Survivor HHH – tribe swap

Someone always gets screwed with these things. “Drop your buffs” is not what you want to hear so early in the game.
Could be worse. Jeff could have said: •Patrick’s on Redemption Island and may be reentering the game.

Check Comment 1 for Daisy’s guest recap of the episode (thank you, Daisy. Ryan is described as a bellhop but I’m thinking he is actually a student at MIT or some such and the description of his part-time job just appealed more to the Survivor producers. They love job titles like ice cream scooper.)



  1. Like a good book where you need to read a few pages before you are into it, I am starting to get acquainted with the charaters of Survivor now, although I still don’t know thwir names. Did anyone else enjoy tonight like I did? First there was the tribe swap, which can be annoying if it looks like producers are aiming to save a contestant, but the swap just gave the contestants an even spread.
    After the swap, they went straight to the reward and immunity challenge, which was won by the new red team. Of course this is when you can expect a clue, but it was an obscure secret advantage, and it was Jessica who found it.
    Jessica tells thickhead loverboy Cole, and he blabs it all around the camp, not thinking it through that Jessica is going to find out for sure and instead of gaining trust, he is going to be trusted by no one. He is the dumbest player I think US Survivor has ever had.
    Anyhow all camps were hornets nests of plotting, suspicion and clawing for position and advantage. Chrissy found out Ryan was the secret donor of her super immunity idol, so they are now like mother and son. Ryan had a good vibe, and Chrissie felt loved. But ultimately each are using the other to get further in the game.
    It was blue on the chopping block, with Joe creating havoc, stirring the pot by throwing out names in front of everyone. In the end it was Allen who got the boot, and he left graciously. So people, who are you starting to like? Is it gutsy Lauren, Joe the idjut, loony aggressive Joe? Or skinny Ryan the IT guy ( I don’t know if he’s an IT guy). Anyhow, whadda yall reckon?

    • Thanks for the recap daisy. I had only watched part of it and wasn’t going to check here until I’d finished the whole ep. So I came home tonight and thought I’d watch the end before bed but …… my juvenile side that has no control had to check in before they go to tribal. Now that I know Devon and Ashley are safe Ican go back to watching.

    • Oh yuk, how horrible it would have been crawling under that net with dirt flying everywhere trying to pull that heavy thing. We know it was heavy because Jeff kept telling us it was.

  2. Well that fucking sucked. She thought she gave him an advantage but it turned into a disadvantage. How weird. I was hoping he’d block Joe’s vote but instead his vote was blocked. Well at least that psycho guy is gone.
    And Cole keep your fucking trap shut. That’s twice he’s done that. It wasn’t your secret to tell you idiot.

  3. How pissed off must Devon have been watching that back to realise it was an advantage to Jessica but a disadvantage when passed on to him. Unless he’s still there when they merge & she tells him she gave it to him. She will be shocked to see it turned to a disadvantage for him. But I wonder if he’ll believe her when she tells him she didn’t realise it would be a disadvantage for him. It could cause some friction.

    • Ok scrap my previous comment. I’m just reading Probst’s Q & A with Dalton & it looks like she knew it was a disadvantage for the person she hands it on to. I missed that bit, I’ll have to re-watch that bit. And if anyone’s wondering if he had sneaked a look & saw it was a disadvantage & didn’t play it Probst would have reminded him & he would have had to play it. So it double sucked.

    • I think she knew the advantage was that it was a disadvantage to whoever she gave it to. If what’s his name had guessed it was bad (which you wouldn’t) he could have passed it on. I know it was a little obscure when Jessica read it out.

  4. Sorry Carole, just read your vomment, so scrap my previous comment.

    BTW I wrote the recap on the fly and combined the reward challenge with the immunity challenge. I won’t say “my bad” coz that’s what sheeple say. So I’ll say, “My apologies”.

  5. I didn’t get that it would be a disadvantage when passed on, either. Jessica made a mess of reading it out, and I think they deliberately obscured it to lead the viewer to think it was similar to the other one. Cue the reveal by Ryan to Chrissie, which also leads the viewer on. Upshot is, I don’t think you just missed it, Carole, I think you (and the rest of us) were meant to be “blindsided” at TC.

  6. To answer your original question, Daisy – I like Lauren and if she can control the urge to be bolshie, she might fly low for a while. I like Devon – seems reasonably smart. I think Jessica will be a smart player, and maybe it is a good thing that she is realising that Cole is not good for her early. It is a bit sad that she allowed herself to become emotionally attached before really getting to know him (These contestants really need to watch how Lee and Elle behaved – that is how to keep an attraction secret for a long time. Maybe you need to be more mature). I will be interested to see how Dr Mike develops – he may be creating a downplayed image of himself.

    • I like feisty Lauren too, Fijane. She knows her temper, and dislikes need to be kept under her belt, although they keep popping out. Not sure who Devon is because I am still learning their names.
      It was too bad for Jessica letting her lust for good looking Cole blind her to the fact that he is a twit. But for viewers, it will be fun to watch her diplomatically back pedal from canoodling in the sun with sand crystals encrusting their beautiful bodies, to a cool, diplomatic handshake. I’m looking forward to how that unravels.
      I won’t be surprised if she ends up voting him out as she joins a new alliance. But we can be sure of this…even if everyone tells Cole they are writing down his name, it will be a blindside. 😂

      • Lol! I think Jessica can safely use cole now she surely has lost all faith in him and realised that behind that pretty face there’s,well, nothing!
        Wonder what windsong thinks of cute but stupid Cole?

  7. BTW I didn’t like the untangling challenge because I have to do that every couple of days with the extension chord for our leaf blower.

  8. Thanks to you all because even after I’d finished I wasn’t sure what had happened, but I still have questions.
    Did we know that Jessica had passed the “advantage” to Devon?
    Didn’t she know Joe had an idol? She clearly didn’t tell Devon so she must have intended it to be bad.

    When Joe had said he read Ashley’s face, I thought it meant she had flipped but she hadn’t. Can someone please explain it to me?
    Fijane and daisy I’m with on Lauren. From an emotional perspective it was a shame Jessica got close to Cole so quickly however from a game perspective it was probably a good thing. If she hadn’t emotionally invested in him they wouldn’t have shared secrets and it would have taken her much longer realise what dick he is (and a really not very bright one at that).
    To answer your question daisy, I am enjoying this first foray into US Survivor. I think you’re onto something re Ryan’s other career. I like Devon (the player,
    I’ve never been to the county and I’m definitely not in favour the luncheon product). I’ve always had a soft spot for surfer boys who are clever but look like they are dumb as a brick.

  9. Ok, Jaybee. Even though I recapped, it was a bit robbish ( pommy for rubbish) because I wasn’t paying full attention, but I think I can answer some things. I think it was a bit vague on when Devon got the disadvantage. Not sure if Jessica knew that Joe had the idol, but by “I read her face” I think Joe meant that he used the idol on himself because he read the blond girl’s face and guessed that he was on the chopping block. He was using that the explain or justify why he didn’t give it to the pretty, dark girl who asked him for it.
    Ditto on surfer boys, with abrain and a cheeky sense of humour.
    As for Devon, I go there often on Escape to the Country. And Sussex and Wiltshire…..
    As for Ryan, he could be the younger version of the old professor on Futurama. I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes it to final 3.

  10. I think this episode is where the season finally got going! It’s been a bit boring so far but this was much much better.
    I think Ryan will go far. I don’t mind Lauren but think she’ll get booted before too long. Can’t work out who is keeping it on the down low (as opposed to just not being very interesting)
    I so so badly want Joe to take Kent’s dickhead advice!
    I believe Jessica’s rationale was to weaken the other tribe and so giving Devon a disadvantage – as a strong player – was intentional.

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