MasterChef – Thurs first elimination

Tonight is the first elimination challenge of the new MasterChef season. This is the episode where they bring the fridges from home. I’d be in trouble with this one – mine is full of half-eaten yoghurt containers, too many types of chutney, wilted baby spinach and leftovers.
Which of the three will go?
Young dessert girl Jess, Brett or Genene.



  1. So again they can cook what they like and Dessert Queen(a cross between Reynold and Michelle) is making dessert. What a surprise!

  2. They have done this challenge before so if you were strategic you could work it to your advantage (and remove your victims’ bodies from the deep freeze).

    More sloppy sentimental crap.🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮 What happens if you have no family.

    • ” I killed my family and buried my Nonna alive, then discovered my real passion is food and my dream is to be on Ma$terchef. I want that apron real bad”

    • Whose fridge has just a couple of magnets on it? They have all been cleaned inside, too. Genene’s fridge looks the most like mine inside – minus the squashed grapes mouldering under tomatoes I should have chucked weeks ago.
      Aren’t we a bit early to be getting letters from home? And so many probing, personal questions from the judges.

  3. I bet with you, the fairy godmother stock the fridges up with some of their favorite ingredients.

    It will be more interesting if they swap the fridges around and they have to cook with someone else fridge

  4. Yeah Bobi, I like Jenene too, but unless Brett’s salmon is wrecked, she will be dumped by 4 dumplings.

    • I really don’t understand, with half an hour to go, she could have
      a) made more dumpling mixture, resulting in more dumplings
      b) added something/anything other than dipping sauce – she was standing around waiting for dumplings to cook.
      How did the fire start? Can’t have been water. Did she throw alcohol on them?

  5. In the nicest possible way but didn’t Jess cook that dish yesterday? But just a different colour?

  6. What rubbish comments from the judges.

    So it is o.k to have 1 piece of fish for 3 judges, one chocolate mousse for 3 judges but not o.k to have 3 dumplings for 3 judges

  7. There were four fridges to choose from. I include Matt Preston. Plenty of storage space.

  8. I don’t think Brett went home because there was a problem with his salmon (or chickpeas or wahatever excuse they used). I think he went home because he doesn’t have fundamental cooking skills.
    That was the second time he had to be told something that we, at home, all learnt at age 10.

  9. I am guessing the contestants hung out together for a couple of days waiting for those fridges to be shipped down. I am doubting that they would have been same day deliveries,

  10. My hackles went up during judging when Gary’s ugly side reared its head and had a go at Genene about not having a “generosity of spirit” by serving only three and not pile of dumplings. Thankfully Matt and George and piped up about the burning disaster. Gary has a real problem with the way he treats older women. Maybe he should look take a long, hard look at himself at the mirror.

  11. I watched some of last night’s. Underwhelmed by the usual lines that they were saying last time I watched, two or three seasons ago. I missed the judging but the comments here suffice.

  12. Brett’s back story of being an alcoholic made me a little squirmy. Yes, good on him for improving his life but I just met him – I don’t need to know every tragic detail

    • I felt the same, Juz. While I don’t think a person’s alcoholism should be hidden, revealing every minute detail of his problem was more information than I wanted to hear as part of a cooking show. I also thought the woman’s story of her struggles with becoming a stepmother was unnecessarily specific. I wonder how her stepkid/s felt about that.

      If one of this season’s big changes is having contestants tell every intimate detail of their lives, I can do without that particular innovation.

      • I would hate MC to get to the point where you don’t get cast unless you have a tragic back story. Compared to other shows they are not too bad (dead nonnas aside) but this one felt forced.

        • I am waiting for them to ask Lisa (Asian girl with red lipstick) about her 16 months old baby and make her cry!

          I think another critiria for the show is you can cry at the drop of a hat. At the elimination, so many of the contestants were crying. Were they asked to over act ?

  13. Richard Fidler has done an interview with Poh. Her views on why she was accepted and why she got back in (after being sent home on a “what is under the cloche” challenge) are quite interesting.
    Not that she said so specifically, but she thinks that she got in because she has this interesting Mormon/not Mormon/Asian backstory plus she is not afraid to take risks when she is cooking.
    And just as an aside to previous discussions, one of her parents is Hakka.
    I don’t remember them referencing the Mormon bit but I do remember her family being charming. And her cooking was interesting.
    So jumping to not particularly scientific conclusions, it seems it is all about the cooking but not if you do the same old, same old – and that may explain why the older good cooks go home. It makes sense.

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