MAFS: Final decision – parts I and II

Tonight: “The remaining brides and grooms declare whether or not they want to continue life as a couple outside the experiment.”
Warning: This episode goes for 100 mins, so stock up on snacks.
Tomorrow: “The remaining brides and grooms declare whether or not they want to continue life as a couple outside the experiment.”
And this one goes for 90 mins.



    • I think she changed her mind at the last minute – she heard Patrick’s vows and didn’t want to hurt him😂

  1. Deal breaker: not only does Patrick take his laundry home for his mummy to do, but he lets her carry it. He needs to be a “frikkin” man and do his own washing. The umbilical chord needs cutting there. And there would be war between the two strong women; Charlene demanding Patrick man up, but mummy keeping him to be her baby.

    • Here’s a girl who had her lips pumped for rtv fame. She wasn’t going to leave the show early and miss her 15 seconds. She wasn’t even interesting.

      • ” You don’t deserve me, Dean , but, der.. you can keep bangin’ me until the experiment’s over”

        • A girl looking for a break into celebrity. She ran the gamut, repeating the same line, “I don’t know if I can trust you, Dean”. She told the others she kept him on just to hold him accountable. Dean was a drongo, but she is off like a mouldy something. Her poor daughter, having that for a mother.

  2. I wonder if Tracey got her lips and boobs done specially for the show.

    I wouldn’t mind hearing the real reason why Dean was turned off Davina.

  3. Tracey has very attractive hands. Violin, piano or guitar player would kill for them. Professional hand model material. Pity Dr.Frankenstein went too far on her face and threw in the lobotomy for free..

  4. Sarah’s friends are just as delusional. You just can’t pack up and move across the country in less than a month.

  5. Don’t help Ashley with that enormous luggage task, Troy….you turd. No wonder she won’t have sex with him.

    • It’s not on here yet but deal breaker number 2: a man not helping me with my luggage.
      Deal breaker 3: a man who switches me for another woman, then back again. (Like Liam).

  6. Yes, Troy gave it everything he had~ nothing.

    Flicking the hair back in that forest and repeating himself ad nauseam doesn’t add up to much. Babe.

  7. A friend of mine is away so I offered to record the finales for her so we can have a popcorn and rtv day. Well maybe lunch and rtv. I hade better make the food good because there have been no thrills in the finales.

    • Today Ch 9 were proudly claiming tonight MAFS would be be “the best 90 minutes of television you’ve ever seen”

      Don’t they have a nerve?

      Sounds like one of Dean’s “promises”

  8. Carly & Troy wear colour co-ordinated outfits while making out in the park but more importantly we need to talk about the My Little Pony by the bedside.

        • I thought Sean should be having his arse kicked for saying that Dean walked away from their confrontation “like a girl” but he got off free as far as I saw.

          Where’s Charlene to take up the cause?

          You can put a turd in a gold jacket…but it’s still a….

    • You’d think Troy and Carly have won X Lotto.

      That’ll buy a lot of toothpaste, they’ll need it. Gold plated toothpicks for Troy.

    • Thanks Maz, I have fifteen minutes up my sleeve but I was going to forget.

      This is a bitch of a party.

  9. Wow, what a party. I took so many mental notes, and a few mental images are u fortunately burned into my brain.
    So Both Telv and Sean were wearing jackets from Costume Cottage. They looked like the old movie ushers from the wonderful old Ambassadors theatre. “Cigars, cigarettes, candy?”
    Sarah wore a dress that had a strap to keep her boobs down, and yet they still got away. She would have easily won an audition for any Carry On movie. All bosoms and bum.
    Ashley is TV gold. She is restrained unrestraint. You could light a cigarette on the fumes she gives off when mad. She is the Queen of the folded arm quiet rage and the most watchable of all of them. She did have a point about not getting a heads-up. I loved her ‘discussion with Calry; “Nup”. She just doesn’t hold back.
    Davina; I was beginning to think Charlene was the worst, but then Davina returned to remind me what a truly awful person she is.
    On the match between Sean and Dean, anyone notice Sean grasping for straws and coming back from locking horns with Dean and lying to Tracy? We all have different taste but in my opinion Tracey is hideous and either Sean or Dean are a good match for her. But I can’t picture either going past a month. Tonight, next to Sean’s 1, Dean was a 2.
    And Nasser was there for the claws and goss; another tick on the gay o meter. Oh, and did you see Sean’s ex pick up a king prawn and sniff it? Are they being served old seafood?

    • But, but, but…Davina is the victim of bad editing and social media bullying.

      She espoused an interesting moral stance. Your boyfriend is hot and you are going through a rough patch so he is open season. Is that the norm among millennials?

      She is extremely manipulative. Great for TV but IRL she would be a nightmare.

      Think Ashley might carry some scars from this experiment. She was paired with a person who said all the right things (and then the most inappropriate things), befriended a person who she thought she could confine in about the relationship. She gets dumped by the person who professed his love for her (we think she was going to continue the relationship to see what Troy was like away from the cameras) in what could be best describe as ‘it’s you, not me’ speech and finds that her ‘friend’ uses what she said to justify why she was never giving the heads up. She was blindsided. If she had a couple days to stew in private before hand she wouldn’t have been so angry at the dinner party.

      • Did anyone give Blair the heads up that Tracey and Sean had hooked up? The experts didn’t ask her how she is feeling?

  10. I got the feeling from that Talking Married show that Davina and Dean may have in fact done the deed. Could be wrong. I’m sure there will be some surprises tonight.

    Wonder who’s doing the sexting? Five bucks on Justin , please.

    Hell, I’m going to watch the toxic dinner party again. The experts convened a real freak show for last night. Well done.

    Sean achieved the impossible….he managed to make Dean look good.

    • …but not the gold jacket. Did the producers give it to him and say, “You would rock this?” Or was Tracey dressing her new bogan? She went all out last night to install herself as queen. Even with her high moral ground of “I don’t drama tonight”. But wait…didn’t she just confront Davina?

  11. Do we get to see Tracey and Dean’s texts tonight to see who is lying. I think Tracey is doing a Bold and Beautiful; ” I am divorcing you, but will love you forever”.

    • She’s gotten a fair amount of mileage already out of the victim routine (even though she’s the one who chose to stay with him). I guess she figures, why stop now?

  12. Hardly the most electrifying episode in tv history. Sean’s language shows that he has a very limited vocabulary – what a bogan. What about Tracey’s daughter in all this – is she moving to Melbourne too I wonder I suspect that she may have a settled life with hrr father.
    As for Ash – well she didn’t want Troy, no need to be so bitter although perhaps they could have forewarned her.

  13. I want Ashley for IAC. Could you imagine that girl. She gets out of the wrong side of bed every day.

    Tracey or Davina, I never want to see again.

    • Charlene tells us how ” passionate ” she is.

      Yeah. Loudmouth besotted with her own voice. Put a galah to shame.

      Dean’s Nuremburg Trial Pt 2.

      • And now Part III featuring the sexting.

        We wonder if Sean has a criminal record. He gets very angry, very quickly.

          • From front on, he looks like an angry bulldog with Ellen Degeneres hair. Of course, the bulldog would have a bigger vocabulary.

            Sean says “youse” a lot. He wasn’t rapt with Tracey’s bedroom photos to Dean.

  14. Davina is a sociopath. Perhaps if the #instamodel/fitness career doesn’t pan out perhaps she could be an #assassin/CEO.

  15. Why was Charlene channeling Hattie McDaniel who played “Mammy” in Gone with the Wind? I can just imagine Charlene saying “I’s gunna works on my relationships with dat man, indeedy I is!!!” If you Google Hattie you will know what I mean!!

    Charlene and Patrick – doomed. They would have talked before now if they wanted to continue a relationship.

    Notice Tracey’s stare at Dean when he was talking about her sexting photos to him? Misery mouth (Sean) will be asking a few quiet questions to Tracey later on, I’m sure.

    I have to say that Dean, as much of a liar that he is, never lost his cool with all the men (and Charlene) that came after him, when they expressed their feelings towards him. Channel 9 how much pressure can you place on one person?

    • Tend to agree, though I do recall Dean braying “Screw you, Charlene!” when the sanctity of the Boys Night was rocked by Charlene’s Inquisition/ Dobbing Session.

      Dean attracted the kind of judgement normally reserved for paedophiles.

  16. I actually think Tracey was more offended that no-one piped up when Dean asked if anyone wanted to “Bang” her on the boy’s night, than being insulted for her looks by him.

    Vacuous Vamp.

  17. That last episode was truly tragic. If that is what it takes to find love using a reality TV format, then NO THANKs. Staying single and happy looks a much better alternative.
    Davina – narcissistic sociopath
    Dean – compulsive liar and terrible beatboxer. When you see a grown man on a skate board then you need to ask a few questions!
    Charlene- loudmouth
    Tracey and Gabby – love playing the victim
    Troy – immature and a terrible fake laugh

    And so another season ends of MAFS.

  18. Some new titles for the producers to consider:

    Intimacy At First Sight

    Bad Luck Donald Duck

    Tell Me Someone Wants To Shag My Wife.

    Friend Zone Or End Zone?

    We’re In A Good Place Right Now

    Dirty Texts , Done Dirt Cheap.

    Stay Or Stray?

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