Survivor: Mon, Exile Island battle

It’s time to see who will triumph on Exile Island.
Who are you going for? Tegan has to win, right? Because the ad implies she struggles against Anita.
And does this mean it’s tribe swap time? It will be a bit awkward if the winner goes back to their original tribe.
I’d like to see them split into three tribes for a while, to shake up the social dynamic and see if the Contenders come together to target Champions.



    • I know! Even Mr Juz is asking me why we had to wait so long. I think I’ve finally converted him. Pity I could not hook him last season, which was a stellar one

  1. And the contenders lose again.


    Why the hell did they put Zach on the vertical maze challenge? Meanwhile, at least that gives Tegan the chance to go after Benji. So the episode won’t be a total loss.

  2. Tribal Council has just gotten a bit cringe-worthy of late, not just because the Champions team don’t even remember how to get there, but mostly because Zach just refuses to STOP TALKING.

    As fun as it was watching Benji squirm, I find it hard to disagree with the girls. Screw his perfect goat-ness. Just for the love of us all, just get rid of him.

    As an aside, Tegan started to annoy me towards the end, as well. “They lied to get rid of me!” Spoiler alert, Tegan. You signed up to be on ‘Survivor’.

    • Let’s see. Anita was at Exile Beach because Heath, member of the Supercouple, put her there so Tegan, member of the Supercouple, could eat her alive at the challenge. Naturally she decided this was all the Bromance’s fault. And the Three Floaters agreed that the despatch of Anita was all the fault of the Bromance.

      I am deeply relieved that I will not have to waste more of my life watching Zach ram both feet so far into his mouth it is astonishing they didn’t protrude at the other end.

      Can we please have a merge so we can watch someone actually play Survivor now?

  3. Oh thank goodness he’s gone. Good work team. Sure, you had the opportunity to knife Benji, but I’m personally glad you took the chance to knife that awful toad. Good riddance, Zach, and I hope someone throws you down a well.

  4. Zach and Anita gone? I’m salivating for the encore tomorrow.

    Ch 10 ‘s promo was a sucker punch as suspected.

  5. I thought Tegan’s outrage was more for the benefit of the other girls. I’m glad Zac’s gone and those “left-wing women” booted him, also in part because it was manifestly unfair to send T back to the same tribe. We are overdue a swap.
    Why were Zach and Robbie not doing buckets? I would have put Tegan and Heath on the walk puzzle. Zach must have thought a girl was too weak to do it

    • I’d bet a reasonable amount of money that Zach volunteered himself to do the maze just because he didn’t trust anyone else to do it. I would’ve put Fenella on it, to be honest.

      What I liked about the vote was that, like JLap pointed out, it was unanimous. Everyone just wanted to get rid of him, including the people he was aligned with. And I know he would’ve made the most perfect goat, but could you imagine listening to his bullshit for another second? I couldn’t.

  6. Wow, that was a long week waiting…think i could handle Sun/mon/tues episodes…
    Yeah, totally bamboozled with Robbie and Zach on that challenge!
    How mortified did Robbie look at tribal with Gladiator Zach digging his own grave…good call team for making it unanimous….
    Benji’s eye twitch a total giveaway to lying and guilt…absolutely loved it…the guys a douche, but happy to have him stay around…he looks like he getting desperate on tomorrow’s ep.
    Thought a tribal swap wpuld have happened by now…am sure its imminent!
    They at day 21 of 55 days…so its not as long as last season right?

    • Totally. Benji, who thinks he is a master strategist, is a shocking liar! Why didn’t he own the move and say – ‘yep. we wanted you gone’. He stuffed it up with his prevarications and shiftiness and was only saved by moronic suicidal Zach. Everyone then had the good sense to shut up and just throw dirt onto the coffin!
      But Zach – YOU were the one who lost the challenge – if you had used your so-called strength to run and get water you might have won. If you could have trusted some nimble fingered girls like Fenella and Paige to manipulate the ball. The champions were so much more SMART (again) and had Samuel as boss who called the shots so Jackie could follow the lead.
      I am totally with Windsong’s theory that he decided he needed to run the maze. Hilarious that Fenella called him a washed up Gladiator. She is rapidly becoming my favourite commentator!

      • I definitely want more of Fenella. Hopefully now that King Doofus has been eliminated, the other contenders start speaking up more.

        • Can you imagine exactly HOW MANY TIMES Zach reminded them that he was a former Gladiator? I’m betting it was a constant refrain! I mean, aside from his ‘left-wing women’ comment, and his general air of aggrieved superiority, it seems a fair bet that he was insufferable around camp in many ways, and my money is on him constantly going on about how fabulous he was as a Gladiator.

          • I’m willing to bet it’s not just ‘left-wing’ women he has a problem with I’d put money on most women. I remember him saying in an earlier episode that “arrogance” was a bad quality in a woman. It’s a bad quality in anyone but coming from an arrogant ahole like him it was quite a statement.

    • SD I’m so glad you mentioned the eye tic – I was beginning to think I had imagined it. And editing notwithstanding, Benji’s face is an open book when he’s lying or stressed.

          • Annalise from last season. I think she only went home because of one of those dodgy tribals where JLap said “surprise, we’re voting a second person out”

        • Yeah I remember her, she was originally mates with Tara…
          Wow, how do two family members get on the same show!! Ive been trying for years!

      • Agree. Benji had the most guilty face I have seen in a long time. I wish Tegan had pulled it back a bit, though. I think she was too outraged and needed to try to just calmly present the facts without getting so emotional about it.

        It was smart of Tegan, though, to bring all the facts out when everyone was assembled. That way, there was no chinese whispers or he said, she said stuff. Everyone could see and hear what had been happening. In contrast, Benji tried to justify himself and lay blame elsewhere later, in a small group. It just wasn’t convincing.

  7. I really thought they’d do a tribe swap after the Exile challenge but the other team didn’t even go, unlike the US version. Both teams always went to watch the duels as they called them. Really over the Champions winning all the time. And no reward challenge only immunity.
    That was good when Anita & Tegan were both accusing each other of turning on them & then hashed things out & realised they’d been lied to.
    Glad that idiot Zach is finally gone.

    • I enjoyed that Anita/Tegan moment, too. They were about to (figuratively) beat each other up, then suddenly realised there was a common enemy. Funny.

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