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Not much on TV at the moment so it’s the perfect time for binge watching a series.
I’m hooked on The Leftovers, which I started a few years ago and abandoned after the first season. Seasons two and three are absolute corkers – bizarre, dark and beautifully filmed. Justin Theroux, Ann Dowd (Handmaid’s Tale), Carrie Coon and Amy Brenneman (Judging Amy) are just brilliant.

The basic premise is that, one seemingly ordinary day, 2 per cent of the world’s population vanishes. No one knows where they went and why some people “departed” and others did not.
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  1. Nothing on tv , so I watched The Fugitive for the nth time last night.

    Ch 10 are going so hard with their promos. Surely they’ve lost the plot to cast Apollo in that Bachelor In Paradise show. Make that Beefcake Buffoon In Paradise.

    Think I’m going to watch Married At First Sight and just selected “encores” of MKR. I got nothing against them Ru$$ians. I’ll be “rushin” to change channels when that schtick starts.

  2. Channel 10 put up an advert for the next season of the Bachelor on FB, and I couldn’t help myself by ruffling a few feathers and responding, thusly…

    “Ladies, are you looking for your Five Minutes of Fame? Take a chance on channel ten’s production staff shoving you in front of a camera and hoping for a contrived relationship with a man you’re not – in a million years – actually compatible with in any long-term sense! Apply now for our next trainwreck season of the Bachelor!”

    I felt proud of myself.

  3. Ah, Lee Kernaghan, you look such a fool getting bent out of shape about Australia Day while you’re holding an American geetar, mate. What a galah.

  4. Just finished the first two seasons of The Good Place and have started Dirk Gentlys. It’s nonsense but I enjoyed Younger. We watched Preacher but got sick of it. We enjoyed Good Behaviour. It was watchable but farfetched. We also recently watched Stranger Things S2.
    I have been trying to recall a really good Canadian supernatural show where a young girl walks down to the beach on her 9th birthday with a bit of paperin her hand. A guy with dark curly hair walks along the beach to kill her, but can’t do it. She gets her body taken over by some old guy who was one of a group who have been stealing body’s for centuries.

  5. What did you think of The Good Place Daisy? I really enjoyed it – my 14 year old son and I were big fans of Brooklyn 99 and it’s by that mob, so it was the same kind of style.
    Not a lot else on. The tennis is good, but really the “Russians are Coming” ads for MKR throughout the games are a massive turn off. That and the gambling ads. I am a Cranky Old Woman for sure.
    But I seriously can’t come at another series of MKR, even to read Windsong’s on point comments and understand why they are deadly and amusing.

    • Sorry my reply is late, Brussel. Like Bobi, my routine has been disrupted by school holidays. I loved The Good Place. I am waiting for all of the current season to become available so that I can marathon watch over a couple of night. I hate waiting a week for cliffhanger episodes.
      My favourite characters are Janet, of course (check on line, everyone loves Janaet), and Tahani. I found an on-line quiz where you answer questions to see which TGP character you are and I even got Tahani. 😂
      I’ll find the link later when I have woken up properly.

  6. I, too, am a Dirk Gently and The Good Place fan ❤️. My concentration span is small at the moment and I am having difficulty hooking in to anything. Even The Fixer Upper is not pressing my buttons and that is my fall back. Colin and Justin’s Home Heist was a bit of fun for a while and then wore thin.
    I did bing watch The Moody’s Christmas – that was a blast – and Canada’s Worst Drivers was a joy, as long as I was knitting or cooking 🍳 at the same time.
    I am out of routine. Maybe when school holidays are over and tv is only for a couple of hours a day, can I get back to appreciating the escapism.

  7. Ursula Le Guin died. I am heart-broken. 💔 One of my favourite authors. She wrote one of my favourite books. 📖📚😢

    • I was just going to say that I saw that.

      Shock, gasp, horror. The thing that we all knew had already happened was confirmed to have happened. The relationship lasted 4 months? My last relationship lasted long than that. And so the Bachelor franchise is 4 from 8. What a great average.

    • Stu feels love when he looks into a mirror. He didn’t have to go on The Bachelor.

      And good on Sophie for not airing her dirty laundy in public.

    • Im not convinced they were ever really together. Any footage or photos of them in public never looked genuine. They might not have had a contract to stay together but I’m sure it was better for both of their reputations to keep up appearances for a while.

      • Sophie can’t go crawling back to Jarrod, either, ‘cos he’s taken.

        I think it was done and dusted when Stu said “vasectomy” . That’s a lot of baggage to bring to the table.

        • I don’t know why the producers even contemplated Stu. They knew she wanted a family. In fact, all the choices were poor. She really had nowhere to go.

        • not sure how taken jarrod is thou… he and keira seem to be keeping up appearances also.
          maybe she should have given it a go with ‘polar opposite’ (her words), James.

        • Sophie went in looking for a guy she could marry, and a guy she have could kids with.

          She picked the guy who was already married, and who’d had a vasectomy.

          I’m not sure who this reflects most badly on — Sophie and her choice in blokes, channel 10’s commitment to finding true love, or the viewers for watching this nonsense.

          But it doesn’t say anything good, does it?

  8. Escape to the Country:
    Lots to think about
    Ticks all the boxes
    Ticks a lot of the boxes
    Something quirky
    A large country kitchen
    I was thinking you could knock out this wall…….
    Now would this suit your mum?
    Is this a compromise you could make?

  9. There was a match up this week. Dr Phil and Law and Order did a Munchausen by proxy story + murder. So sad. That young girl should have gotten off after her mum ruined her health by feeding her unnecessary drugs all her life. I haven’t watched allDr Phil yet but I saw enough. I will watch tonight with W.

  10. I watched Dr Phil today for the first time in the ages.
    The camera flicked for the second to DrPhil’s mrs. I got such a fright. What has she done to her face? Lordy, lord. And she seems to have lost a tonne of weight until she is just skin and bone. Maybe that’s why her face is so scary.
    I’m not anti (I’ve been known to have the odd Botox or so) but people seriously have to know when to stop.

  11. Phillip K. Dick series on Stan. Each ep is a stand alone. Some are better than others. Iwld give them about a 7/10 average, but quite watcheable.

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