MasterChef – 2nd immunity challenge

The winning contestant from the mystery box challenge joins the top three contestants from the invention test in this episode’s two round immunity challenge.
So that’s Kristen, Loki, Hoda and Ben the beardie seafood guy.
Their first challenge is to make pancakes. I do like that MasterChef is sticking with this “back to basics” theme for these challenges. Last week the theme was “eggs”.



  1. Kristen annoys me as well. At first she was all “poor me, I have no confidence” one mystery box win and she’s smug. Sorry but I’m not buying the poor me act.

      • But his commentary on the side is painful. I think he’s top 3, but has no hope of a television career in the future – as wooden as a mystery box.

        • Yes, Ben will have no hope for a TV gig but good for a career change as a ‘chef’

          Sarah is the one hoping for a gig on television

  2. So many of this year’s contestants are annoying. Reece is another one, he’s “concerned” for the professional chef … eye-rolling stuff.

  3. Von SPOILER ALERT if you don’t want to know.

    The professional chef was so lovely and gracious, she seemed genuinely happy for Loki.

  4. They just gifted him immunity. Guess he will talk about himself in the third person for the rest of the season.

    Hey Loki- you didn’t mention your son. Thought you were doing it from him or is that only when you are on the verge of elimination.

  5. I walked past Reynold’s dessert bar today. I almost died when I saw the prices for his desserts. A slice of cake 3cm x 8cm is $12 per pc. Mousses with those mirror glaze that he love to do (lookng at you Jess for copying Reynold) were like $10.50 each.

    I didnt buy any.

  6. The food cooks by Loki all look delicious. But he can’t win with just cooking Indian and also no finesse in the plating.
    He will trip soon.

    MC wants the wow factor in the finale.

  7. I’m catching parts of episodes only, but I want Brendan to win. He seems to be such a sweetie. Now I see advert where he is injured. Noooooo 🙁 🙁 🙁

  8. Scrolling down quickly I misread “Immunity Challenge” as “Mutiny Challenge”, made myself laugh imagining a MC amata mutiny.

  9. Didn’t understand why Hoda made the pancakes first. It was about 20 minutes before serving time and I would assume that they were cold. The hand pulled cotton candy technique she did was very interesting but it really didn’t go well with pancakes.

    Another “blind” tasting where the judges have absolutely no idea who cooked what. 😉

    Was nice of the judges to hand Loki the win. Even though his dishes might have tasted good they weren’t as interesting as the guest chef’s dish and presentation was lacking. There was nothing special. Gary’s score of 10….LOL.

  10. Geez I wonder who cooked that beautifully plated bit of food… and surely the professional cooked that Southern Indian dish.

    Knew she was in trouble the moment they had to highlight the lack of lemon in her dish.

    Loki is a stay at home dad, wonder what his wife does (if he’s married)… or I guess he might of quit work prior to the show to just practice cooking curries.

  11. As a turk, I’ve gotta say I was mightily impressed with Hoda. Never ever have I seen anybody take the effort to make Pişmaniye at home. But seeing how much she put on the pancakes, I knew she wouldn’t win, it’s soooo sweet.

    Loved the guess chef, what a lovely and graceful gal.

  12. It wouldn’t surprise me if they asked the guest chef to throw the challenge – her dish was fabulous but from what I could tell didn’t “showcase lemons”. She also seemed to be comfortable enough in her own skin to not be too worried about a MC challenge.
    The immunity was definitely geared towards Loki winning.

  13. I guess Alana was the sacrificial guest chef last night – there’s always one. Maybe she got extra humiliation money.
    Loki’s dish may have tasted good, but the sight of that huge fish chucked in a bowl was gross.. But he’s got his imm pin, and Kristen’s got her London trip to cheer her up. Neither will win.

    Hoda needs to avoid ‘blind’ judging as the fairy floss might give it away. Can she cook anything non-Lebanese?
    Can Loki cook non-Indian? Can nonna cook non-Italian … etc? Time will tell.

  14. I think those who only cooks from one cuisine will not win. That includes Aldo. Lisa also cooks mainly Vietnamese.

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