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There are no random girls left to cut – surely? So that means it’s intruder time.
And here they are.

Who is styling these girls? No.3’s outfit is bearable, if a bit Christmas crackery, but the other two …



  1. Cat’s remark as Nick was carrying the injured girl back to the mansion after injuring her foot … “If I’d known that’d get so much attention from Nick, I would’ve broken *both* ankles.”

    Okay ladies. Line forms to the left …

    But seriously, Cat is so absurdly nasty, that I harbour a suspicion that she’s actually a supervillain who’s robbing banks in Sydney, and a stay in the Badgerlor Mansion is a convenient alibi.

    • I just can’t believe they are airing some of this bullying. Pretending not to remember a person’s name is such classic “you are not worth it” bullying behaviour. The unnecessarily bitchy comments to camera and then all smiles and welcome when the girls first arrived.
      If Romy and Cat behaved the way they are in a workplace it would be grounds for dismissal so these two have to be sent packing (and back to their day jobs as super villains). It’s not good television.

  2. Those 3 snakes need to go. Romy is the worse. Ch 10 has gone too far with this ‘acting’ I am sure Romy is being paid to act that way. That is why Ch 10 is happy to keep them in the show

    • I agree but even acting it’s too much. When Romy kept accusing her of being aggressive and yelling and yet we could see that she wasn’t either. (fair call for the producer to say “Why are you yelling at me?” though.
      That whole thing was truly appalling to watch and I really object to Cat and Romy being continually rewarded and given lots of air time for their bad behaviour. I hope the ad isn’t leading us on but at this stage if Nick doesn’t turf the mean girls he really is a moron.

    • It’s difficult to pick a worst out of those 3. They all have poison tongues. They are the coven. Alisha, the cheerleader crone, who always encourages their evil, is just as bad as Romy and Cat.

    • She has to keep saying it to make herself feel better, if she really had a connection she wouldn’t be so threatened by every other girl in the house.

      • That’s what I say. If he liked her, he wouldn’t be on this show! Unless it is some kind of prearranged “let’s go on the show together for sh*ts n giggles”? At this stage we know the producers have no morals.

  3. So here’s a question. Who was the bigger jerk, tonight? Romy (well, that goes without saying) or the obnoxiously condescending producer who ran after Tenille? “What’s going on babe? Stop running! Why are you yelling at me for?” Why do you think, you great thumping idiot? You’re the one who locked this poor girl in a house with two and a half psychopaths.

    And why was it so “dangerous” where Tenille was running? Do they have trained attack dogs on the grounds to stop people from escaping? Moats filled with hungry crocodiles? Like, what?

    Cat and Romy are just so over-the-top evil that it’s hard to believe they’re not paid actresses. Human beings don’t act like this, do they, really? Because if they’re not, I mean, damn, that’s almost sociopathic levels of apathy and self-obsession. And if that’s their genuine personalities, my gosh, they’ve probably been acting like this their entire lives. It’s so juvenile and awful. Why?

    Meanwhile, tomorrow night, it seems like Nick finally finds something resembling testicles and throws someone out of the mansion. I mean, twenty people have been warning him about this pack of mean girls for weeks now, so it’s great he acted quickly to deal with the problem.

    Matty J might’ve been as sexually appealing as an overripe watermelon, but at least when he heard that someone was bullying, he turfed her out of the mansion the same night.

  4. The Badger is a moron. He kept the three bitches. He’s doing it all for the producers. As if he doesn’t know what failures as human beings they are. Vanessa already gave him a heads up.

    Down with the Honey Bludger. Too little, too late, even if he chucks one out tomorrow (maybe Cat). This weak Wallaby needs a good walloping.

    • I suspected that he was a moron a few weeks ago. It’s disheartening to know that I was on the ball on that one. *sigh*

  5. You forgot to add totally lacking in self-awareness to Cat and Romy’s list of characteristics. Even if they are paid actresses there is something wrong with people that are happy to drive other people (who aren’t in on the act) to breaking point.
    And I agree Windsong – if he’d only heard a whisper once that they were bullies you’d give him credit for not listening to gossip but when he’s been told left right and centre that they’re not nice, it’s past time to take action. Furthermore, he’s rebuffed both Romy and Cat’s advances and has to be reminded that Alisha exists (okay I admit I’m assuming) it makes no sense for him to keep giving them the benefit of the doubt. (And if they’re was any doubt he could always have asked the producers but of course they’re the ones in his ear telling him to give them roses).

        • Shannon and Sophie both had to deal with the evil trio on one of their first nights. Both Vanessa Sunshine and the energy healer girl from Coolum specifically warned him about Cat and Romy. Tenille physically tore off her microphone and ran away from the mansion to get away from Romy … and it’s taken Nick how long to get the picture, here?

          I imagine the producers picked him because he was so easy to manipulate. “These are the girls we want you to keep.” “Strewth!”

  6. I’ve watched the first few minutes, but, nope, just can’t deal with it. I will have more fun washing my hair.

    The pic at the top here had me laughing, too, Juz. What the hell are they wearing. Why is their hair so greasy?

      • I didn’t think I would be, Windsong. Whether the bitchiness and meanness is scripted, or those women are really that nasty, I’m not interested. I had enough of that shit with MKR.

        When did malice become a trait that tv producers think viewers want to watch? Thank goodness for Gogglebox.

  7. I didn’t notice ….(I have already forgotten her name)…… Nick’s single date before, but she’s the best looking imo. Then camera panned to Nick and holy smokes, he made a face that was pretty as a mongrel shar pei’s bum. (Nick’s jargon is rubbing off on me).

    It looks like it’s Romy getting the a**e end of the rose tomorrow, but that just looks like more tv drama because if it was sincere, they wouldn’t stop with Romy.

    And notice the camera filming the crying girl from behind the bushes when she thought she was having a private moment apologizing to one of the directors. They are meaner than the mean girls’ coven.

  8. I am hanging on by a thread with Bachie.. it’s always been bad but the bitching has just gotten so ridiculous. So glad you all are saying the same things we say watching here each night! With everything we have now with bullying, channel 10 need to pull their heads in. There’s always been a “villain” of sorts but I swear I do not remember these really horrible antics in the early seasons?! It seems to have taken off last year..

    I agree with all that’s been said. The producers are the biggest bullies of them all I definitely feel like I’m watching UNreal! Babe! Babe! You know what’s wrong! Also every time Cat says “af” I put my head in my hands – so lame! I feel embarrassed to be a part of the same generation as these ladies..

    Daisy, agree, she is the prettiest but the winner has to be Brittany (who looks like she should be modelling hair dye?!) or Brooke? Or no one?

        • The casting was done with the outcome in mind. I don’t believe it was by chance they got these nastiness on the show.

          • It makes me sad that girls like Romy and Cat actually exist.

            Like, women have enough to deal with, they also have cop this primary-school level of abuse from other women? What’s wrong with these people?

            Although, I’m being a little sexist. I once knew a man who acted exactly like Cat and Romy, and he even had a loyal sycophant like Alisha around to do and say and think exactly what he wanted.

            People can just be jerks sometimes.

          • Yep I imagine them sitting around signing their little contract “so I’m going to get kicked off in “dramatic” fashion in episode 8? Ok!”

  9. Four gels are gonna be out of there like rats up drainpipes tonight. I just had me peepers on a promo. Gunna be a bloodbath,ol’ shaggers. Badger’s gunna cull loik there’s no tomorra.

    My guess it’s Cat and Romy and two roseduds. Toga Party time. Horse has bolted, Badger. Too late.

  10. “Everyone was just scrambling for those balls.”

    I think, in one sentence, Cat just summed up the entire franchise.

  11. Cat apparently has better things to do than sit around the bachelor mansion waiting for Nick to ask her on a date.

    Uh, Cat sweety? You actually don’t, that’s why you applied to be on the show, remember?

  12. When Cat proclaimed, “I’ve never gone out of my way to be mean to somebody!”, I half expected a montage of all the times she’s mispronounced Deanna’s name to immediately follow.

    I mean, bloody hell. When she said, “I know I have a heart of gold”, I nearly fell off the couch.

    When Osher announced that Kat had left, I half expected the rest of the girls to burst into a spontaneous rendition of, “Ding dong, the witch is dead.”

    • I honestly could barely contain myself through all that crap she was spewing! These girls cannot be for real, seriously?! This show is doing my head in I think I’m going to go insane with disbelief.

      I just say it how it is is just utter rubbish. Being mean isn’t saying it how it is. I think a lot of parents forgot the “if you don’t have anything nice to say…”.

    • Same old story:
      The Bachelor: Eliminated villains claim producers ‘ordered them’ to say and do certain things

      The Bachelor: Eliminated villains claim producers ‘ordered them’ to say and do certain things

      THEY’VE been labelled Aussie TV’s mean girls but after being booted from The Bachelor last night, a visibly shocked Cat Henesey-Smith, Romy Poulier and Alisha Aitken protest that they were just following orders.

      “It is very manipulative,” Henesey-Smith said.

      “You are told to do things, and if you don’t, you might go home.”

      Poulier added: “Or your friend will go home if you don’t have this conversation on camera.”

      Henesey-Smith, Poulier and Aitken-Radburn spoke to the The Daily Telegraph 15 minutes after watching Thursday night’s explosive episode and say the truth of reality TV was far closer to hit American behind-the-scenes TV drama, UNreal, than everyday life.

      ordered beers to calm their nerves well before lunch. All three have received social media abuse and threats.

      “We’ve been getting death threats, telling us to slit our wrists, calling us whores, sluts and moles,” Aitken-Radburn said.

      “The premise of this show is pitching women against each other. The same reality TV tropes come up every season — you’ve got your villains, your crazy stalker, your wifeys … people love to hate.”

      The trio claim they were directed to play villain roles.

      by asking her to leave while Poulier was offered a rose in the subsequent elimination ceremony but chose to walk and Aitken-Radburn wasn’t given a flower.

      “It is clear that we were being painted as the villains from the beginning,” Hen­esey-Smith said. “Every time we were mic’d for a scene, it was us — Romy, Cat, Alisha — half the girls wouldn’t even get a mic on them because they were so boring.”

      But the trio say it was ­better to confront head on rather than backstab.


      “There is 169 hours of filming for one episode. I understand some of the things I said may have offended people and I apologise, but half the time I am taking the piss.

      “It was an amplified situation, emotions are heightened: you’re in a house with 25 women, you are going to butt heads. There are things you don’t see.”

      However, they do take ­responsibility for their words.

      “Even though there’s some editing, we said it and you have to own it,” Aitken-Radburn said.

      “I get that people are angry but telling you to jump off a cliff or to kill yourself, no one deserves that. At the end of the day, it is reality TV. People love drama and while shows like Married At First Sight still rate, networks are going to continue to produce it and viewers will watch,” she said.

      • “The premise of this show is pitching women against each other”

        But Osher said it’s all about searching for love and finding a connection..

        • And nobody held them hostage or forced them to apply for the show, did they? They voluntarily signed up for this thing.

      • Hmmmphh.. then don’t go on the show! Have some integrity and say no. Doesn’t look like that great of a holiday to be so worried about being sent home that you’d say such terrible things and destroy your reputation.. but what would I know!

        I read somewhere that Romy applied for MKR originally.. think it was the think piece Daily Mail. And Crazy Cass is off trying on “wedding dresses” (weird, ugly dresses) in the window of a shop in Paddington with photographers talking photos of her half dressed.. then smiling and walking and posing as she leaves the store. Yeah, sure.. those aren’t paid for by her 😂😂😂

      • “Half the girls wouldn’t even get a mic on them ’cause they were so boring”……their words, thier attitude.
        But yes, the producers are really setting them up. I thought the 80s swimsuits, right up the butt then make them frollick so it was even more revealing, was very gratuitous, manipulative and quite disgusting that producers put them in that situation. What next? A naked pillow fight?
        A cocktail party food fight where they roll in cream and their dresses fall off?
        I shouldn’t be giving producers ideas.
        Who’s he going to choose? I am actually NOT seeing any “connections”. The bach is just drivelling how much he appreciates them. Probably understandable with a production team stage managing your performance.

        • I recently started watching Have You Been Paying Attention regularly (I seriously don’t know why I didn’t earlier because to me, it’s the funniest thing on TV. If cracks me up) and the other week they called it “Skank Tank” haha so fitting! Tonight they made a comment about that segment. I think it was Kitty saying like “they’ve pushed women’s lib back about 60 years” or close to that!

          Those costumes were the worst! Lots of side boob, too.. watching Tenille flap about in the bubble was just torturous. Not long until pillow fights in their panties I think.. batchie will comment on how well they all just really got into it, and put in a fair fight!

  13. I saw the three mean girls on studio10, claiming that they aren’t mean, and weren’t acting, but they got mic’ed up because they were “the only ones willing to speak their minds”.
    That kind of says it. They weren’t reading scripts but speaking their minds. Things like, “She’s only a 4”. And don’t forget the sneers and mean laughs.

    • Romy has sort of said she was a paid actress. Cat still can’t see why the viewers think she is mean and a bully. She still keep saying she is a kind person.

      Whatever, they knew what they were doing and saying. That Alisha is equally bad. She keeps fanning the flame and laugh about it. She is still working in the Labor party.

  14. Brooke: “There is something I need to tell you. It’s something big, and it’s something you need to know”
    “You have spinach on your teeth”.

      • That’s what I thought too. If so it would be really hard to talk about on TV and would need to be handled appropriately and I’m not sure the producers are capable of that.

      • I think that’s a bit too serious for this stupid show.. I would hope it wouldn’t be something they try and handle with the way these producers are!

    • I think it may be she can’t have kids also. Brooke’s story resonates as I grew up in a bad environment. Due to what happened to me as a child it will be almost impossible for me to have a child. Having to tell a partner is so incredibly difficult and painful.

      • I’m sorry to hear that Amanda. My childhood was a mixture of disfunction and abuse. I am sorry that you haven’t had children.

      • Hey Amanda, I couldn’t have kids either and it is still tough sometimes but I have been lucky enough to form very close relationships with my siblins children and children of close friends – I hope you have that opportunity also.

        • Jayblossom – thankyou, I have no family but I have wonderful friends who put up with the disaster that isn’t, they are my family:)

          It only really gets hard around Xmas, etc. when people are usually celebrating with family I am on my own trying not to cry all day. Once those days end I get back to being strong again 🙂

          • Hey Amanda – I have friends that are no ‘blood relation’ but I call them the family I chose, so I totally undersatnd the role of close friends. As for those hard times, it is perfectly okay to grieve and from the sounds of it, you grieve then pick yourself up and get on with life. The picking yourself up is the important thing.

  15. I’ve been reading some of the post ep fallout and I think it is awful that the triumvirate of evil have been getting death threats or told to suicide etc (I really don’t understand how people get any pleasure out of sending messages like that).

    But honestly the usual it wasn’t me it was the edit was to be expected but it is hugely ironic that after repeatedly accusing other contestants of “playing the victim” the poor me, I’m a victim in all this is just the height of irony.
    I also couldn’t help but notice that even in defending themselves they’ve not been self aware enough to realise they’re being offensive. For example, saying that they were always mic’d up because the others were too boring – yep, that’s really showing what a ‘heart of gold’ person you are.

    • Ironic or hypocritical that people tell them to kill themselves and post death threats because they were mean.
      It must be teens or nutcases.

    • Really, the death threats etc should be going to the producers and networks.

      We know from rtv history that they’re going to happen to the contestants as sure as the Sun will rise tomorrow.

      Before the internet , there were hoax callers on the telephone for major crimes . Never understood that, either.

  16. Daisy thankyou I am ok though, I have come to terms with it a long time ago. Besides I don’t think I would. Are a good parent, so maybe it is for the best. And now I work at keeping people safe 🙂

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