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Over to Daisy (thanks!)

After a barely deserved break some of our B&B cast returned to our screens this week. We kicked off the year with the feud between Liam and Bill, with Liam using Sally as an excuse to challenge his dad…or has he been using his fleeting power at Spencer to puff out his chest and win the flaming redhead damsel who enjoys being saved by millionaires. Sally and Liam make a great couple. She likes being saved by men with fat wallets and Liam enjoys saving damsels. One thing I dislike more than an outright villain (Bill), is a villain with a halo.
Anyhow, some of your interest may have waned due to the script having more holes than an original chesty bonds singlet, and due to the fact, that neither Grams nor Sheila were in the building when Bill blew it to smithereens. (I have a whole warehouse of words like smithereens- they come with age). So let’s revive the passion for fashion with some suggestions of coupling, no triangling, we may hope to see.
Now these aren’t spoilers, but me trying my hand at script writing.
Stephie tires of Liam pretending he isn’t having an affair of the wallet with Sally. She moves on to Wipes but is also lusting for Bill.
Bill is lusting for Brooke and Stephie.
Wipes moves on from Katie and lust for Stephie.
Liam is out in the cold so lusts for Sally, until Hope comes back…or will that be Thomas? Anyhow, you get the drift. They always come in threes. And Eric is tickling the ivories for Quinn, Sheila and Katy, who runs to Eric when her sexaphoning with Wipes ends.
Avants are too boring. It’s time Rick moved onto Nicole. Nicole needs to be replaced by her wax dummy which is more animated. Or else the producers should use that ap on her where you can add a rabbit nose and cheesy smile.
And that’s all folks. 😁



  1. Bill will be able to build Sky around the mummified corpses of his son and his enemy. It’s even better than carving your name on wet concrete.

    • Those mummified corpses could be stuck together the way things are proceeding under all that rubble……

      Thanks for the tea leaf readings. I agree with most of the trysts you predict..These people need to cast their nets further ashore.

      Wonder how Zende is doing in Paris?

  2. I think we can be sure of a triangle involving Zende, Sarsha and Nicole. Then Nicole, Rick and Maya. Although I do recall a bit of a damp sizzle between the unlikely pair; Maya and Zende.
    Since Sally and Liam are managing mighty well at hooking up under a mountain of dust and rubble, they can probably also do it, inwhich case their first child will be named Barney. Boom boom.

    Or Dusty.

  3. Love the Chariots Of Fire muzak as Liam is pulled from the rubble.

    Lay off the over acting , Grams. This disaster is being milked for all it’s worth( nothing)

    • I think they are going for a new genre; ridiculous. Wait until Stephie finds out she risked her life for that dick who was under concrete and dust, kissing Sally.
      They will all be right as rain in a week or so. Maybe Liam might be a cripple for a bit. Liam in a wheelchair for a while.
      Now they will all blast Bill, not the idjuts for runnning in and out of a demolishion site like a couple of 13 year old kids on a dare.

      • When Sally and Liam fell in love , it hit them like a ton of bricks.

        Ridiculous was Bill levering the slab off of the leg addled lovebird Liam with the equivalent of a toothpick. Agreed, two or three weeks in a wheelchair for Liam. With Sally’s awesome support, he’ll get through it.

        It is wrong to bust only Bill’s ass over this. A lot of cooks made this baleful Bold broth.

        This high rating show rolls like a school pantomime. It’s only twenty one minutes out of our lives.

  4. And see how they are in hospital beds, having had xrays etc, still covered in dust. Bill too! No washcloths available?

  5. Yes, no showers in this hospital. Bill was rejected again by Brooke on her high horse.

    Liam and Sally are reliving the kiss already.

  6. I saw that first title and thought it was Aaron Sanchez from Masterchef. Goes to show how far behind the 8 ball I am!

  7. Bill: “Do call again Brooke. That was so nice”. Bill shouldn’t have ditched Katy. She stuck with him through thick and thin but now her bras are being unhooked by Wipes.
    Stephie: ” I just forking climbed into a demolished building for you, you ungratefully, sulky shirt”.
    Stephie nailed it about the user. If you look at actions over words, Sally has the trifecta; stealing millions of dollars worth of designs, latching onto rich boy Thomas, sucking up all she can drain from Liam, and now going after a married man. I’d say Stephie called it as it is.
    I look forward to Liam and Sally getting together and making a boring couple of whiners. Both of them are always whinging about their victimhood; Sally for having to do it tough, and Liam for having a bad Daddy.

    I didn’t notice; has anyone washed off the soot yet?

  8. I caught yesterday’s episode by accident, when I was waiting for the channel 10 news to come on, and heard Brooke utter an immortal line of dialogue to Bill.

    “I made a vow to you, and I intend to honour it!”

    For those keeping track, that’s the same vow she made to her last twenty husbands before Bill.

    I also had to laugh at the scenes going in parallel. Brooke’s husband and stepson get caught in a building falling down and rushed to hospital seriously injured. So obviously that’s the appropriate time for Brooke to stand around the house and have a long conversation with Katy about Bill’s back-story. What is wrong with these people?

        • If you marry the same man six times … it’s like, geez lady. At some point, you need to sit down and think about your decision-making abilities. Because clearly things are going wrong, there.

  9. Sally is going to corrupt Liam into lying about their sooty kiss. Poor Sally thought she was never gonna see Grams again. We should be so lucky.

    There was a lot of coughing today. Lucky these actors are talented enough to carry it off.

  10. All good comments people. And well done, Sara on the research.

    Dave, I thought of you when Sally and Liam were coughing ate the end of every sentence, knowing how you would have appreciated the realism.

    So now will Liam return the house he lives in to Dollar Daddy?

    I was shouting at the tv, “Liam, tell Stephie”. I want the shiite to hit the fan.

    • Thanks,daisy.(cough) I want Liam to tell Stephie. It will make her plastic pout look even bigger.(cough)

  11. “How’s that workin’ for ya,Liam?”

    Worst “I love you” speech of all time. The final scene is great.

    Liam could get dumped.

    Kenny G have diverted Bill from their mindless tryst in his office.

  12. Ha ha, Lam wants to be moral and do the right thing. You’re supposed to do that before you kiss girls who aren’t your wife. Sally the designer has designs on Liam.
    Wipes should have taken Katie’s advice and stayed sweet with Daddy Dollar because he will be kissing to another tune next week. Maybe Barry White. Maybe Barry Manilow.

  13. Liam telling Stephie, “It was just a situational kiss…or two”, after he led Sally right into am “I love you, Liam” by being her knight in not so shining armour.
    There is about to be another implosion for Liam.

      • Yep, it’s a double, Windsong. Brook &Bill and Liam & Stephie. There are a few others heading that way but they will keep till it’s their turn in a few weeks.

  14. Liam dug a very big grave for himself with his whimpering puppy speech. Made a right spectracle of himself. All the stress made Stephie break out in zits.

    Coco the relationship counsellor.

      • There’s always a plan B. In fact I wonder if Wipes is also going to weigh up his options now that Liam has lost the plot and he, Wipes, is Bill’s better choice for vice president. He might need to put Katie, her purple push-ups and Kenny Gee album on hold.

  15. Stephie had given Liam so much rope with his rescuing Sally, buying her a building, paying for architects, and travelling interstate to see the architects, that when he finally kissed her, he had enough rope for a giant noose. His protestations were as lame as the guy on Dr Phil this week who couldn’t remember all of his affairs. No wonder Stephie was “disgusted”.
    Stephie made a very good counter argument to Liam’s, “We thought we were going to die”, with “You’re supposed to think of your wife with your last breath”. And, “Not that thief!”

    • Liam had a golden opportunity to play the amnesia card, given his history and say he can’t remember the subterranean snog with Sally.

      Stephie says “Oh my God” about a hundred times to make sure we get that she’s “disgusted”. A well timed cough at the end of “Disgusted” would have iced the cake.

      I was almost cleaned up by a car recently, and found there was no time to think of anyone.

  16. Bill’s moved on Stephie like a cockroach onto a crumb.

    Liam gives another appalling mea culpa speech. This time to Wyatt who appears distracted by distant Kenny G sirens. Or is he also literally looking for an opening with Stephie? Yesterday his commitment was rock solid to purple push ups. Always a plan b , just like you said,daisy.

  17. Well wasn’t Coconut the helpful little sister. Sally is holding on tight to her ethics and giving Stephie and Liam space.

    • Wait til Liam finds out about the garbage Bill has been force feeding Stephie. “You’re beyond incredible, yada yada” . Shutu p Bill.

      Is Stephie gonna tell Liam that Bill the bullshit artist said ” I love you” to her? Bill’s stalling ‘cos Stephie’s mascara is running overtime.

      Agonizing scenes with Liam and Wipes. Terrible acting.

      The writers are dragging Bill’s DIY seduction/ grooming of Stephie out like a Cagney death scene.

  18. Wipes hit the nail on the head when he reminded Liam that at no stage did his conscience lead him to returning his house, any of his cars or money to Bill.

  19. None of the scriptwriters could include, ” I just slept with your father, Liam ”

    Well that was an episode.

    • Snap, Sara! I was thinking, I bet Bill didn’t make the bed, but given the activity, better they left it for the maid to wash the sheets.

      I TOLD Bill he was moving too fast. He might have stood a better chance had he taken his time. But aren’t we all guessing that Bill will be needing to have another little sword necklace made up for his next offspring. I hope it’s a girl. I know, Stephie will probably not come to full term, or else just put the child in a borstal at 6 months.
      Do you think, when Liam finds out about last night, he will have to say “You disgust me”, then run off and Trump Stephie’s misdemeanour?

  20. Bitch! Straight from sex with her father in law to renewing her vows. She is far more evil than Liam,s kiss in the rubble. looks like Bill is planning a romantic cruise with her.

  21. Pizza delivery!

    Flashbacks to the dirty deed. A Fistful Of Dollar Bill.

    Liam’s kiss was Play School compared to this.

    Bill might steal Steffy.

      • You won’t want to miss the hastily arranged “vow” renewal. LA vows not worth a pie.

        Eric and Quinn are in matrimonial bliss again, too.

      • No point in telling Liam about it. People make mistakes, like Steffy said. Liam will be a good father to the stallion’s sprog.

    • Eric and Quinn were annoyed that the shower in the guest house had been used and I think that Steffy left some incriminating clues that Charlie and Pam will nouse out eventually. Bad things happen in Eric’s showers.

      Steffy’s morning sickness should kick in next week.

  22. Liam thinks he won the lotto having Stephie agree to blot out his indiscretions with Sally. I am guessing the fresh start won’t count when he discovers Stephie nursed her wounds on Daddy Dollar’s pectorals. (Look it up. It only sounds rude).

    Could Wipes and Katy be any cheesier? Wipe’s voice seems not to have broken so we could tell it was him behind the false moustache. B&B writers should allow viewer suggestions for wipes and Katy’s sex play. I think Wipes should dress up as his Dollar Daddy to see if Katy gets excited. Or maybe he could show up playing a sax. Or Wipes could show up as Mr Whippy, van included.

  23. Liam’s simpering speech is just a prelude to tomorrow’s Thanksgiving bash at the Forresters.(Sheila will turn up)

    Dollar Bill lapped it all up and topped it with an evil look to Steffy while he hugged his imbecilic son.

    More bad news. Rick and Maya are back from Paris.

    • Shocking watching a simpering Liam – we know he’s sorry!! Hadn’t realised rick and maya had been in Paris – wonder where lizzie is.

      • Liam went way too far overboard with his declarations of love for Dollar Daddy. He must really love that beach house.

        I think everyone’s come home for Thanksgiving from Paris , except Zende. We just didn’t see Nicole and Lizzie today.

        Sheila is going to gatecrash.

  24. Clearly Liam had no choice but to put on a lot of simpering and show signs of regret to Stephie and Dollar Daddy or or it might have been the doghouse for him, literally, and we know he likes his beach house.

  25. Could you fit any more criminals and freaks around a table? How many saccharine, ingratiating speeches can a viewer bear? Brooke sandwiched between Bill and Ridge. Even Grams got an invite. Liam and Sally together. Quinn did the seating arrangements. She failed. No cops to eat the food.

    Sheila is still to make an appearance. That’ll liven the joint up. They’ve only just started eating after half an hour of bs. It’s rare to see these LA people eat.

    Maybe Shedevil has poisoned the food. ( except Eric’s)

    • “Brooke sandwiched between Bill and Ridge.”

      Brooke’s often woken from dreams about this exact circumstance.

    • Don’t give up hope. There’s the boring Christmas day lunch. I wonder if Pam will churn out lemon bars again.
      So now that Thorn has arrived, Bill will be shunted so that Thorne and Ridge can make the Brooke sanger. “Huuuh. Must you men fight over me”. Thorne should actually go for Katie, who as far as he knows is wearing her padded purple lingerie and listening to Kenny Gee on her own. BTW, if I was Katie I might consider selling that telescope on ebay. There is something unsettling about a neighbour who has their telescope trained on your outdoor shower, and I should know…I have an outdoor shower. And the answer to the next question is no.

  26. I wondered what Bill and the Spectras were doing at the family lunch. Quinn clearly has no idea about the shenanigans taking place otherwise she’d have arranged the table somewhat differently. I too was waiting for Sheila to make an appearance.

  27. Well a new thorne! I read today that ivy is leaving, wants to try and make it like margot robbie. Liam is doing my head in

  28. Yes, Thorne is back, new and improved, and ready to stick it to Ridge. When he said he need accomodation I was expecting Brooke to offer.
    So Stephie has slept with all of the Spencer men over the age of consent, and Brooke has slept with all of the Forrester men over the age of reason.
    Yes, Sara, I also heard that Ivy had left. She wants a job in acting. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Liam is carrying on like a puppy that wants to be let out for a wee.

  29. Of course Thorne had to move in with Brooke. No room at Eric’s guest house, or wherever it is that Ridge lives. Thomas apartment is empty, and then there is the cabin. And too poor for a hotel room. Strike! Even Sheila can afford a hotel room.

    Pam!!!! Stop listening to Sheila.

  30. I like Brooke’s hair shorter. It looks like she is ready for a fresh start. And a new affair.
    Wipes is more aware than Liam, the bozo. But I think Pam is more stupid than Liam. Yes, I think if there was a stupid trophy for tonight, it would go to Pam. Pam likes talking to a cobra.

    And if there was an award for, “Nothing is going on but I will wear my sexy lingerie to make a sandwich toningt” award, that would go to Brooke.

  31. Dining at Il Gardino is not such a good idea, Eric. Sheila’s still crazy for him and wants the portrait back. LA is such a great city. Sheila has unfinished psychotic business is a certainty. Pam is doing her bidding already.

    Who knew Thorne would return as a talented designer? Then why the polo necked Spock suit?

    Brooke has spied some non existent hanky panky between the great friends Quidge. Thorne is in like Flynn with Brooke after this.

    Welcome back, Ivy.

  32. Good commentary there Dave. I was thinking, “Oh please, can’t the Sheila thing be over. When will they learn?” Also Sheila telling Eric, “It was not my intention to offend you”; no der. Her intention was worse than that.
    The Bold will need to get bolder because they are competing with the Whacky, Desperate & Plump on MAFS. Those newlyweds are making the Bold look not so bold.
    Well noted on the skivvy Dave. How could I have missed it. So Thorn is going for the George Lazenby line.
    Time for me to get a new thread up I think. I would rather see it involve Sheila kidnapping Pam and holding her as ransom for Eric’s heart.
    Stupid Eric missed a vital point yesterday. Remember what happened last time he gave her permission to just pop back and get her things. The old love beast should have told her that he would a courier bring it to her. Oh my goodness Eric, you old fool.
    And doesn’t Brooke cuddling Thorn equal Ridge telling Quinn her chest is beautiful?

  33. Slept through most of today’s ep except for some face to face between Liam and Sally and then dollar Bill and Steffy. Will catch it in the morning.

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