• I really think that proves how pointless and stupid this team-versus-team element is. The scores are worthless. The only teams I’d trust are Henry and Anna (who are just too damn nice for this strategic stuff) and the Russians (who have always been hyper-critical, yet have always scored fairly).

  1. Sonya and Hadil chucked a wobbly on last night’s ep because Suong laughed and yet their opening remarks tonight have them laughing at Kim and Suong’s idea of fine dining. Nothing like a touch of hypocrisy to start the show.

    I long for the days when villains were entertaining and amusing (think Lorena on the Bach). Sonya and Hadil are just bitchy and nasty and not remotely interesting to watch.

  2. If I had a bottle in front of me and a shot for every time Sonya/Hadil said ‘fine dining’, I’d be pissed by now – instead of thinking I’ve had a frontal lobotomy

  3. Notice how Manu is hyper-critical of the Italian brothers (particularly when they were goofing off), but joined in when the waitresses were being silly and got a bit flirty with them? Keep your hands to yourself, frenchie.

    The episode started on an interesting note, when Jess and Emma walked into the restaurant and were overwhelmed with how glamourous the place was. “It’s beautiful and elegant and refined and … I was about to say it’s everything we’re not, but that’s not true” and they both laughed. That was a rare and welcome moment of self-awareness.

    Meanwhile, Sonya and Hadil are still awful.

  4. … is it me or is Emily getting more and more irritating with each passing episode? Take a valium, lady. Seriously. Geez.

    • Not only you. Sugar sweet when top score. All tears when they don’t do well.

      Actually I noticed Hat man did most of the serious stuff. Emily only just do the prep plus screaming at Hat man

      • She’s constantly loud and dramatic, but I’m not sure what else she’s contributing, beyond volume.

  5. Watching the Vietnamese mothers cook is like a traincrash. It’s horrifyingly mesmerising. How much food have they wasted tonight, by cooking something and then throwing it out?

    I just saw a promo for tomorrow night, where group 2 gets to do the same challenge, in Manu’s kitchen for the night. I like that, putting all the teams through essentially the same challenge. It seems fairer.

    • Surely the way she is being portrayed is harmful for her business? I know I say this every year- yes there is editing but they can’t force you to make bitchy comments.

      • No, editing does amazing things (and Lord knows, channel 7 is proving that this year) but it doesn’t magically invent things that didn’t happen. It doesn’t put words in your mouth. If there’s footage of somebody doing or saying something, it’s because that person did or said the thing. I always keep that in mind.

  6. Sonya and Hadl scoring every team a one….what a vile duo. Just trying to get revenge for Group 1’s scoring of Georgie and Alicia. Some members of Group 1 did score G&A too low but S&H were just being vindictive and unfair.
    How much food did Kim and Suong toss out? They were messy and very wasteful. I have a feeling they will be the next team to be eliminated. I would be surprised if another Group 2 team walks out the door.
    When is the all girl team (supposedly S&H) supposed to be kicked off MKR?

    • A promo I just saw suggests it’s tonight.

      Of course, that could be a ruse on Ch 7’s part. It would want to be before the two week break, surely.

      • They will promote the kick off till the cows come home. Incident happened at Launceston. Thus it won’t happen till the Ultimate Instant Rest. So far the promos about walk out were all fake.

  7. I’m pleading for a fight between Hadil and Emily… it would be apocolyptic. But again kudos to hatman for keeping his cool and not banging her over the head with a frypan… I suppose all his dealings with drunks has trained him well.

    Poor mums… for people who harp on about not wasting anything… there was sure a lot of waste… unless that bin was one of their handbags that they threw all that stuff into for later use?? Unfortunately there were no refugees on their floating islands… but I get the feeling we shall say farewell to the mums… their time is up.

  8. Based on TV guide for the next sudden death cook off:

    The weakest teams from each Group Challenge meet at Elimination House. As one team’s journey comes to an end, the other reaches unexpected heights – but not all the critics are impressed.

    Kim and Suong can cook. We know that. From Group 2, Songs and Hadil, Russians, Henry and Anna all can cook.

    Don’t tell me the Italians Mk2 are the one that reach unexpected high.

      • I do agree the critics that don’t agree will be Sonia and Hadil. But doesn’t make sense if the Vietnamese reached unexpected high. They can cook.

    • I worried about Henry and Anna initially, cooking without their familiar ingredients, but they’ve seemingly done pretty well so far. They’re weak with spice (because Henry doesn’t much care for it) and tend to play it safe and conservative, but I think that’s forgivable, all things considered. They’re cooking nice food. ISN’T THAT THE POINT, CHANNEL 7?

      The Russians, too. I want to like them because I think they could be quite funny, but channel 7 has kept playing this stupid communist scare crap. We know they can cook, but the Russians’ weakness is IMHO their own cleverness.

      But yeah, the Italian boys would seemingly be the weaker link, there. Although I hope it’s the Man-eaters.

      • I agree about the Russians. They seem to have a great sense of humour and are real cuties when they are having a laugh.
        I’d love a Russian/Tassie final just cos they are the most appealing competitors who can cook.
        I wonder what Marco & Davide have actually contributed to the show.

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