Daisy’s Bold and Beautiful chat – September

Here’s a flashback for you:

Thorne, Caroline and Ridge circa 1989

You can see some more old photos of the Bold cast here on TenPlay.
Over to Bold correspondent Daisy (thank you!):
Spring is in the air, and Stephie has burned her bras. She is roaring like Helen Reddy. I am so proud of her kicking Liam to the kerb. Let’s hope he stays kicked. But his interest in Stephie has been fueled by her unaivailability, and proximity. So Stephie has soared in his esteem. Meanwhile Bridge both continue to sell their daughters out to the little rooster who still wants them both. Brooke has hidden some of her pushing, meddling and Stephie bashing from Ridge, but she’s been happy to buy him revealing boxer shorts and invite him to give her a lap dance on the chaise longue; their choice of wind instrument still to be determined. πŸ˜‚
Bill has his tail between his legs, but only as Bill can. He is just covering his evil tracks with some fake remorse. Justin lurks, just to provide a sounding board to Bill and to sometimes throw one of his rivals out of a helicopter.
There is a fresh story line in the bowels of Forrester Creations. Pokey young Emma feels threatened by Zander’s Sexy Ex; Skeletor Zoe. She has the body of a gazelle, but the head of a horse. It remains to be seen which of Zander’s love interests will have the most evil in her bag of tricks. Zoe could invite Zander to Harry’s funeral. Emma could attempt to frame Zoe for some internet crime. All we know for sure is that Zander seems to attract jealous women.
Maya might have her real life baby soon and be allowed to have some lines. At the moment she is only hanging around in the wings, and Rick has been even more absent. We don’t know who will rise from the producer’s ashes to create havoc. So far it’s been quiet with all bar the afore-mentioned.
I predict Bridge might have to hash it out over their daughters, and Quidge might return to fog up our flat screens. It’s been nice for Eric to enjoy some geriatric marital stability before the next storm hits his mansion. Surely we haven’t seen the last of Quidge.
Anyhow, it’s bloody cold in WA so let’s hope things heat up, on and off the screen.
Thanks to those who enjoy a read, a chat and a laugh, and who keep each other amused and updated. Cheers. β˜•β˜•β˜• Daisy.



  1. Lots of skin today. Bridge. Sally and Wyatt. Katie and Thorne. Meat market. Easy meat.

    Liam and Supersteffy relive the past. Flashbacks to Sydney. There are tears as Steffy realizes it’s all turned to sh..

    Dozed through this episode. Ridge and Brooke were in the sack. Still haven’t heard the music. What can be played for a woman who’s been married 13 times? We had Moonlight Sonata when Bill was shot….but Ridge and Brooke in bed canoodling around the elephant in the room~ Hope. Soon Ridge will be looking for another bed. He’ll get jack of Brooke being ruler of hearts.

    Thanks for the synopsis of this month, daisy.

  2. A bit of a filler episode. The usual pudge from Wipes. Liam tells Stephie that he will always love and respect her; like he was loving and respecting her when he was having sex with Hope on the office desk.

  3. I slept through all but the last five minutes, when a fresh from the tanning salon orange Thorne starts ripping into Bill about being a deadbeat father, bad seed.. This is after Bill has warned Thorne off of Katie. He’ s divorced from Katie, but “we’re still family”. Hands off , orange Forrester. This is all I saw.

  4. Don’t bother. Stephie has her feminazi on. She gave a Germaine Greer speech on empowering women, and turning the Forrester creche into one of the seven wonders of the world. Funny she is so empowered but doesn’t pull her boob out to breastfeed.
    Stephie went around the table, praising all of the women but brushed over the Thorn amongst the roses. Thorn took his offending nutsackand went over to take it out on Bill.
    Katie thinks being an ex entitles her to a lifetime of judging.

  5. Wow, Bill shouldn’t have turned his back on Will. Next week he’ll be shaving and the week fter that Bill will be sleeping with his wife.

    • Little brat Will ruined Thorne and Katie’s night of shining amour by demanding to come home from the over nighter at Bill’s. Where there’s a Will, there’s a way.

      Meantime Hope and Liam complete what they started in that sordid dressing room tryst. Looks like they did it on the floor. The producers tried to make it look classy and meaningful…..and failed.

      Won’t be surprised if Bill has another crack at Katie, just to spite Thorne.

  6. Best man Wyatt floats the idea of bigamy past Liam. He pretends he’s never thought about it.

    Ridge has overdone the hair dye and throat is back to it’s raspiest. The blandest Classical guitar accompanies their smooching as the vulture Brooke control freaks the wedding plans and details. “Not enough food” she protests. As if Taylor could get food past her lips.

    Hope’s Kumbaya wedding will be a battlefield for Brooke and Taylor, who’s been invited to “support” Steffy. Brooke’s sure that psychiatrist Taylor will “cause a scene”. Someone will….after an avalanche of hogwash about love and family.

  7. How soon we forget, but wotshername who had baby for Maya and went to Paris.must have left one of her wigs behind for Steffi
    Cant wait for the Lope wedding, I think it’s going to be a doozy

  8. I missed it today. I hope the wedding hasn’t happened , I guess the producers will keep pumping it up for a week yet.

  9. Having taken it upon herself to invite his ex wife to their wedding, Hope breaks the news to Liam. She might be Hopeful but she’s heartless. Brooke put her foot down to Hope and told her Stephie and Taylor can’t come. I thought Hope might break the news to Liam that she invited Stephie by telling him he had to uninvite her. Anyway little Miss Sunshine should have asked Liam first. Oh, and she told Liam she wouldn’t have asked Stephie if it made her feel uncomfortable. I would have thought the fact that Stephie originally told Hope,”too soon” meant she did feel uncomfortable. Then Hope pushed. Brooke is being a biatch, and Taylor called it when she said Hope was staging the wedding to make herself look good, so here’s to a giant wedding fiasco. If it goes off like most B&B weddings, it won’t go off. Perhaps Hope can catch Stephie and Liam having a last minute tango.

    I just hope they don’t play saxaphone music at the wedding because that would cause Katy to automatically start undressing.

    And Sara…it’s Nicole, and we couldn’t miss the new hair or the lips.

    • Thanks daisy, because I went to ebroadcast for the bare bones synopsis and got this`~
      “Brooke insists that Hope un-invite Steffy and Taylor from the wedding; Steffy calls Ridge for help when Taylor agrees to meet with Brooke”

      I don’t want to miss the wedding and was pretty sure it wasn’t today. It’ll be an all in brawl.

      Where’s Arjay, died of old age or something? He should be at FC looking after the interns.

      • Better than the chocolate fountain stoush between Hope and Stephie a few weddings ago I expect. That was like a Bachelorette cocktail party.

        What ifs: Hope loses the baby hours before the wedding
        Stephie wears her original cha cha cha wedding dress to the
        Taylor loses it and shoots Brooke.
        Taylor and Brooke show up in the same mother of the bride outfits.

  10. Hope has nearly made it down the stairs to the tune of the Bridal Waltz. She’s in a bad luck gown of Brooke’s.

    Not before Brooke and Taylor have a private stoush in the groom’s room. Taylor tried a last ditch effort to change Liam’s tiny mind….but Brooke overhears it all. Taylor still manages to gatecrash the wedding. Brooke is seething and nasty looks are shot around the room. Ridge is unhappy, too. Another typical FC wedding.

    Taylor and CEO Supersteffy have awful seats at the back of the wedding. Sally Spectra’s there, too. Sheila didn’t get an invite.

    Things are sure to erupt tomorrow.

  11. Sally has a fashion fail in her satin overalls.
    Hopes sister/stepmom was able to make the wedding. Sister, because Brooke is her mum. Stepmom, because Brooke slept with Bridgitte’s husband, Deacon.
    I was trying to see where Ridge was sitting. He should have sat with Taylor.
    I’m not sure how this wedding ceremony is going to fail. Perhaps Hope will get rushed to hospital.
    The unlucky bridal gown is sure to weave its magic.

  12. Can’t wait for the ceremony – unless they are going to stretch it out over a week. Looking at today’s tv guide we are told that Bill makes a shocking confession – mmmmm Kelly is mine perhaps!

    • Anything is possible but why wouldn’t he have used that earlier. Perhaps he is gay, has $1 000 a day drug habit, is really a woman or tells the bride she has spinach between her teeth.

  13. I guess it’s all water under the bridge…or a bridge over troubled waters….that Quinn is getting warm and cosy at Hope’s wedding. I recall she was banned from the house when Hope was married to Wipes.

  14. Bridgitte was there to glow and gleam at the wedding of the daughter her mother had with her husband, Deacon. She calls her “sister”.

  15. Bill thinks he can “make amends”

    Let’s see. He almost blew up his son , then he rooted his wife. Then crestfallen and hurt when he doesn’t get an invite to the cheesy wedding .

  16. Liam is glad that Hope is including Stephie in the ceremony. He can’t wait until she’s included into the marriage.
    It would be good if Hope has a daughter. Stephie will be able to pass on baby clothes. Why not? She passed on her husband.

    • Liam slips the ring over Hope’s finger just as he promises to be faithful. The other hand is behind his back, fingers crossed.

  17. I hope that Hope doesn’t add to her tackiness by throwing Stephie the bouquet.
    If that wedding dress keeps getting passed around for Logan weddings, it will be a rag.

    Only Ridge and Taylor spared a thought for Stephie.

  18. Add this happy mother of the bride to the wedding album. Speaking of wedding albums, the Forresters probably need to have a designated building, or archive.

    • Bio~degradable wedding albums for the family. Cheaper than a warehouse.

      How appropriate that Brooke wears a pearl necklace for the occasion.

  19. Hope could have used one of Brooke’s wedding rings. She must have quite a collection. Probably enough to melt down and make dinner set.

  20. What a load of …….. I’m so confused about who all the women are and their relationship wiith each other. It’s all so incestuous. The cake scene wasn’t even funny.

  21. Hmmmmm. No honeymoon for Hope. That’s slack Liam, and not a good beginning. He “didn’t have time to plan a honeymoon”.He could have just used the one they were going to have at their last wedding.

    Oh well, he drops petals on Hope. Lazy lover. Boo.

  22. Good God, Thorne. You’ve been with Katy all of 2 seconds and you want to poke your nose in with Will? And Carter says, “Katy might have a case”. Katy doesn’t want to take Will from his dad. Thorne needs some Dr Phil on this one.

    Also Thorne is trying to out rasp and out whisper Ridge.

    • Dr.Phil would be giving us statistics, warning us that Thorne is going to abuse
      Will. Jack Trimarco would sort Thorne out.

      Will will be producing disturbing drawings of a big, orange, interfering monster.

  23. Dead beat Bill turns up late for his quality time with Will. Thorne sticks his nose in and soon Katie’s crying. Don’t threaten Bill while he’s busy trying to repair generations of damage by “making amends” There’s no chance for a child to have “stability” in this show.

    Brooke and Ridge are slowly drifting apart….in spite of the cheesy canoodling.

    Skeletor and Emma are in the opening credits now.

  24. Thanks Dave. Just watching now. Good Lawd, what a bunch of pokeys. I thought in jest to myself that Thorn might want Will to call him Dad next, when blow me down, he starts talking about replacing Bill.
    Brooke has a say in it, Ridge has a say in it, Thorn has a say in it and even Carter has dispensed advice with no authority from Will’s parents.

    Maybe Bill’s revenge might be to win back Katy.

  25. I wanted Bill to punch both Thorne and Katie. Katie’s a drunk who rooted her son’s half brother, while Thorne is the lowest kind of interfering parasite. Not often Bill can take the high moral ground. The cheesy portrait of the ignored Will sees the whole ugly scene develop.

    Skeletor’s Brit accent is pretty suspect. Zander’s falling for it. What an appalling fashion parade it was, too. Awful music. Stephie and Ridge love it , of course.

  26. Oh I wanted to help Bill devise a dastardly plan to destroy Thorn and Katy. I might remind Katy how quick she was to dump new born Will in a creche while she took Bill’s company. I might ask her where Will was while she was having sax with his big brother. But what really makes all of it so annoying is Thorne poking his snout in to deleberately cause trouble and inflaming the situation by impying he was going to supplant Bill in Will’s life, all the while acting like Sir Lancalot.
    Yep, I reckon we were all wanting Bill to knock the smirk of Thorne’s face.

    Little Emma is like Cinderella, running around giving orders to the models, while her real job is sweeping ashes.

    • What was little Will doing while the purple push ups were being thrashed and the pizza delivery fantasy was being done to death? All of a sudden “stabilty” is the flavour of the month.

      Bill should just buy up all the tanning salons in LA and deprive Thorne of the nutrients he needs to survive.

      I think you’re right daisy. Single again Bill will woo back Katie just to annoy his Forrester enemies.

      • Bill just needs to call in and visit Katy with a bottle of Scotch, a Kenny Gee CD and some purple satin jocks. She would be in his arms before the end of the first track. Mr Carrot won’t be able to hold a candle to the Stallion.

  27. Thorne could be a paedophile the way he’ s insinuating himself into this dysfunctional mess. Hit him, Bill. Awful episode.

    • In a previous comment I wrote Thorne is interfering with Will. Ooops. I edited it out. But yes, Dave. You have to wonder if it’s Katy or it’s Will he’s after. Maybe he’s grooming Katy to get to the son. Anyhow, I think Thorn’s interference is going to backfire on Katy.

  28. I’m not sure what Katy is doing. She’s going nuts. She wants Bill to spend time with Will but is seeking sole custody. Bill’s name for Thorne, “Lurch, is a good one.
    Another would be Termite or Woodworm. You don’t want him in your home. Thorne should just concentrate on having sax with Katy, not running around seeing lawyers on her behalf. I hope Carter sets him straight this time.

  29. I was a bit worried that little Kellie was going to come out of her room and be 10. I don’t know what Thorne is on about. No one on this show looks after their kids.

    It seems Stephie can expect a lot of unexpected visits from Hope, fishing to see if Liam is there.

    Poor Ivy has turned up on Home and Away and no longer has her own jewellery line. I just saw her in a caravan park at Summer Bay. Slumming it, and still with that awful blonde hair.

  30. So, the hospital staff all got deja vu when Liam rocked up for the ultra sound.
    “Liam, back again”.
    Bloody Thorne. He’s in my side. Nobody has sought professional help to determine if your boyfriend ripping your son from his Dad is the best think for a kid.

        • Nursie would have been on the blower to LA gossip columnists or worse, blabbing about it down at Il Gardino’s while Sheila is cleaning the next table.

          • Oh yes, one indiscreet lunch time conversation at Il Geordino’s is all it takes. And where is Sheila? She has been missing a lot of golden opportunities.

  31. Katy’s faux concern for Will is sickening. She couldn’t get him off to a boarding school quick enough and used Eric to do it. I’m on Bill’s side.

    More interference from Brooke. She’ll turn Hope into a jealous mess.

  32. Yes. Will was enrolled in boarding school at three, wasn’t he. And that was one human year to 3 Forrester child years. Last week, Hope was still able to lay on her tummy to have a massage (if you’ve ever been pregnant you’ll know), and this week she is carrying a fully formed foetus. Quick, get the boarding school enrollment forms for Hope’s kid. Speaking of…if Liam turning up for another ultrasound had medical heads spinning, just wait until it’s parent’s day at school.

    As for Bill, I wish he would just listen to me and start inviting Katie and Will together on some play dates. Wouldn’t that make Will happy and get right up Orange Lurch’s nose. Surely Caring Katy couldn’t refuse. And if Will has been on school holidays, what’s Lurch been doing having daytime sax at Katy’s revolving door of purple satin delight. Team Bill on this one. I hope he goes the sneaky route of winning Katy back, and leaving interfering Thorne to lick his wounds. Damn cheek. Just let me right this for a month or two. I could right a few wrongs. I would start by bringing in a hot and intelligent man for Stephie. Hope can have that little gnome.

  33. Take her down, Bill. Take her down.

    And Brooke asks Hope if it doesn’t seem weird that Liam went home with Stephie. Yes, Brooke, it’s all weird. Just wait until the Liam Spencer cousins go off to boarding kindergarten. Hope should call her kid a name starting with K, then they can share their family monogram sewn onto their uniforms.

    I am listening now to Thorne, “Mmaw, mmaw, mmaw” selfrighteously. Take him down, Bkll. Take him down.

    And Brooke wins mother of the year for nudging Hope into turning on the seduction to get her hooks into Liam, now nudging her toward jealousy. Perhaps they should get Liam a tracking device, or a home detention anklet.

  34. As usual, you two are clever with the words. Brooke has become quite nasty of late, putting doubts into Hope’s head. Not sure how I feel about the custody battle, Thorne should butt out.

  35. Hope has an ultrsound of a full term foetus.
    Here we go; Liam who has been promising to “always be there for Kelly”, won’t know whether to stay making goo goo eyes at Stephie while young Kellie (who will emerge tomorrow in high heels and lipstick) has her fever, or rush over tor baby (?).

  36. Do you think Thorne gets time to do some designing while he’s not meddling in others parenting issues or at the tanning salon?

    Liam will have to decide whether to hang with gushing Steffy or misery guts Hope now. He could have a shot at Stephie’s babysitter, too.

  37. Thanks Sara. Ridge tells all the models at Forrester that his brother, Orange Lurch is now off the dating market. He looks like he belongs in the Farmers’ Market; in the carrots.

  38. Don’t worry about who gets sole custody of Will. The boarding school will.

    Katy complains to Thorne in the side about the difficulty of being a single mum raising a kid alone. He goes to boarding school. Then when he’s home, he’s upstairs in his room (watching porn), or at a friend’s house.

    Judging by the fully developed foetus in Hope’s ultra sound, she might be full term and giving birth. πŸ˜‰

      • You missed a whole lot of Lurch being a total wa**er, and Katie exclaiming how hard life has been raising Will on her own. Oh yeah? That hasn’t been the Wiggles we heard coming from her bedroom window.

        We still don’t know what’s going on with Hopeless but she had to drive herself to emergency because Liam was “being there for Kellie”. She could have called her mum.

    • Again I don’t understand why they make fun of documentaries like this show.

      I’ll look for an encore.Thanks , Juz.

  39. Liam has to yoyo between his baby-mommas as each little Liam spawn has an emergency. Don’t worry he has ppromised to always be there for his kids. Lucky he doesn’t have a real job.

  40. Professional jealousy rears it’s ugly head at Forrester as penny pinching Ridge has to decide whether to starve financially Hope’s line or Steffy’s new line. Brooke has a dog in this fight. It’s a shit sandwich for Ridge. Hope’s feelgood line or Steffy’s porn lingerie.

    There’s tension bubbling under the ludicrous staff meeting. They take turns to spit out the obvious. Trailblazing company that it is.

    Bill and Justin start plans to scuttle the sole custody suit. Thorne is the real culprit in it, according to Dollar Bill.

  41. Excellent recap, Dave. It was a juicy office meeting with Ridge caught with the canary feathers in his mouth. I feel now, Stephie…and I…..will get closure.
    Ridge toyed with Hope by pretending to consider Hope for the Future as a real option over Stephie’s undies. Liam reassured Hope that there is still hope, without realizing he might find himself down in the queue at Centelink. Thorne too for that matter.

    Bill has yet to devise a dastardly plan to crush Thorn. Perhaps Brooke might prove useful. Maybe she will trade her soul for a favour from Bill.

  42. Steffy tells Hope that it’s payback time. You may get my husband but your fashion line is screwed , cos’ you’re going to beg Ridge to cut your cash supply. This is California, after all. Watch the blood drain from Hope’s ambitious face.

    “It’s not a competition” ~ Ridge says. The hell it’s not. The whole mess will drive the wedge further into Bridge.

    Brooke and Bill have drinks at a cheap, wobbly table at Il Gardino’s. Brooke earbashes Bill about what an arsehole he is~ which means they’ll be back on soon.

    Katie’s so busy seducing sex starved Lurch, she doesn’t know little Will’s up in his bedroom shooting heroin.

  43. Katy and Thorne were so busy at work…..having more daytime sex in Hope’s office. They really should have laid out some plastic sheeting on that couch. Others have to sit there.

  44. Was expecting Sheila to turn up, at least be behind a pillar, so that she could blackmail Brooke into.not telling Ridge about the lunch.

    • Maybe she was under the table hence the wobbling….or Katie and Thorne; Korne, were having sex under it.

      The kitten mittens are off and the girls are ready to spar again. Liam might do the unpardonable; defend Stephie. Stephie is playing, “You got the doll so I want the pram”. Hope says, “I need the pram too”.
      Brooke is playing, “No sex for you tonight, Ridge. You can vote for the lingerie line, but you will never see it on me again”.

  45. Evil Brooke tells worried Hope that she has more influence over Ridge than Steffy. As daisy has pointed out, she thinks she can pressure Ridge with the furry checkbook.

    Ridge says he hasn’t made his mind up, yet. The pressure will cause him to seek Quinn comfort.

    Skeletor rubs salt into Sally Spectra about her doomed future working for Hope.

    I dozed through the rest of the episode. I got lucky.

    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ You missed Brooke give Stephie a savage mauling. Her eyes were glaring, her nostrils flaring, her voice was scaring. She was a bitch. Stephie just looked shocked and speechless.

  46. Brooke needs the sack for that! How dare she.

    Anyhow, back to the big decision, I think it should be the more noble HFTF because they have a more moral crew:
    Hope who had sex with her cousin’s boyfriend in her office, while he was back with Stephie,
    Sally, the thief,
    Katy who had lots of daysax with her step son, then moved straight on to Thorne, is doing the dirty on her son’s dad,
    Thorne, who is sleeping with Katy afterhis attempts to get into Brooke’s knickers failed.
    Liam who flips from cousin to cousin, sleeping with both, sometimes at the same time.
    That’s the moral message of Hope ftf. As if the gossip media wouldn’t be onto them.
    I wish, just once, Ridge would walk in on Brooke, tearing strips off Stephie.

    • HFTF is “all about bringing good into the world”…with staff hand picked from Sodom and Gomorrah.

      Yeah, how come Ridge never gets to eavesdrop on stuff? Too busy shuffling his box of designer pencils.

  47. So Ridge chooses Intimates over HFTF. Lightweight meeting. Bottom line v bringing good into the world. Steffy’s smile says it all.

    Brooke won’t be intimate with Ridge anytime soon. She slams the door in Ridge’s face after she storms off.

    Bill and Justin continue to plot.

  48. Brooke’s gone to Il Gardino’s to cool off when who should walk in but Dollar Bill. Ridge must have gone back to the office to sharpen some pencils, then.

    Brooke tries getting rid of him, but Bill wastes no time in sweet talking her. Offering “anything she wants”. Brooke wants a lot, as we know.

    Liam tries to console Hope with some platitudes

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