General chat – Feb 2018

Time for a new general chat thread.
Mr Juz and I are continuing our Battlestar Galactica rewatch. We tried to start the newly dropped Netflix sci-fi show, Altered Carbon last night, but decided after a few minutes that it required more concentration than we had on a Friday night during a heatwave.
I am catching up on the last few seasons of Vikings, having just passed the death scene of a major character whose presence will be sorely missed. And I’m now up to date on Star Trek Discovery, although disappointed that after some parallel universe action we are back in a universe full of Klingons, when past storylines involving them were heavy going indeed.
What’s everyone else watching?



  1. Okay, it is funny to read “heatwave” while at the same time, everything here went batshit crazy due to some snow. 😀 Meaning no busses, trains, no proper winter service. Hundreds of people having to sleep in a mall because they could not get home, the Seine also was bringing some flood action to Paris in the last few weeks.
    Some impressions:
    It all looked beautiful and tranquil but then at the same time, we could not even get to work.^^

    PS: Through with Altered Carbon (also read the book ages ago). It is pretty good, but a whole lot of gore and nudity.^^

    • It certainly is surreal to hear about the cold causing so much disruption in France. I am having trouble watching the winter olympics because seeing people wearing so many clothes just makes my skin crawl with sweat and heat. Forecast is for mid-30s today, not quite heatwave but nearly, and two of the kids are playing trial games. Hope the coaches use common sense.

      A little while ago I recorded Indian Summers, and I am up to about ep 7 and really enjoying it. I suspect it may be a little more drama than accurate history, but the time around India achieving independence is a complete mystery to me, so it is great to be learning something as well as being gripped by the story.

      • Mid 30s is practically heat wave for us here.^^ Last summer we had a few days with 38 °C and it was sooooooo awful. We are not used to heat nor cold. It is quite mild clima here usually.

        PS: Still loving your avatar. <3 Diana Gabaldon is in Paris in March for the Paris Book Fair, hope I can make it there!

  2. Thanks Juz for starting a new thread. I knew we would get along when I read you are a Trekkie. My favourite series is ST Voyager which is currently being screened on 5 to 6 pm nightly on One. Katherine Janeway is my favourite captain. Picard was up himself and Kirk was before my time. SBS have had a good documentary on Engineering in Space on a Saturday. That’s been great to watch.
    Watched 2 seasons of The Crown on Netflix and my friend recommends Trollies on Stan.

    Not watching a lot of The Olympics as Channel 7 coverage is woeful. Am not interested in a long interview with our bobsled team who will probably come 69th !

    • There was an interview with the aerial skier ⛷that, I swear, went on for hours.
      I know she’s special but surely she is not our only winter Olympian.
      I kept tuning in and out in the hope that my suffering would end but, in the end, didn’t bother coming back at all.

    • Love Voyager but I also love Picard – that beautiful, rich voice. Let’s just pretend DS9 never happened. Zhee, I have only been in Paris in the summer so it is so strange to see it covered in snow. Hope you are toasty warm. We had three days in a row of about 40 so such a relief to have 26 today. I may actually do some baking as have not felt like going near the oven. Or I could just keep shotgunning episodes of Vikings, which is what I’m doing as I type this.

      • Aaah France in summer, so beautifi, so hot, l but no aircon unless you stay in an apartment owned by Brits and then maybe. I guess the French don’t want their beautiful old buildings ruined by AC untis.

        • Aircons are not very European in general. I never lived in an apartment with AC. If you have one, it is usually a portable one. Office buildings have them, but like the one at work, you want to bash it to death as it stinks, makes you sick and just annoys you. 😉

      • But DS9 is the best one. Proper character development, a real story arc. VOY was so boring and sterile, same as TNG. Not even Patrick Stewart could save it. Or The Doctor on VOY. Nothing could make up for having bland Harry Kim. Most unnecessary Star Trek character ever. DS9 had Quark and Odo, their bickering was epic. It had Garak!

        • I like Kira on DS9 but just never warmed to Cisco. On Voyager I hated Neelix and Cass. Loved the Doc – he turns up everywhere now. Discovery has done well to introduce a character from another race who isn’t irritating. But the new Klingons suck

  3. I have started watching “Game of Thrones”. I always get into a trend late, but I’ve been homebound with some serious medical issues over the summer holidays, and it was either that or cricket (eugh). I don’t like the violence, but it’s written well enough, and very engaging, character-wise.

    There’s a season seven marathon on cable, today, so that’s my day sorted.

        • You’re not wrong. Honestly, the less said, the better.

          But I tell you. Summer is the worst season to be stuck at home watching television. The only thing worse than watching the cricket? Listening to the cricket commentators. Because cricket is such a dull game, the commentators don’t have much to talk about, so they have to talk about whatever inane thing pops into their heads, to fill the silence. And it’s like, if I wanted to listen to an inane rambling monologue, I’ve already got that inside my own head.

          • I know. If I want inanity I can just watch an episode of reality tv, not hear cricket commentators talk utter drivel. They are deeply unfunny and uninteresting. The only thing deep about them actually. You poor thing.

      • I think that coming in late has really helped. Because I can temper my expectations. I know not to pick a favourite character, because chances are, something awful will happen to them. And everyone else they’ve ever met or known or spoken to.

        The violence is just so ridiculous and over-the-top that it’s hard to take it seriously. You sit down, and you just have to ask yourself, “So which characters are going to bite it this week?” So yeah, it’s just hard to take it seriously.

        But I like the politics of the show. All these people are fighting for the Iron Throne … when in fact, it’s the army of ice-zombies, slowly heading south, that are the real problem that needs to be dealt with, but everyone is too busy infighting. And how the plot flows out from there.

        Plus, there’s dragons. Dragons are cool.

        • Hey Windsong hang in there. I know a thing or two (or seventeen) about being housebound due to medical issues but at least we live in the age of the internet and have talkingtv to keep us sane.
          All my good wishes that you are on the mend and able to bust loose of home soon.

        • As many of us know, we hold each others’ hand through tough times and illness. And that’s what we are doing for you now Windsong.

        • oh golly Windsong, I AM sorry you are having a tough trot. I hope it doesn’t last too long. Given you are not well I really think you might need to rethink continued watching of MKR – could be impacting your recovery!

          Talking of late to the party our 16 year old daughter has been watching Riverdale and I have finally caught a few episodes and it’s actually kind of fun in a “High School Musical meets poor-man’s Twin Peaks” sort of way. Plus, it’s got these 80s and 90s stars like Luke Perry and Molly Ringwald playing the parents of the school kids, which is an interesting curiosity to older people like me. Let’s just say that Molly’s plastic surgeon will not be getting a lot of calls based on her appearance here.

          • Riverdale is kind of fun to see all your old characters that you loved, turn a bit weird. But I didn’t get into series 2 yet.

      • Thanks for the good thoughts. As for mending? Check back in about July, or so. Yeah, it’s been a rough couple of months.

        • Oops I should have finished reading before I commented. Still my good thoughts go to you, they’ll just be going to you for longer than I expected.
          Stay positive and if you start to get down the crew here are amazing for bringing you out of it.

  4. Sending you strength vibes for your health to improve, Windsong.

    I guess I’m the only one who only has free-to-air tv. I can’t be bothered with the set-up, more cords, and extra cost to have anything else. Last night I watched Bone Tomahawk on Viceland, for the first time. It was pretty good. I was expecting, from the reviews, more blood and gore. When the truly gory scene came on, I was yelping and covering my mouth with my hands and almost gagged. Excellent gore!

    I read if television is too crappy. My current kick is Ruth Rendell, because her books always have weird twists and slightly odd characters. Unfortunately, someone who has the same tastes as me also goes to the same library. He/she dog ears every page on the left hand side. If a book is worn from continual reading, that”s fine, but bending the corners of pages pisses me off.

    • I have foxtel Von but haven’t even turned it on in months, so you’re not missing much. Netflix is good for a bit of binging.
      I love Ruth Rendell too, it would drive me crazy to find dog eared books – so disrespectful. You probably know already but just in case, Ruth Rendell also wrote as Barbara Vine. Worth a look at your library and with a bit of luck the book vandal hasn’t made the link.

    • No, you are not the only one with only FTA. Spending extra money on anything else is just not a priority at this point, and frankly, I often wish we watched less tv anyway. Having more options would only make us watch more! (I suppose that is the point of the marketing around streaming 🙂

  5. Just reading this because I’ve slept all of last night (missed every reality show) and well into today. I took two Endones and nearly wound up in the endzone.

    I’m with you, Von. Just free to air. Someone told me how to cheat and watch Netflix but I can’t be bothered. I’ll read books of musical criticism and try to remember to keep the dog and myself medicated.

    For some years now, I’ve dispensed with sporting commentary and play my favourite music instead. Ditto with other shows. I love it now accustomed to it. Mute button is your friend and captions rock. I haven’t even heard the so called hideous MKR voice over yet.

    Best wishes to you Windsong. Keep the humour coming.

    Now I’m off to read the comments on the shows I missed.

  6. I am very precious about loaning books. Been burned too many times. I think we can all relate. Now lenders have to give me the oldest child as deposit. 😁

    • Burned many times myself.

      Even bought replacement copies for myself because I know it will be YEARS before I see the original……if ever.

      Six billion people on the planet and I’ve met one I feel safe lending a book to.

      • Same. Worse when your friend does return your book and says, “Sorry about the yoghurt”. I had to repurchase Raj by Gita Metha. And this was bad; Woolif telling me the ending to A Fine Balance. It’s a thing I have spent our whole married life trying to train him out of.

    • Yep, me too.
      I am also a library-disliker (was going to say “hater” but that’s a bit strong). I really don’t like reading books that I don’t own, I don’t like plastic covering, or labels etc. I prefer to buy a book (or e-book) and if I like it, I will re-read so it goes on the shelf, or if I don’t like it or don’t think I will re-read, I give it away.

      • I am a member of the library and I borrow all my ebooks online.
        They also have a range of audiobooks, so I can do two things at once.
        Never have to go in, never have to leave the house.

  7. Sending you healing vibes Windsong. It’s so hard being unwell. Enjoy Game of Thrones.

    Have been up at my sisters farm for the past couple of days. Cuddled and looked after seven small kittens which were dumped. People are the worst! Will be adopting two of them.

    As for DS9 , didn’t like Cisco or Kira but loved Rene’s (he could dissolve into liquid)
    character and also the squabbling Quark and his brother.

  8. Mr 5 became Mr 6 today, but he could not wait for his cake and a 120cm-tall mouse nibbled it in the fridge last night. And yet it still looks better than much of what’s been served on MKR.

  9. Hope you are feeling better Windsong. I like GOT. I’m listening to the audio books and lots of differences compared to the TV series. The books are very long winded and get boring at times.

  10. Saw “Black Panther”. It was a LONG movie. Not the worst Marvel film, not the best either, just OK. If you go be sure to sit through the credit roll because there are two additional scenes.

  11. Juz, I watched ST Discovery. I only liked two of the episodes. The only character I somewhat liked was Saru. Didn’t like any of the others. Sonequa Martin-Green miscast, IMO. She was better as a Zombie although the way she emotes and acts it’s as if she is one of the Walking Dead. 🙂 Thought the finale was rushed and was also, for the most part, illogical. The best part of the finale was the last 2 mins or so. Can only hope that season 2 will be better.

    • The best bit was the alternate universe. The Klingon holy stuff is all urgh. The Sonequa character I think is hampered by the”raised a Vulcan” background which just makes her seem so wooden. I like Tilly and the spore doctor guy and also Saru. And the evil emperor is fun – it was good to see her towards the end

      • Agree with you that the alternate universe episodes were better than the others. What is with the Klingons and the way they looked?
        Actress who played Georgiou was better as the evil emperor than the Capt.
        Maybe Sonequa is acting wooden because of the Vulcan background but I didn’t think she was very good in “The Walking Dead” either.
        Interesting to see how they move forward based on the finale. Will we see Spock in season 2?

    • So far, all the first seasons of a Star Trek show kind of sucked. I hope the second season improves, I guess it will. Saru and the chief engineer were my faves. I was soooo sad when they killed off his husband. I knew something bad was gonna happen, but it was just so abrupt. Tilly is a bit of the comedic relief, but she is a likeable character. Sad to see Ash go, I thought the actor was cute. 😛 But it made sense and he was just the catalyst for Michael to develop her human side further and dive into positive emotions. In the beginning her understanding of logic and rational thinking caused this mess basically and it made sense that dhe was the one resolving it in a Star Trek way. I know a lot of people hate the ending, but it makes sense. The Admiral and Sarek where in war, lost so much, for her most likely a broken heart every day. So the Discorvery comes back, they were not involved in all of what the rest wentbthrough, so yeah, it was easier for them all to have more distance and stick to the Prime directives.
      Regarding DS9, it didn’t do well because of Sisko, it was the crew around him. I always found the main actor to be ridiculously over the top. And that with the dubbed version I grew up with. So last year, when DS9 came to Netflix, I rewatched all of it in English. And it was even worse with his silly over acting. Afterwards I was bored and watched a docu on Netflix called The Captains. Sorry, but the Sisko actor is not only a bad actor, he also is a total nutjob. I had to fast forward his interviews as I could not watch it.
      Patrick Stewart was sometimes over acting too, but I know he was mainly a stage actor, I feel the same with Ian McKellen. They have so much more presence, just sometimes put too mich into their scenes. BUT they are not bad actors at all.

      • Picard was my favorite Capt. When it comes to overacting, Shatner wins the prize.
        DS9 was not my favorite ST series but there were some very good episodes. Two of them that come to mind are the one with Tony Todd as Sisko’s son and the one when Sisko finds himself in the past as a sci-fi writer. For humor, the one where Quark and family wind up in Roswell, NM in the 1940s. I re-watched the entire series recently and liked it better the second time around. Also re-watched ST: Enterprise and no change in my opinion…didn’t like it. Favorite character…Porthos, the Beagle. 🙂

  12. I found a great reality show on SBS at 1.30 am last night. It’s called Adam Looking For Eve.

    It’s a next level dating show. The contestants start out naked on a tropical island paradise. You really have to see it to believe it.

  13. Harry likes to lay flat bellied on the floor “coolin’ the cooch”. I don’t want that on my floor so I say, “Legs Harry”, and he quickly looks suitably ashamed then swizzles them together. None of this bonking the cushions stuff. On the plus side, he can drive.

  14. Would you believe, I finally watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” for the very first time the other night. I recorded it from before Christmas, knowing that everyone else in the world has watched and loved it except me.
    Well, I did love it. It is sentimental and a little schmaltzy but somehow it is all done so skillfully that it works. Will definitely be watching again.

      • My family are steeped in “Anne”. She is part of the fabric of our lives and my sister, aunt and mum can all quote large parts of the books. It has been wonderful in recent years to discover some of LM Montgomery’s lesser know works. My absolute favourite non-Anne book is The Blue Castle.

        There was a lot of talk about this new, darker version but I can’t go there at all. The author quite deliberately treated serious subjects with a light touch, and I feel that these new producers are using clod-hopping boots to trample upon all the subtlety of the narrative. Anyway, Megan Followes is Anne, Jonathan Crombie is Gilbert – full stop.

        • I hear you. I tried to give the new one a go ( didn’t mind it being a little dark) but found the new ‘Anne’ so annoying that I stopped after 15 minutes.
          It takes some extra talent to be chirpy without being precocious.

      • Donna Parker series as a kid. I loved that she knew how to co ordinate her wardrobe when packing for summer camp. No blue with green. Somebody should tell the grass and sky.

    • The doglets have learned not to chase them, either by failure to catch or by me saying, “No, the birds are our friends” I especially love maggies.

      • We found a budgerigar in our front yard last week and have since adopted her (there’s no ID or anything, so we can’t exactly return her). Our cattle dog bounces between being terrified of this chirpy feathery little thing, keeping a wary eye on her (in her cage which is nice and high) or possibly planning to eat her. We can’t tell. The bird, however, doesn’t seem to give two hoots about the dog.

    • Love these. Pretty sure twins are expected on the top right!

      DD is marrying a twin in a few weeks time, who was born around the same time as I had my twins. I saw a photo of the mum at 35 weeks, and it was almost identical to a photo of me at the same stage with just a different colour dress. It is amazing to remember how huge you are – triplets must be just debilitating.

  15. Just when you thought the weather chaos is over and it is about to be spring, the weather forecast says Naaaaahhhhh! Episode de grand froid incoming. First it was 2 days of snow storm. Now we are at 5 days of heavy snow fall. -10°C, in Germany it will be even -20. I cannot remember such cold since I had been a child. Or so much snow. Weather here is quite mild, except for maybe a few days in summer with 35 to 38°C. I still hope the forecast will change for next week.^^

  16. Won’t be long now and I’ll have Robbie Williams blasting in the back door. The climax to another petrol head love in here in Adelaide.

  17. Bogans do tend to like things like Robbie Williams, Pink, Adele… oh well.
    Theres a ‘new’ gordon ramsay on thursday, something about cocaine. He’s really expanded his tv shows these days, maybe he could start a Dr-Phil-style anger management show?

  18. Look at what a clean out turned up. A 30 year old me, in my nightie (no money for negligees) making pastry in an old country kitchen.

  19. My favourite crime writer, Peter Temple died. And just the other day I was complaining that he was taking too long to publish his next novel – seems this is the reason why.
    I am a little sad for me. How shallow am I.

    • I’m sure he would take it as a great compliment that your first thought on hearing of his death, was sadness that you wouldn’t get to read any more of his novels.

      That’s not shallow at all, but a tribute to his writing.

  20. I made this up for art today. When yr grandkids or kids want something to do get them to draw and decorate a lizard then paste it’s feet, hands, head and tail to cardex. You can add some decorations, such as leaves to the card.

  21. OMG I am just watching That Sugar Film. No wonder people are getting fatter and having diseases. And so sad to see coke introduced to remote Aboriginal communities of people who formerly ate sugar to the equivalent of two lollies per year. It’s like murder by sugar.

  22. Anybody see the trailer for the Olivia Newton-John miniseries? I can’t believe that they really thought that Delta could pull off the sweet demeanor of Olivia. She is more suited to Stockard Channing (Rizzo). And the actor playing John Travolta doesn’t look right either.

    I think why they had such success with Molly (apart from the brilliant Samuel) was that while he had a unique personality, he was an “everyman” in looks, so it was relatively easy to capture his look. Olivia and John are both distinct in their looks and facial expressions – almost impossible to replicate.

    • Yeah, I’ve caught the previews for that, the last couple of nights of MKR.

      I don’t really care that much about either Olivia Newton-John or Delta to really want to watch either. I mean, is every vaguely-famous Australian celebrity due to get their own dramatic miniseries? I didn’t even watch Molly’s, so I’m pretty sure I won’t be watching this one.

  23. Spent last night watching ALL of Tabla Rasa. Went to bed at 3.00am. I just couldn’t come to the end of an ep that didn’t leave me wanting more.

  24. Did anyone watch Show Me The Movie? I started to watch it, but Rove was so frantic with excitement that he made me tired. Dude needs to calm down and stop acting as though he has been popping amphetamines and washing them down with strong coffee.

    I like Joel Creasey and may give it another chance in a few weeks. But I think it will be like the Hughsey show, would have made a sort of watchable half hour show, but an hour of it is just too much.

    I’m getting really tired of encore performances. Is any show so good that it needs to be shown three times a week?

    • I agree: Less Rove, more questions. It was a bit forced and overly jovial but hopefully things will settle down after a few episodes. Joel and Jane are good choices for team captains.

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