MKR Wed – bowlo barbie

The blurb: Group 1 are set for some friendly competition as they celebrate two fun Australian pastimes – lawn bowls and a great barbecue. Which team will bowl ’em over, and who will see red after a day on the green?



  1. Cooking and delivering takeaway meals to random addresses in Sydney, versus a lawn bowls barbecue?

    Yeah. One of these teams is getting the easier challenges out of pity for their general ability, I think.

  2. It’s about five years since I ate at a bowlo but it would be unAustralian for at least one team not to serve schnitties. Ah oops – it’s yet another barbecue. Pete and Colin don’t Want to be trapped in a confined space with the contestants.

  3. Plastics making steak sangers. Hmmm. Is this a cooking comp or a Saturday at Bunnings? The Italians Mark 1 are doing a seafood platter. Waitresses are doing burgers with blue cheese soz and pickled beetroot. Do blue cheese and beetroot go together?

    • No, if it was Saturday at Bunnings, they’d be doing snags in bread with tomato sauce and some fried onions.

      7 years working in a Bunnings in my 20s, and I still react quite badly to the smell of barbecuing snags 🙁 .

      • Windsong, Mr Juz works at an office in a semi-industrial area. Some days he and his colleagues will head to the nearby Bunnings for a “work lunch”. Madness

        • That makes me a sad panda.

          I don’t even really shop at Bunnings anymore, to be honest. Working there for that long just turned me off the whole thing.

  4. Is not fun anymore watching this show. Contestants are not serious with the cooking. Just mucking around for the camera.

    • I think it says a lot about my viewing habits, but I found it far more entertaining watching the non-cooking teams playing bowls (I’ve played bowls only once in my life. It is not an easy game) and having a laugh, than watching teams who I don’t like and who can’t cook try to put a barbecued meal together.

  5. Valeria and Hadil find common ground: they hate bowling and head inside for a drink.
    Viet mums are making beef and chicken satay with Asian slaw. Yum but would be easier with just one protein. I guess it’s tomorrow night that Kim leaves. Thanks to them I have learnt a) you can put pineapple in satay and b) you can add the skins to the soz

  6. Plastic No. 1 starts drinking instead of cooking. I also feel like drinking instead of watching her cooking.
    Hipster hat is doing lamb cutlets with Greek salad

  7. Why does a seafood platter need fried cheese balls? Could we have just one night where Henry is not sent over to the waitresses’ station for the token “love story”

  8. The waitresses are basting their burgers with Dijon and chilli and withstand Pete’s best efforts to convince them it’s a mistake. The Plastics’ onion relish is not cooking fast enough in the pan. Perhaps a lid would be helpful, girls. They have tipped in a tonne of paprika and sugar and Colin is in pain after tasting it. This is shaping up as a race to the bottom. I predict Hipster Hat will do well

    • Burgers basted with Dijon and chilli sound good to me, if there is more mustard than chilli. But I haven’t had dinner yet so maybe I’m just hungry enough for everything to sound good.

      I’ve noticed on MKR and MC that most people seem to forget that pots and pans have lids for a reason. So many contestants put a humongous pot of water on to boil for pasta or nockie, but don’t put the lid on, then whine and carry on because the water didn’t reach a boil quickly enough. I don’t know (nor care) if it is chemistry or physics, just seems like common sense to me, especially if cooking to a time limit. Dolts.

  9. Are they picking the so call bottom team from Gp 1 so that they will knock off the Military couple?

    Still 7 teams from Gp2 and only 5 teams from Gp1. As per script, I am sure the producers will end up with same number of teams from each group

  10. The judges taste: they are surprised they like the waitresses’ “fun” burger. Kim and Suong’s satay skewers get the thumbs up for the tender beef and soz. Pete says they excelled. Hipsters need more flavour from their lamb marinade. Judges like the Greek salad and spuds.

  11. The Italians are very behind but know how to work the crowd with their singing. Their dish does not look pretty. Colin says their Fritto Misto “misto-ed the brief” because they mostly fried everything. The prawns have no flavour, the Barra is overcooked and the calamari is rubbery.

  12. The judges praise waitresses; Hipsters get a “good”; Kim and Suong are the hardest-working team in the comp and the satay was Colin’s dish of the day; the Plastics need to work harder.
    Colin takes the Italians to task for turning an barbie challenge into a fried food fest. He says they could have barbecues the cheese. Pete says they should have concentrated on the prawns

  13. Pete asks Group 2 for input. Davide says K&S are tops, Plastics bottom. Chinese Restaurant Sisters have Plastics and Italians tied at bottom. That’s it – we don’t hear from others.
    Hipster hat wins People’s Choice –
    I picked it! They are good at this street food stuff. I can see them running a food truck.
    The judges send the Italians to elimination. So that’s Matt and Aly gone. But we have no idea what anyone is cooking because the promo is all about drama, drama, drama. Urgh.

  14. Hipster hat is still kind of pretentious, but at least he and his girlfriend can actually cook (most of the time. But any port in a storm).

    Gee, it’d be interesting if Matt and Aly beat the Italian brothers tomorrow night. I don’t see it happening, but it’d be a lovely surprise.

    I just wasn’t interested at all tonight, I kept changing the channel to an old “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” episode on cable.

  15. One of the Italian Guys, when giving a tray to the Plastics, held it back and asked, “How about a kiss?” Ew, Italian Guy, eeewww, sleazy and creepy. I don’t like him anymore.

    The Plastic who went to get the wine is wearing Crocs. *snort*

    • So not even upper-class bogan, but more middle class? If only you could buy style, as easily as you buy a new pair of lips…

      • I’m not even laughing at lack of style, don’t care, just think Crocs are the worst shoes ever designed. Ugly, tick. Plastic, tick. Sweat-inducing, tick. Should not be worn by anyone over the age of three, tick.

  16. When the Italian guys were running late, and told one old guy the meal would be another 10 minutes, the old guy said “Italians are always late.” As insults go, not the worst I suppose, but why was that left in? It wasn’t funny, but rude. Overt sexism and racism, MKR, detracts from an already declining show.

  17. Last night thought I was watching Married at First Sight instead of MKR… how many fricken side stories do we need in a cooking competition? Usually yes there’s one villianous team who is at war with another…

    This year we have the over opinionated Jordanians, Russians, Italians, Asian Sisters, Plastics not Fantastics…. it’s ludicrous.

    Next year hear they’re casting a highly religious muslim team and a hasidic Jewish team, and a North and South Korean team, and a Tamil and Singalese team. Can’t wait.

  18. Double dipping by Jess when she tastes the onions and then puts the fork back in to mix them.
    Nothing exciting being cooked except Kim’s and Suong’s food. I was surprised they didn’t win people’s choice.

    • Perhaps if it was a younger crowd. Lamb cutlets perhaps was the draw for the older crowd, especially given how pricy they are these days.

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