Wednesday – can’t come soon enough. Then we’ll have gossip pages and magazines full of it/them for the next few months!

    • She got rid of James because they didn’t match based on the e-Harmony pie chart. She didn’t like that he was organized and she is VERY disorganized. So stupid. Maybe that would have been good for her. The guy seems mature and caring and I think she passed up on one of the good ones.

  15. i have missed bits and pieces, and not all of last nights ep, when did Apollo say he doesn’t want children?
    I heard chatter on the radio, this morning or might have been yesterday, they reckon Sophie must have pretty good say in who goes, to allow a couple of seemingly perfect guys (Luke and James) go before hometowns. They reckon other seasons producers would have been angling for those types to be kept. I guess Apollo does seem to be a crowd fave – thou I’m not a fan myself.

    • I must have missed Apollo not wanting kids too. If he doesn’t, he has plenty of time to change his mind, unfortunately for Sophie time is not on her side regarding kids.
      I saw that New Idea has a headline about, something Sophie needs to know about Stu – I wanted to know what it was, but not enough to buy No Idea.

    • I’m guessing the New Idea headline would have been about Stu’s vasectomy and / or the fact that his divorce isn’t final yet.

      • One would hope they’ve learnt from the Rebel WIlson lawsuit and the story has some basis in truth so makes sense that either one of those would be the story.

  16. That snarl on Blake’s face at the end – wow. Sophie’s explaining herself and he’s looking at her like she smells bad. What an insight into this immature aggressive dunderhead: great last words too “I’ve got nothing to say aye “.
    Sorry was that a question you pot pissing creep?

    • Exactly Smythe, that was what I was referring to in comment 18. It seems to me he is one of those people who never move beyond teenage in their emotinal maturity.
      And as for you BDD – I’m sitting here in a puddle of tears that you don’t read my comments but I can be mature and move forward from here.

      • I read everyone’s comments Jayblossom and noted your comparison of Blake and James’ exits last night. I “connected” with Bolders’ use of “snarl” was what I called it here in the lounge last night. Sorry if I offended. Will you accept this rose?

        • Of course I will accept this rose ……. I have a very short attention span and was over it by the time I’d finished typing. Actually, I wasn’t really offended in the first place, just trying to amuse.

  17. Wow, well if Sophie was having any second thoughts on sending Blake home his churlish behaviour will tell her she made the right choice. Everyone else was gracious when they left aside from Sam. So glad she finally saw through him.

    • Being “super confident”, Blake feels the need to assault from behind.

      He’s still denying peeing into Jarrod’s shrine/plant.

      Thanks for the link, Juz.

    • This is from someone who went on a date with Blake:

      Blake, who use to spell his name “Blaike” is an absolute douche. I know all 3 of the people involved in this incident and I can tell you that Blake would be so jealous of both Sam and Tristan as they are actual entrepreneurs with a big bank account which try hard Blake wishes he had. I went on a date with Blake before I knew what he was actually like, he took me to Hungry Jacks for dinner then drove me back (in his beaten up car) to his parents gross broken house, that didn’t have a even have garage situated on a main road. He took me inside to watch tv and then proceeded to try and kiss me which I obviously was not going to do so he reacted the same way as when Sophie dumped him. I am not quite sure why he has tickets on himself as he doesn’t even have shoulders to hold his big head haha. No one in Perth likes him, hes never had a girlfriend, he doesn’t have a nice manner and he acts like a stroppy little girl if he doesn’t get his way…


    • What a thoroughly awful excuse for a human being.

      Does channel ten’s casting department go out of their way to seek out the worst people for their shows? Like, what the hell is wrong with these people?

    • I would imagine that after this season Channel 10 will be a lot more careful.
      Sophie is high profile and all this (and the poor selection of bachelors) is giving them a lot of bad publicity that they can probably ill afford. And if anything had one wrong …. (gasps and widens eyes)
      Now that have all that extra money they can put it to good use.

  18. Channel 10 must be doing everything it can to confuse the issue. Today story about Apollo being the winner, then there are pics of Sophie arriving back in the country wearing the awful pink ugg boots Jarrod gave her. Now today another story about Stu’s possible dating of a Sydney ‘socialite’. Yesterday there was a story that she thinks she may have made the wrong choice!!!
    Bring it on.

  19. I would say all 3 are the wrong choices. Maybe if they can clone all 3 into one then it will be the perfect match.

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