MKR – Round 2 – the truffle farmers

Blurb says: Back by popular demand, truffle farmer Henry and his sister Anna are set to open the first Instant Restaurant of Group 2 on their family farm in Tasmania. Henry’s hot property, but can he cook?

Seven must figure he will generate social media buzz for them but will he actually be able to cook, though? Yeah, I reckon he and sis will do well. And it’s nice to have a bit of fun after all the bitchiness of the first round



  1. Henry and Anna are lovely people.

    If they are doing an ad, it will mean they didnt win.

    Many of the RD 2 contestants are very opinionated.

    Very sexist. If it was the other way round, where the male contestants are eyeing and oohing at a female contestant, it will be 3rd world war

    • They are just lovely, I want to adopt them both.
      Poor Henry, it’s going to be a long round of IRs for him but at least he has Anna to protect him.
      I agree that it’s totally unnecessary for them to treat Henry like he’s a piece of meat. You’re so right about the outcry there would be if he was treating them so inappropriately.

  2. PS: methinks Henry has similar looks to Prince Frederik of Denmark, husband of Tassie’s Princess Mary. The good looking boy next door rather than a wasted rock star!

  3. Ooh, Manu doesn’t agree with me re additions to soz, but then I usually disagree with his disposition towards a flood of soz.

    • “Lifelong friends” whose journeys cross on these shows like to do this. You failed at cooking, so you get a kitchen pity party bursting with platitudes like “You can do it!”

      If this is “taking it to a whole new level”, it’s open to cheating and sabotage and not just by the producers as usual..

  4. Good lord, even the show announcer is in on the action, introducing the viewing audience to, “Australia’s hottest truffle farmer!” And let’s be fair. That’s a very small sample of the population. I imagine the show announcer died a little on the inside, reading that out.

    Anyway. Objectification aside … how freaking adorable are these two? They seem to have a really healthy and respectful working relationship, and Anna is amazing. I love her almost as much as Henry (in a different way, to be fair).

    Actually, what I really noticed was the truffle farm. The house was a gorgeous old brick mansion, and the farm grounds looked so picturesque and beautiful. I loved the sweeping shots of those lines of oak trees outlined in the morning mist.

    Gosh, I hope they can cook.

  5. Cut the crumble into the portions & then cut off the burnt peaks with kitchen scissors, like I just did with the toast to go with my salad!

    • Me too Big H!
      Good food, nothing stomach turning regarding hygiene, no false or deluded claims about their ability and all around decent young folk.
      Brie and truffle is probably my favourite combo of all time, first time I’ve ever wanted to taste the food exactly as the cooks made it.
      Go Team Tassie Truffles!

    • Agreed. If there’s a downside to the Truffles it was the inevitable dead Pop inspiring their tilt. Then again, dead relatives (and their legendary to die for recipes) get a lot of airtime and pathos for the teams cheap enough to use the ruse.

      Never eaten a truffle.

  6. Hallelujah, they can cook.

    I thought the fawning over Henry was a little over-the-top (Jordanian girls, seriously, if even I’m telling you to tone it down, then you need to tone it down a little), but I think we knew what we were getting in for when Channel 7 drafted him for the season specifically because everyone last year found him so attractive. Henry’s reaction just made him more adorable though. And I’m actually looking forward to Anna going into “protect” mode, tomorrow night. I think Anna’s the gem of the season, so far, to be honest.

    Pity they messed up the dessert, but everything else looked like it was a win. And while they were terrifyingly picky, at least the Russians scored fairly enough. I thought Mario and Luigi scored the most harshly.

    Tomorrow night, more drama! Yaaaaaay. One of the Russian girls calls one of the Jordanian girls “little and annoying” (triggering off a microscale international incident around the table). That could be funny if you’ve known somebody for years, but not funny if you’ve known them for two nights. What is wrong with these people?

    • Ditto!
      Couldn’t said any of that better.
      Anna is going to be super fun at the table. I think she’ll provide the wry and amusing comments without any nastiness.

  7. Three cheers for the Tassie pair. Two weeks into MKR season 2018 and a team can cook, didn’t run late and they were SUPER organized in the kitchen! Their parents business will probably pick up loads of new customers too. Brother and sister feature on their website. How many calls will they get on their mobile number (listed on website)? lol They sell truffle products but I didn’t see any option to buy actual truffles.

  8. Tomorrow we have Muriel I mean Mariel I mean Gemma.
    Such fair scores so far. I bet Anna was seething on the inside about the burnt crumble. They shouldn’t let the other teams in the kitchen it’s not fair at all.especially when they are wearing such ill fitting clothes. Did anyone else notice Sonia talking like a ventriloquists doll through her smile?

  9. That was so awkward when the man eaters went into the kitchen. Glad all
    The scores were all decent. Is this another bait and switch, where the Russians are promoted as the enemy but it turns out to another team. Henry and Anna will end up with their own cooking segment on some lifestyle show, no matter how far they go. Tourism Tasmania will sign them up nd, hopefully, they will sell heaps of truffles

    • I have to admit, I really like “man eaters” as a nickname for the Jordanian girls. But I saw someone on FB referring to the Russians as Boris and Igor, which also had me chuckling.

      I think Henry wouldn’t know what hit him with the girls, but I think it’s probably a good thing that he’s got his sister by his side. He doesn’t seem like he knows how to deal with the obvious attention, but I think Anna could sort them out, quick smart. That’d be fun to watch, actually.

      • I hope they can cook as it would be great to have Middle Eastern food on the show, hot on the heels of the success of the Shahrouk girls on Family Food Fight. But it looks like they have been cast as pot stirrers only

  10. Pete and Manu seemed happy they didn’t have to eat pig swill for once.

    Some nice people were actually cooking on MKR. It’ll take me a couple of days to get over this and digest it..

  11. I was prepared to be constantly annoyed at this pair and the constant truffle jokes, but I was pleasantly surprised. Henry seemed genuine and took his cooking seriously. I liked his sister a lot too, so this casting gamble has paid off.

  12. A team that can cook! So happy! But… if Henry were a girl and the guys would go full on, we’d all be screaming how inappropriate that is, especially with all the metoo debates right now. Personally I think it’s very, very embarassing to drool over a guy like the army dude does over venison. Why are the women behaving like they haven’t seen a man for ages? Pathetic.
    But all in all I like this group better and my guess is that it’s not the Russians that will be excused from the table. Still torn between the Falafel-girls and the arrogant and boring version of Tasia & Gracia to be the real villains of this round.

    Oh… and can anybody tell me…. are Henry & Anna truffel farmers from the country? I’m not quite sure if they told us that they are truffel farmers from the country. Are they really truffel farmers from the country? 😀

    • Heh, Rhubarbara, I noticed that too. About the 10th time that was said, I kind of yelled at the tv, “Okay, truffle farmers from the country, we know!”. Then I felt bad for yelling at such lovely young people. But then I remembered we don’t know each other, so what the hell.

  13. What a relief. A team that can actually cook and other teams that are scoring fairly at this point. I was pleasantly surprised. Enough with the love connection, though. There isn’t any.

  14. I had a look at comments here last night and decided to watch. Now I’m trying to get my head around there being a team on MKR who seem very nice and who can cook. I’ve never had truffle, but badly wanted whipped brie with truffle, spread on home made bread, after seeing that.

    The women who are so blatantly yearning for Henry’s attention need to rein that crap in, right now. It’s offensive and sexist and seems to make him uncomfortable. Mind you, although he looks 18, Henry is 26, and he should be able to rebuff them quickly and politely. Perhaps he is as unworldly as he’s presented, and that’s why little sister will need to jump in and defend him.

    I’m sure the attention-seeking women are edited and encouraged to act like Rottweilers slobbering over a packet of bacon, but it adds nothing to the show and is…unseemly. I don’t think I’ve ever used that word before but it fits here. Could we not just have gone into Round 2 without some ridiculous hook?

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