1. The final challenge for the Shahrouks and Butlers is to feed 40 people, and it’s the eliminated contestants, and the finalists’ families (but that bit is a secret). They have to make a three-course meal: 24 entrees, mains and desserts (20 guests plus the four judges). At least this means the Butlers won’t try and make their usual million desserts. Butlers do ocean trout entree, beef cheeks, then chic fondant with rhubarb ice cream. Yum

  2. The Shahrouks are making An open pastry with lamb mince, falafel and hummus. Main is lamb and a pilaf. Dessert is ladies’ arm (I think) – a pastry with clotted cream

  3. Well done Shahrouk’s, very worthy winners. And good on the Butlers too. Was nice to see all the former families come back.

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