Who watched the royal wedding?

I flicked over to see Annabel Crabb and Jeremy Fernandez making awkward conversation about the crowd going wild for the Clooneys. But then Mr 6 made me watch ET for the umpteenth time so I missed the big arrivals.
What did you think?



  1. If the preacher didn’t kill it, the cello player did.

    New royal couple looked great. Congrats to them.

    Considering the massive build up, wasn’t what I expected. Nice weather.

    • That cello player was there for a *long* while, wasn’t he?

      As for the American preacher, he knew it was the biggest gig he was ever going to get, so you could see he was gonna milk every second he could.

      I like to imagine that the Queen had to keep a close eye on Prince Philip, and every time he tried to say something, she had to kick him in the shins.

    • Lemon and elderflower, apparently.. Never tasted it, myself.

      Finally, some horses and carriages.

      Queen doesn’t look too happy today. Hardly a smile.

    • The cake sounds delicious. I guess it will be a new trend from there on. I have some elderflower syrup here, maybe I will do something with it. 😛

      • Zhee, we have elderflower cordial in supermarkets here but it is not a common flavour. I have never tasted it. I only know about it from watching GBBO

  2. I do not get the fuzz about a royal wedding. But then, uhm, we Germans are not particularly involved with monarchy. 😉
    Pretty wedding dress on a beautiful woman. Looked at some pics on a news website.
    And what is it that those Beckhams are everywhere? So overrated, especially her style. She always looks like a miserable skeleton with bad plastic surgery. Nothing spectacular about her style. Mrs. Clooney on the other hand looks great (although a bit too skinny too). Mr. Clooney chose well.

    • Mrs C’s yellow dress was gorgeous. Good to see the royals moving further away from their Nazi connections with an ethnically diverse crowd. Hope Philip did not say anything offensive

  3. I watched it on SBS because Joel Creasey, Myf Warhust and Ray Martin were commentating. Unfortunately, Joel left before the ceremony because the queen had “decreed” that no comedians should comment on the actual ceremony. Yes, Dave, the preacher did kill it, I was laughing and almost cheering his bit. Good on Meghan and, I guess, the queen, for that part being included. I think Camilla and a few other people were trying not to laugh during that, but I thought it was a beautiful sermon/speech. Harry seems to be truly smitten and I hope their marriage lasts. Easy to be optimistic at a wedding ceremony, it’s nothing that affects me, but I thought it a lovely, down to earth ceremoney from a stuffy old traditional family.

    • Oh, duh, Joel left because he had another engagement. I thought it plausible it was a royal request, thought they were in England. So, bad news, I’m exposed as a dummy tonight. Good news, I am having a very nice bottle of shiraz.

      • Oops, Von! Lol On Twitter Joel was reassuring fans that he would make it to his comedy show that night

  4. Sorry, the Swans were playing…

    Seriously though, I have recorded the ABC version and will watch a bit. I did flick over at the breaks, and thought that what I did see was a bit bland. But then, I respected them for that, because they tried to stick to their “simple” wedding plan, and honestly recognised that they are not next in line to the throne and therefore, their occasion does not belong to the public like Will and Kate’s did. If they had tried to outdo Will and Kate it would have been weird, and I admire their humility in that way.

    • Simple? They were in virtue signalling overdrive.

      There was something out of kilter with the wedding that we could not quite put our finger on. The complete absence of friends and family on her part? The newly found celebrity pals? Her father’s parental failure on all fronts…

      Countdown to the divorce begins…

      • I had to look up virtue signalling because I wasn’t entirely sure what it means. But I see your point. I’ve seen several references to her simple dress being a sign of a “strong woman” – I don’t get that at all. It does feel like everything has to point back to some feminist trait. Quite annoying.

        I still think the dress was bland, but I can see why she chose it.

  5. I watched, was fun to see the arrivals, and i was disappointed how plain Beatrice and Eugine looked!
    I liked the preacher at the start, but then he just went on too long, the best part then was watching the royals try to keep a straight face!
    Agree since Harry is only 6th in line they were able to go more simple but it was almost too simple. I was expecting a bit more in Meghans dress thats for sure.
    i did enjoy the gospel choir singing Stand by Me and the pageboys and bridesmaids were very cute!

    • I notice on some fb posts, comments bitching about them spending tax money, so maybe they toned it down a little because of that point of view. I’m both a traditionalist AND a non traditionalist, but I think I I like the British monarchy. Has anyone ever seen the doco on Princess Grace; Prince Phillip’s mum? She’s a remarkable woman.
      BTW, when Prince Phillip came to Bunbury, my oldest som helped him plant a tree. Unfortunately, the stupid council didn’t water it. How dumb is that. They could have had a plaque; ” Ryan planted this tree”.

  6. I loved it apart from the preacher who overdid it somewhat. Thought Charles was lovely with Doria and what a pity she didn’t have someone sitting with her. She was classy and thank goodness the hillbillies didnt get there
    And what abt the old butler trying to get in somewhere he wasnt invited – tried the old don’t you know who I am line.

    • Which old butler? Don’t tell me Diana spoke to Paul Burrell in one of Jackie’s visions invited him.

  7. Yes, Burrell! I thought the Clooneys looked a little uncomfortable – he could at least have been a bit smarter istead of swaggering with hand in pocket. Lovely to see the men in morning suits – but not Beckham wth tatts and gum and his permanently miserable missus.

  8. I was flicking back and forth between the Manly/Melbourne NRL game (gosh, that turned out to be an event) and the wedding. I saw enough of it to get the gist.

      • Apparently Dylan Walker is too mouthy for his own good, so everyone watching the game was cheering for the guy swinging the punches.

        The sin-bin time-keeping controversy was just farce, but highly entertaining.

  9. I watched the replay this afternoon.
    I must be old fashioned but I loved the dress (I detest frou-frou, and sparkles). Right up my alley.
    And I love 10 kiddies all dressed up and how excited they were.
    I thought it seemed like a relaxed affair – for a royal wedding.
    And I get so annoyed about this tax-payer rubbish. It brought in so much money to England in tourist dollars.
    It’s a bit like that fella complaining that tax-payer money was spent sending a couple of ABC people over to commentate. Seriously. That would have been chicken feed compared to the amount of money that would have been spent on buying a program to fill in those two spots. I am sure that a cost/benefit analysis would say that the tax-payer was way in front.
    I am a little over the sound-bite sport of “attack the ABC”

    • I liked the simple, well sort of simple dress too, and her going away dress was attractive too. I like simple lines in good fabric.

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