MAFS weekly rundown

Sunday: The second last Commitment Ceremony. One groom is shocked by his bride’s decision, while love continues to bloom for Australia’s favourite couples.
Monday: Meet the parents week. In-laws from both sides come face-to-face. Could this be the beginning of the end for Sarah and Telv?
Tuesday: Boys’ night. A get-together with the boys leads to a world of hurt for some of the couples.
Wednesday: The grooms are confronted with details of the Boys’ Night, and Charlene spares no one with her outrage.
And also on Wednesday, after the regular MAFS airs you can watch Talking Married: A full recap of the week’s action on Married At First Sight with behind-the-scenes footage, exclusives, interviews and more.



    • Am I in a parallel universe? Is having sex with a stranger you don’t even like on tv the new normal? They are so gross.

      • I feel the same, Daisy. I don’t watch this show because of the way it degrades marriage (and the people) and am amazed at the gross behaviour that I hear watchers discussing (and excusing as amusing). I hate that I have been sucked into reading this thread even – gives an inkling of how terribly mesmerising the whole shebang is.

        • They do it like it’s the most normal thing, and are egged on by the sexperts; “Oh you don”t like each other? Then just have sex on tv. That will help”. Once again a big failfor sexperts with no compatibilities, no matches. Wait until the show is over and they will all fall apart.

          But how will any future potential in laws accept the. “Hi mum this id Carly” “Oh I saw you on tv, you had sex with that guy you didn’t like”.

          • The sexperiment is a massive fail if the best a sexpert can do is bleat ” How’s the intimacy?” at some of these dating desperadoes.

            The promos have Telv and Sarah beginning to implode. Intimacy doesn’t seem to be helping them on their journey.

  1. So Tracey is a celebrity in Perth? Okay then.

    “Dean told my friends everything,” simpered Tracey. At your prompting Tracey. FFS.

    Dean/Tracey: Stay/Stay

    What has Tracey done to her face? It is so reflective.

    • Nah, Tracey is not a celebrity in Perth. Contrary to what this show portrays Perth people as, we are not a city full of dimwits with no taste, nor ideas of how to conduct a relationship. Sheesh. Piss off, you stupid woman. I’m not even watching this, just getting annoyed third-hand.

  2. Ashley is angry at Troy for not jumping her on the wedding night and it is an effort to kiss him.

    Ashley could not sit any further from Troy is she tried.

    Troy/Ashley: Stay/Stay

  3. They write STAY so they get their mugs on TV for another week.
    The success rate for this show with couples staying together in a marriage is extremely low. From recollection, only one couple from the first season have married in real life and gone on to have children.

  4. Everybody hates Nassa so much (on other sites) that they are failing to see what a pain Gabriel is. I find her whining anger so unappealing. So Nassa didn’t want to stay in a crappy flat with breaking beds. Big deal. Yes, he’s an oddball with tickets on himself but oh my Lord, her whinging is so painful. Waah waaah waaah.

  5. According to previews last night was supposed to be history making tv😊 it was very ordinary for me although I’m surprised Gab stayed. How does she keep her wig on, it looks very natural at the front hairline.

  6. Gabriel is playing games amd wants another week on TV. I feel more sorry for Nassar as the producers are making him out to be the new villain after Davina left.
    I’m with you Daisy, I wouldn’t stay in that horrible flat either. Was Gab’s real home a hoarders paradise or is she actually homeless?

  7. Gab must have been watching her VHS recordings of Alexis Carrington on Dynasty for last night’s performance.

    Wow, she is such the eternal victim. Boo hoo. Just nasty. Bad luck Donald duck.

  8. Aaah. Too creepy. A lesson in sex from the sexpert was more awkward than that pap smear you wish you could avoid.

    • It was uncomfortable and one doesn’t need to be a sexpert to know just to leave some alcohol, Viagra and a Barry White CD in the room and lock ’em in. These two are like watching the Adelaide Zoo Pandas, who have cost the city a small fortune and after a decade , still haven’t bred.

      Hard to know if the above photo is foreplay or Justin reaching for his phone. Very awkward for two that supposedly have done the deed.

  9. Ooooo, we can see why Sarah’s relationships have gone belly up.
    Telv: “It’s not just about how you feel”. Sarah: “Can you even hear yourself?”
    Run Telv, run. Pack your gym bag and run for your life.

  10. Sarah is very needy. Happy when she is constantly worshipped , crazy and insecure when she isn’t.
    Not that Telv is a great prize.
    That family dinner party was so awkward and uncomfortable- felt sorry for their families.

    The expert,”Dr” Christine, and I use the word Doctor very loosely was so creepy and voyeuristic with Justin and Carly. I don’t need to see how couples can improve their sex lives thankyou. You either have sexual chemistry or you don’t, it’s not something you can work on. Where did these so called experts get their qualifications?

  11. Tracey’s birth mother is an excellent advertisement for not destroying your body with tattoos, and I’m sorry the five gold earrings in each ear is not a good look. How fortunate for Tracey to have lovely adoptive parents but I fear Tracey is not the smartest tool in the shed.

    Patrick is a nice guy , too good for loud mouth Charlene. Telv getting the great edit Again.

    • Yep, Patrick is much nicer than Charlene, but I worry that he is a mummy’s boy. His mother should take the leash off his figs, and let him be a man.

  12. Gee, it’s International Women’s Day tomorrow, the MAFS Boy’s Night tended to gloss over that in favour of a lewd discussion of wife swapping. No surprise that Dean, Justin and Troy, ie the three biggest wankers, sank the lowest.

    • There is a lot of behaviour that has been condoled on this show. Where is Clem Ford’s outrage about white male privilege that society allows men to trade their partners like chattel.

      Dean is trying to backtrack this morning by blaming the producers for feeding lines. We are willing to wager that they did not include offering your wife to the group to ‘bang’. Words ‘rape culture’ spring to mind.

      Again, there is a level of immaturity in these grooms that is unbelievable. They are damaged goods.

      If Tracey elects to stay, then she is an idiot. Constantly referring to Dean as a ‘boy’ infantilises him and excuses his behaviour.

      Troy, Troy, Troy…his parents seem nice… but again his obsession with Ash’s mother (and hair)? Think Troy missed his calling as a hairdresser.

      • Damn. I fell asleep during the show, then deleted thinking all I missed was Sarah whining about Telv not putting her first. Then I caught the end of it at the beginning of Date Night.
        Now…re Date Night. So this is Gogglebox on Tinder? Crap way to date.

  13. I can’t stand Charlene. She is such a dibber dobber.
    She can’t wait to spill the beans and get super judgemental. And her voice gets louder during the dinner parties, like a foghorn!

    This show is so scripted and bordering on the ridiculous, not that it hasn’t been like that since the first episode. Alot of B grade acting going on, and I use the word acting loosely here!
    I’m waiting for Davina to resurface.

    And don’t get me started on “Dr” Trish or the other two fake busybody doctors

    • It seems a formula has emerged for MAFS. The lads get together and one guy disrespects his ‘wife’. Then the rumours filter back to the wife through couples chit chat. I didn’t see last night but is this what happenedto Cheryl?

      • Given that the offending parties (Dean and Justin) have been ‘intimate’ with their partners and then offer them to others in the group to ‘bang’ and admit that they slept with someone they regarded as a ‘little sister’ (Carly) but wanted someone younger still (Ashley) it may be marginally worse than objectifying Cheryl’s body.

        You have some Grade A assholes who feel that they should be able to trade flesh freely as they did not get what they ‘ordered’.

    • We hope those experts are being paid a significant amount of money to ruin their careers. We read in the DM, that the psychologists are no longer allowed to identify themselves as such in the show as a former contestant lodged a complaint with the relevant professional body over perceived unprofessionalism.

      There seems to be an obsession this year that the contestants sleep with one another.

      • The track record of successful relationships from this show is appalling, if I recall correctly.

        I feel that if Dr.Phil were sitting at the dinner party tonight, alongside Judge Judy , things may not have turned so ugly when Charlene threw the hand grenade onto the table.

        Carly made mincemeat out of Justin. He turned out to be softer than the ice cream he masterminds.

        Troy’s hair couldn’t dig him out of the hole he dug for himself.

        • Spin the bottle would have more success than the careful matching by the sexperts. And really? Encouraging strangers who don’t like each other to have sex on telly….even a pimp lets you get a room.

          • Waiting for a sexpert to suggest games of naked Twister to get the intimacy going for these deluded couples.

            One day Dean will be alone in a nursing home regretting what he did and said on this show. That he makes no apologies for being a man will be etched on his tombstone , next to some gibberish /rap lyrics.

      • I wonder how many psychologists refused the bait. Not only do the sexperts make rubbish viewing, they have no credibility.

        • They’ve failed to reach our sexpectations. But with like gorillas like Dean and zombies like Justin to “coach”…..sexasperating.

          “Screw you, Charlene!” might have been a good time for a sexpert to step up.

    • Not what he said in the promos for this show, in fact, much the opposite.

      Dean could kill Bambi , but Tracey’s got her own standards right? She’s sticking to Dean like a barnacle.

        • I forgot that she’s “too old for this shit” but signs up for more at each commitment ceremony.

          Dean called her “babe” and gave her gifts before the ugly dinner party.

  14. Well, I thoroughly enjoyed watching that dinner party.

    Dean, Troy and Justin didn’t come up smelling roses.

  15. The show on 9Life, Talking Married, wasn’t bad, either.

    Pat and Charlene were on and received plaudits from the panel.

  16. Back track a few comments….Now I have the visuals on the after dinner naked twister game. And pin the tail on the naked donkey. And naked sack race.

    • Do people still play the card game,”Strip Jack Naked” ? The experiment beckons.

      Would the sexperts dare suggest some of the couples watch erotica, for example? Say two hours quality time together watching SBS.

  17. I just finished watching. I think Charlene’s game was pinata, with Dean as the pinata. Was she on speed? It was like being torn apart by a crazy witch.

    I got the impression that Justin must be under contract and is doing whatever he can to get out of it. Come on Carly. It’s not going to happen.

    BTW, was it the dress, or the body or both. I loved Carly’s outfit.

    • Usually, when a pinata is hit, something good comes out of it but Dean just had hot air and garbage inside. Bleating “I’m a feminist” was a bit like General Custer yelling “I like Indians” while he’s being scalped. Too little , too late.

      Carly looked great and telling Justin to “get ****ed” was a highlight for me. Some dinner party.

      • Justin prefers Ashley. How is that? She has a rat face. Some men can’t see past the hair and body. Rule of thumb; imagine the person bald.
        But I am enjoying Asley.
        They couldn’t replay that “Soi ya” enough for me.
        And if I was a man, I would rather be yelled at by Ashley than Charleen. The latter has a built in megaphone.You can just give Ashley cheese to pacify her.

        And while we are objectifying women:
        1. The blond girl who got dumped
        2. Carly.
        And bottom of the list; all the rest. And Sarah.

        Objectifying men:
        So hard because they are all at the bottom.

          • 😂😂😂😂😂 Thanks alot. A lady at pottery is telling a sad, medical story, and I just burst out laughing. Oh dear.

          • It’s ok. At least I wasn’t carrying out open heart surgery. Or answering tricky questions in a traffic stop.
            Anyhow it was picture perfect.
            But think of the rule. It works.

  18. So Patrick tells the high octave, siren sounding, opinionated Charlene all about boys night in the hope she will take over the cause.
    He wanted his ‘mummy’ replacement to go into bat as he didn’t have the gall to do so himself.


  19. Hang on, at the dinner party, didn’t Sarah, with Ashley present at the table, tell Charlene that Charlene deserves a “good root” (they high fived it) after Charlene was braying about how attractive she found Patrick to be as he had her back all the way that evening?

    What if one of the men had said that?

    I think there is definitely double standards being played.

    • Was given his book as a gift. Also known as the “Honey Badger”, he played for the Wallabies and talks in Ockerish strains and metaphors. I think he’ll be better than the last couple of insipid bachelors.

      • Hopefully the producers will let him loose.

        Matty J was funny before but became wooden on The Bachelor.

        When Ch 10 has something good going, they then go overboard with the format and destroy the show. Remember Masterchef and IAC. They want this to be like Sophie Monk show but they could overdo it.

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