MKR – Sun – The Plastics cook

The Plastics cook tonight (and, please, let’s hope they actually can cook).
The blurb says: The elimination showdown is decided in the final Instant Restaurant of Group 1. Sisters Jess and Emma are promising a lip-smacking menu. But with old rivals out to settle a score, will they deliver?



  1. This menu is so far the best sounding, everything I would actually order at a restaurant. Hope they can cook well.

    10 points to the editors for playing that ‘Lips are Moving’ song during the girls IR setup haha.

    Thank GOD Stella has fixed that atrocious hairdo.

  2. Hi big h. With Stella’s hair pulled back she is totally chanelling princess Beatrice. My lord.
    Plastics not good so far.
    Did it say they live in Sydney?
    Must be very outer Sydney from the external veneer if their house

  3. Oh man. I’m only ten minutes in and I’m already annoyed. And they’re cooking homemade ravioli. When has that ever ended well on this show?

    You know, after the first episode, I told myself that I wouldn’t watch this season. But then, every year, MKR tells us that they’re a cooking show. So I guess disappointment abounds.

  4. “We’re beautiful souls, every single one of us!”

    Well, we know which guest has gotten stuck into the champagne early.

  5. Honestly, it’s such a close call for the most annoying contestant but I think for me it’s Rachael. I think her bad behaviour has been somewhat excused because she’s young but that squeaky little voice sending out its barbs or laughing inappropriately has me reaching for the mute button.

    • I think she’s just trying to impress Roula by saying things that Roula wants to hear.

      Did you notice Rachel’s look of righteous indignation when the waitresses pointed out that, actually, that feud was hardly one-sided because RnR’s behaviour has also been pretty deplorable?

      • Yes and the waitress was really diplomatic in the way she said it. But Roula’s the type that can’t take any criticism no matter how constructive.

        • No, and the thing about Roula is that Rachel has to keep sucking up to her. Because the second Rachel starts thinking for herself, or voicing her own opinions, or disagreeing with Roula … then Roula will discard her like trash and move on to someone else. The sad thing is, Rachel has probably watched Roula do that to other people, because narcissists like Roula have a pattern and they tend to stick to it.

  6. Why bother to get the teams to score. Now the scoring is not about food. Might as well just give 1 for every meal

        • The main hadn’t been served when I typed that and it was truly awful. It looked really unpleasant and apparently didn’t taste much better (except for Manu’s steak).
          I have no great hope for the second group, the way Ch 7 have carried on about the competitiveness of the Russians (and the appalling stereotyping).

  7. I’m still not sure how the waiters ended up on the bottom of the leader board. Yes their main and dessert were bad, but their entree was good enough to score 10s. In my opinion the worse 2 teams were the Dads and poor hopeless Matt and whoever his partner is.

    Also runners up for most annoying (behind R&R), in no particular order is Steve for his passive/aggressive “pal” and Matt whose diary segments are becoming embarassing. He can’t cook and he also has very little food knowledge, yet he is becoming more vocal about the other teams.

    • Even the scoring this round was pretty worthless. The waitresses were worried about cooking against the Plastics (but not remotely worried about cooking against hopeless Ash and Matt. Ouch), so they scored the Plastics high marks. RnR (predictably) scored the girls for their personalities, while Ash and Matt scored low in the attempt to get themselves off the bottom of the ladder (which failed).

      Teams without any inherent agenda scored the Plastics 5s and 6s, so at least there was that.

  8. I think the editing team was having far too much fun with the Plastic Sisters tonight.

    Every time one of them said, “I’m falling apart,” or “We’re crumbling!” or “I’m so deflated”, it sounded like they were talking about their cosmetic procedures. It made me giggle a little.

    Having said all that, at least they got a higher score than RnR.

    • Windsong, Yep, the one and only positive of this episode was the stunned expression on RnR’s faces.
      Who uses a stick blender to make mashed potato? F**k, every bloody cooking show tells you that they will turn to glue. As for the red wine jus, perhaps I missed something….I’m sure they bought beef bones that were the base of it? Did they forget? How many people would trust the minimum wage teenager behind the Coles meat counter, to slice 16 x 200gram portions equally – by sight?

  9. I can’t believe I’m happy the Plastics beat RR. This was a horrible round, but if it were any fair, Kirsten Dunst and her clueless lover and the Dads would be in the bottom. Apropos the dads, they kinda make me hate them. Even more after reading that they think they are “made to be on TV or in the publicity”. Fame whores.

    RR are some nasty piece of work. Really makes me hate watching #mkr, which was my happy place from all the negativity I encounter being politically active. But looking at them all I can think of is a popular slogan: Please don’t call them cunts, they are neither warm nor deep enough for that.

    Also: anybody who followed mkr news beforehand, has to know how the elimination cook-off will go, since there are still stories to be told. Also: who the fuck thinks Stella (who singlehandedly is my fave person on mkr this year) and Jazzy could cook worse than that clueless poor bastard Matty? And which adult WOULD LET HIMSELF BE CALLED MATTY? Ugh, I really should watch something else.

  10. Sure scores are probably manipulated somewhat but to allow a team to openly state we’re going crazy strategic and going to give them a 9 (50%+ higher than any other score), that’s just gone beyond jumping the shark. Sure R&R weren’t big fans but at least a 3 was semi acceptable (if they gave a 1 then that would be more of an issue).

    Can already tell you the refugee mum’s won’t get far… they’ll be eaten alive at some point, all the drama and manipulation will eventually get to them and they’ll just have a brain explosion and cook poorly and then bow out just to regain their sanity.

    Something got to me with the cheesecake… I bake a lot.. and noticed how the base was put in the tin (up the sides in a rustic fashion) and also the level of the batter poured in. When the cheesecake was pulled out, couldn’t see the base on the sides any longer and the height of the cheesecake seemed proportionally higher to the level of batter even factoring souffle rise (as they did a dry heat bake). Also considering they used philladelphia from the plastic tub as oppossed to the blocks tells me something is fishy. I suspect to ensure their survival some pre-bought cheesecakes found their way in.

  11. Don’t get how S&S are not on the bottom and in the elimination round with knows nothing about cooking & his partner. I hope that the waitresses win the elimination round.
    Wish that the wannabe gangstas would be eliminated. It’s torture watching them. They keep calling the Plastics mean girls but seems like they are actually talking about themselves. R&R are two very ugly people….mean, rude, nasty, etc.

  12. My, didn’t they all have their mean person hats on last night. Italian bros, if “pasta is in your veins”, why didn’t you make a perfect pasta dish at your IR? Vietnamese mum, did you feel hypocritical when you tried to turn the discussion into a Kumbaya moment, since you were the rude person who asked a Plastic if her face was natural? Steve, are you ever genuine? Squeaky-voiced bitch, as soon as you whined that your steak wasn’t well done, I’d have picked up that piece of meat and smooshed it into your sour face. Roula…was her usual vile self. Almost everyone had a nasty little dig at someone else. Only the waiter showed a bit of maturity when she called Roula out on her two-faced bullshit. Pete saying “wow” over the ravioli, before giving a scathing critique, was malicious. I almost felt sorry for the Plastics when that happened.

    I did have a laugh when the Plastics poked fun at themselves. It’s a shame they couldn’t have presented a better meal, although the contestants’ scores were not about the food this IR, so it wouldn’t have mattered.

    I still find it surprising that so many people on these shows have a complete inability to be able to tell the doneness of meat/fish/fowl when cooking. I learned how pretty quickly, after ruining a few meals. I think of that as a basic cooking skill. Oh, but this is MKR, the show that seems to take pride in no one being able to cook this season.

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